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The Formula to create a MASSIVE Transformation in your business!

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The Formula to create a Massive Transformation in YOUR Business!

So many of us start a business with great dreams, grandiose ideas, and not as many goals! We start on pure adrenaline, and some even have success with this blind approach, but over the long term, the negative nellies will wear you down, and eventually some even forget ‘why’ they started their business in the first place. Today I want to talk to you about the MASSIVE Transformation Formula! Recently I attended an incredible workshop by a great man named, Darren Hardy (author of ‘The Compound Effect‘)I found myself particularly intrigued by Darren, because he not only talks the talk but he walks the walk! This man      understands what it is like to build a business, and have goals and turn those goals into reality. He gave us some incredible nuggets of information during that workshop, and delves deeper into them in his book (The Compound Effect).

So in order to create a Massive Transformation in your Business there are Three things you must do.

Number 1:  Write down your goals and Pick THE BIG 3! This would be the biggest of the three that you want to accomplish in all areas of your life, not just your business.

Number 2: Write down 1 SPECIFIC behavior for each of your BIG 3, that if you did consistently over time would have the biggest impact on your business… for example: if your goal was to reach the next rank in your company, maybe the Specific behavior to do daily, is to call 4 more prospects to talk to them about your business. Maybe you want to find a simple marketing program.

Number 3: Track It! Yes this is often the most overlooked step, but I promise if you want to create that massive shift you MUST track your efforts, this is the only way to really keep track and check up on yourself! Every small step you must write it down. Get a notebook, and track your specific behaviors DAILY!

If you apply these three steps I am absolutely certain over time you will experience a Massive Transformation in your Business!

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The following picture is Darren Hardy, Myself, and my husband  (Corey Evans)