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We are One or Two Habits Away From a Major Transformation!

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We are One or Two Habits Away From a Major Transformation!

In life it is absolutely true that we are a result of our habits both for us and against us. Unfortunately for all humanity it is usually easier to create bad habits than good habits. Every person I meet seems to have the same struggles and problem… that is they want to make a change of some sort, yet they get frustrated, bored, or tired of trying and they give up! In reality we are always just a few good habits away from making a major shift, and getting ourselves closer to our goal and complete transformation!

Here is the Blueprint for creating Good Habits, and Creating Lasting Change.

Pick a new habit/discipline you want to have and commit to making this a reality for you by committing to focus on this one thing for 21 days. Why 21 days? Because studies show it takes 21 days for us to make something a habit and stick to it! So commit to yourself that you will do this for 21 days! This means that in one year (365 days) you have the ability and the power to change or create 17 new habits… imagine the power this would have in your life!

The magic of 21 days!

There is magic in 21 days, I say 21 days because it is short enough for you to stay focused and long enough for you to manifest a new habit. The secret to creating a new habit is found in two simple things that everyone has in their home, so simple that many have forgotten the power of these items. They are simply a pen and paper! Yes for each of the 21 days it is VITAL that you keep notes of your progress in creating this habit. If it is a large habit you are wanting to create maybe you may choose to use a computer in a more blog type fashion, or maybe a Facebook Fan Page. Depending what your habit or discipline you are wishing to create it may be appropriate to invite others to follow you, and encourage you to succeed. For instance, lets say you would like to show gratitude to your spouse. Create a Facebook fan page, or a simple blog, and outline in diary form what you did each day to show gratitude for your spouse. At the end of 21 days several magical things will have happened. You will appreciate your spouse more, and whether your spouse knows about your habit goals or not, your spouse will appreciate you more! People will see your efforts and perhaps you will inspire others to follow in your footsteps and they too will create a habit of showing gratitude for their spouse. This may seem like a simple habit, but remember not all habits that are life-changing have to be earth-shattering and lofty! I promise you if you are looking for a new habit , and are not sure where to start, if you start here(showing gratitude to your spouse daily), you will see exactly what I mean about the saying, “you are one or two habits away from a Major Transformation”. This one small seemingly insignificant habit will change several things about your life and quite possibly be the Major Transformation in your marriage that turns a dull, boring, ho hum marriage, into something of fire, passion, and reignites the love all over again!

What do I do after 21 days?

You celebrate! Celebrate your success, go out to supper, enjoy a massage, do whatever you like to do to celebrate, but make sure you celebrate, as their is more work and habits to be learned. Celebration is important as it helps us look forward to reaching our goals, and in this case happy to reach our goals.

Let me know about your habit creation, your successes and challenges. I look forward to connecting with you, and celebrating your new habits with you!


Amanda Evans


Are you a Knowledgeable Failure??

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Are you a Knowledgeable Failure?

Think about this for a moment, how many people do you know who are knowledgeable, perhaps brilliant, yet their financial world is a MESS! Or maybe they have not reached their goals! While I was on my way to the gym this morning, I was enjoying a book CD by Darren Hardy called The Compound Effect. I love listening to CD’s to motivate me and move me forward while in the car, its probably part of my multitasking nature. Anyway Darren posed the idea that several people out there are knowledgeable failures! It hit me like a ton of bricks!! It was my own personal AH HA moment! How many of us pour through books, CD’s, and internet sites, searching, and yearning for knowledge!


Knowledge is Power….. isn’t it?

Knowledge after all has been said to be power, yet in truth, knowledge is NOT power, it is what we do with the knowledge that makes it powerful. It made me stop and think, I myself have been guilty of this several times in my life. I have spent hours ‘learning’ about a topic, and felt intelligent in this area, yet it has only been the Implementation of what I have learned that has actually made that knowledge powerful! Allow me to explain. As you may know, my husband and I are foster parents and we have been for several years, we are on many accounts professional parents, we have had to deal with more teen issues (as we specialize is taking teens 12+) than most parents will ever deal with. We take hours and hours of courses about teenage behavior, discipline, mental health issues, complicated diagnosis, etc. We have definitely ‘learned’ a lot about teens, however the bulk of our learning has come when actually dealing with a situation we have learned about and actually implementing ideas we have been trained on! So yes the knowledge was absolutely important, but the execution of the information proved to be the catalyst to making a change, and allowing us to make a difference to these kids.

Learn Less but Study More?

This applies to every aspect of our lives, our business, personal, family, and relationships. In this day and age of the internet and easy information, we are bombarded with information, ideas, tips, quotes, and it can sometimes seem like we are swimming in a sea of information and just keeping our head above water is a task in futility all on its own. It is imperative in order to make a change, we must not only learn new information, but we must apply what we have learned to our life… Darren says it best, we must learn less but study more! Learning by its very nature may just be the ‘thing’ holding us back… we are so busy learning, that we are not making any changes! We can become Mentally paralyzed, when we fail to execute and implement the learning we become knowledgeable failures! It is so easy to mistake reading and learning as growth.

Take Action, Review & Improve! Steps to take NOW.

Step 1:  To stop the cycle of learning without growing, it is vital to take action, by implementing what you have learned for a specific period of time, and stay focused on that growth, I would say for a minimum of 30 days.

Step 2: Review our results – Check in with yourself daily as you are implementing what you have learned. Did you use your new knowledge today, or did you spend your time filing your mind with more new knowledge, but did not implement anything? Remember it is the small seemingly insignificant changes done consistently over time that will have the most impact in our lives.

Step 3: Rinse and Repeat! This means simply doing it over again, but with something new.

Decide today to become knowledgeable on something, and implement that knowledge into your life to be a better you!!


To your success,


Amanda Evans





5 Part Pinterest Ninja Series! – Yes you can learn to use Pinterest for your Business!

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5 Part Pinterest Ninja Series -Yes you can learn to use Pinterest for your Business!

In this simple to watch series I am going to take you thru step by step all the information you need to get started with Pinterest.

I will explain what Pinterest is, who uses it, why they use it, and how you can jump on the pinwagon and get pinning down some online marketing success! It’s very Pinteresting how many people are actually using Pinterest considering it is still FREE, and strictly by invite only! You see at this time you cannot join Pinterest without an invite, you can request an invite from the website itself, but this can take days to get an invite… so the only other alternative is find a friend (like me) who will invite you! So if you want an invite to Pinterest, friend me on Facebook here, and send me a PM requesting a “pinvitation”. (pun intended)


I don’t want to spoil all the secrets, and exclusive training in this blog post, so lets get right down to it. I am going to give you a Video #1 Right now!


Part 2 – Pinterest – Pinology!

Part 3 – Live Video of Adding a Pin – How to do this for Self Promotion – Use this Technique sparingly.

Part 4 – Coming Soon

Part 5 – Coming Soon


Looking forward to connecting with you!!

Amanda Evans






Do you have the Right Vehicle for the Job?

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Do You Have The Right Vehicle For The Job?

As you may know I live in Alberta, Canada. As I write this the snow is falling, and it has been falling most of the night. This morning I headed to the gym to work out, and on my way there it got me thinking about life, and having the right vehicle for the job! You see today, many people even though they know we live in a climate that snow is a definite in winter, and they should be prepared, I witnessed several vehicles in the ditch that clearly were not prepared for the conditions of the roads. While driving my large 4 X 4 SUV to the gym I was comfortable knowing I had the right vehicle for the job, and I was prepared!

This mentality of preparedness transfers into our personal, business, and professional lives as well. So stick with me here, and see what I mean.

You can have all the greatest intentions to move your business forward, you feel you have the best opportunity and you are ready to earn some income, you joined X company because they have a great product, or because you want to help others, or whatever your reason, you joined. You are determined to make a success of yourself, so you followed what your sponsor told you, you made a list, you talked to your ‘warm market’ who maybe did not give you all the warm fuzzies you thought they would. You see many of us approach our warm market about network marketing X business and our warm market can turn out to be downright nasty! If you have not experienced this, you are the only person I have met who does not have some war story when it comes to dealing with ‘warm market’ prospects. So you have talked to all your warm market, and you have tried talking to anyone in a 3 foot radius as they may be looking for something better, and now you are wondering what vehicle you are going to use to market your business.

How Do You Find The Right Marketing Vehicle For Your Business?

So you are ready to venture out and find a great marketing vehicle. Maybe you want to market online, maybe you want to buy leads, maybe you want to attract others to you! Whatever you want to do, at one point or another if you are serious about yourself, your business, and making a difference for your family, you will NEED a coach! You will need a Marketing System, for without one you will continue to just flounder and not have the success you otherwise may of had.

Think back to my drive to the gym this morning, because I had the right vehicle for the job, I was able to get going WAY faster than many others, I was able to plow through the snow better than smaller front wheel drive cars, and I was able to safely make it to my destination, because I had the vehicle, and the right tires for the job. Other people certainly reached their destination, but perhaps they had to get a push from a neighbor, spin their tires a whole lot, or get pulled from a snowbank, so in the end it took them longer to reach their destination, and they experienced a whole lot more frustration in reaching their destination than I did.

Can you be successful without a marketing system?

Yes and No! If you choose to ‘figure it out on your own’, or continue to listen to your upline, and buy leads, or something else that is a ‘try and see if it works’ method, you may absolutely have some success, but it will take you longer to reach the goal. You will experience unnecessary challenges, and struggles. I have chosen to learn from 6, 7 and 8 figure earners who are willing to partner with me, and teach me the ropes so that I can be successful! You see I have chosen the right vehicle for my marketing! I invite you to try my marketing vehicle risk free for 14 days, test drive it! Utilize every single tool we have for you, and ensure you find value. This will cost you $9.97!! Yes only $9.97 and I guarantee you will learn valuable skills to move your business forward, in fact if you disagree for any reason that we are not providing value, and you do not feel this is the marketing vehicle for you, we have an iron clad MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!! No risk!! The only risk is to not take the 14 day challenge, and learn some new skills about marketing your business! This marketing vehicle is NOT company specific it will work for ANY business! Watch our video proposal here, and do something good for yourself and your business today, partner with me, and see how your business will change when you have the right vehicle for the job!


Your Partner in Success,


Amanda Evans is Creating Connections!

Here is a picture of my Winter Beast 🙂