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Jumping Ship… and other fun games.

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Jumping Ship… and other fun games

So you are involved in Network Marketing. Everyone that I come across either fits into one of two schools of thought on this one. Some people like to dabble in everything, and others like to find the one thing that appeals to them, and work on just that! It has been my experience that those that wish to market several items end up looking like they have no clear focus, and in turn it leaves people wondering ‘why’ they even do this business anyway.

My advice is to find one, maybe two maximum (If Complimentary) Network Marketing businesses and work them! Stick with it, and work it daily! Now if you feel that you have chosen a company that is not a fit for you, that is ok! You have every right to find another one! Let me add a disclaimer to this statement… if you are choosing to jump ship simply because you believe you will make more money over in X rather than staying in A, you may be right, but you also may be missing the boat! Let me explain… when you are constantly jumping ship from one thing to another, it is difficult if not almost impossible to get anyone to take you seriously about your business! Why is that? Well simply put, even YOU are not taking your business seriously, you are chasing the “get rich quick” and that simply does not exist! So why should anyone else take you seriously?

Now there are those that start something and maybe they are new to the industry, or a new company starts that they would like to be part of, and they chose to move, that is different! If you explore all your options, and you are not just leaving because you are chasing the get rich quick dream then it maybe a very viable option for you. Remember though in any Network Marketing business, it is the small seemingly insignificant daily actions that will make a HUGE impact on your success! So if you are not having the success you wish in your current company, jumping ship may not be the only choice for you!

Many of my friends and fellow marketers have found that jumping ship was not the solution, the solution was to find a marketing system that could help them master techniques and ideas that they had possibly never even though of. I have learned over the years that it is important to find a mentor (not necessarily your upline). Someone who is doing what you want to do! Someone who walks the walk, and talks the talk! Someone who is or has mastered the game! Someone who is steadfast and focused! During the last 4 months my eyes have been opened and I have learned more about internet marketing, offline marketing, SEO, blogging, Facebook, Twitter, and You Tube than I ever dreamed of knowing, and I don’t even know it all by any stretch of the imagination!

I have found a marketing goldmine, and I have several mentors who help me, and can show you a better way. If you are struggling it is not your fault, it is more than likely that you have not found the tools to help make you successful! This marketing system I have found will work for any company, and anyone… YOU are the piece that holds it all together, and you are the one that has to take action, and make it work for you!

Look forward to connecting with you on Facebook! And remember its not always time to jump ship! It may be time to look inward, and see just what you can do to change your results!