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I Met Russell Brunson! (DotComSecretsX)

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I Met Russell Brunson (DotComSecretsX)


As many of you know I have recently – 37 days ago to be exact – started an incredible online coaching program with Russell Brunson (he’s an internet marketing MULTI-Millionaire) I had the opportunity to meet him at No Excuses in Las Vegas and learn all kinds of incredible marketing ideas from him.

If you have not heard of DotComSecretsX and you don’t know why I am so excited about this program let me touch on it.

Russell, for a limited time, is allowing people to learn all his best tips, tricks, and marketing strategies FREE! I could not believe this when I first saw it. How could I not jump on this offer right away (which I did), in my first few days, I had several clicks to my pages, and in the first 20 days I had several hundred, Russell taught me things I had never heard of! Here is one of my Celebration Videos.

It’s True this course is lifechanging!

This course challenges you to take action, DAILY. Implement the strategies and you will be successful. I love that it is not get rich quick, overnight, or something like that, but simple do-able steps that ANYONE regardless of race, religion, current level of income, etc. can implement and achieve success! I am just a stay at home mom, that is working via my laptop, to eventually bring home my husband, and have him enjoy the time with our girls as they grow up!

Am I Rich in 37 Days?

No I am not, have I learned enough to see that the effort I have been putting forth will allow me to reach my goals…. Absolutely! This program is like nothing I have ever seen before, offering value before charging people is a concept that is awesome! This allows us as consumers to “get the goods first, try em out, and if we are happy we pay, if not we don’t!” Simple, honest and so much fun!

If you have not joined DotComSecretsX yet, what are you waiting for? Take action today, and share your success with me! I love meeting new people, and I would love to work with you!!

To your Success,


Amanda Evans



Top Five Secrets of Resilient People

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Top Five Secrets of Resilient People


Have you ever wondered why some people seem to bounce back easily after something bad, or uncomfortable happens to them? It can seem like these people have some sort of special powers, or know something the masses don’t, and it is definitely true! Most people who bounce back quickly after disappointments, loss, or grief share some, if not all five of these secrets! If you struggle to be positive or bounce back after a set back, it is important to remember this quote, “Every set back is a preparation for a come back” and carefully consider implementing these five secrets in your life.

The Top Five Secrets of Resilient People

Number 1:  Journal Keeping – Successful/Resilient people keep journals. Why? Because when you keep a journal  you can go through your history and you can spot trends that you may want to address (“I’m always sad around 6PM) and you will feel proud and accomplished when you look back at past struggles and see how you overcame them.




Number 2: Know Your Strengths – Resilient people know their strengths, consider your greatest character strengths, and when faced with challenges or adversity, brainstorm ways you can solve your problem drawing on those strengths.




Number 3: Involve a Spouse or Partner – Resilient people have a support person who can help them succeed. If you have a spouse/partner do not shield this person from your struggles, involve them! This will strengthen your relationship and will help you find a solution together. If you don’t have a spouse/partner, a good friend can also fill this role.




Number 4: Have a Hobby – Sometimes in life we get so busy being busy that we lose who we are, as a mother I find this is one that I struggle with, and if you are reading this and you’re a mother you may feel the same! Once I had kids I found that my “me time” flew out the window, and maintaining a hobby or activity that I enjoy has been much more difficult! However, it is vital as a human being that we maintain our sense of self, and find/make the time to enjoy our favorite pastimes. If you currently do not have a hobby or something you are passionate about that lifts your spirits I would highly encourage you to find one… the great part is you can test drive all kinds of hobbies and past times to find one you like. Have fun with it and get to know you!



Number 5: No Self Pity! – Stop asking yourself, “Why me”, and start asking yourself, “Why Not me?” How are you going to handle this? How can you help other people handle this? Self Pity is destructive and does not move you toward anything but misery, so if you find yourself having a pity party, think back to step number 4, find your hobby, or favorite activity and make time to do that! Snap yourself out of the pity party and move on, you will be better for it, and the situation will improve, or at the very least you will be better equipped to emotionally deal with it.


Bonus Tip: Surround yourself with positive people! No-one likes to hang around a downer person. Be the happy person, who does not complain or pity themselves, but looks for solutions, and results. Embody the phrase, “Every set back is a preparation for a comeback” and I promise you will see big changes in yourself, and the way people react to you around you. Relationships will improve, your business quests will be better, and your financial success will grow! You can do anything you set out to do, you just have to empower yourself, and realize the game of life is mental. This means your thinking will control your destiny!


To your Success,


Amanda Evans





>>> This blog post was inspired by an article I read in Success Magazine – April 2012 – Bouncing Back, by Melissa Balmain


How To Become a Great Executionist!

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How to Become a Great Executionist!

In searching for the results I would like to achieve in life, I have had more than enough knowledge that I have learned, however, its not the great idea that wins the race. Have you ever known someone, perhaps even yourself, who has great ideas, and maybe even makes a plan, but for whatever reason the plan never comes to fruition. Well the secret to success is NOT in the great idea, its in great execution! Another way to think of this is implementation!

Everyone has great ideas…. few seem to act!

I recently had the opportunity to attend an incredible seminar (No Excuses III), and it got me thinking about human nature… it seems everyone has great ideas, however very few actually take action! It is so easy to attend seminars for your network marketing business, and hope that you will have some success, you leave full of great ideas, but most leave it at that. They take a bunch of notes, and then put them in a corner and never look at them again. If you really want success do not be one of these people. Attend your company functions, learn, and become the great executionist!

Why you NEED to become a Great Executionist?

Whatever your goals, and your reason for doing network marketing, you owe it to your why (remember the why is what drives you!) to become the great executionist! Without great execution you make it infinitely harder to reach your goals and become the success you dream of becoming.

The simple formula to become a Great Executionist!

Lucky for you, and me, it is simple to become a great executionist. The reason everyone does not achieve this title is simple: failure to take action! You see everyone has challenges, everyone can make up a limiting story to why they cannot achieve their dreams, but anyone, can take action, change their limiting story, and change their results. It takes work, and most would rather learn, and not implement because by its very nature the learning is much easier than the implementation to become the great executionist! Becoming a Great Executionist will not happen overnight, it will take work, but it will be worth it!

4 Daily Action Steps to Execute immediately

Starting today if you implement these 4 daily action steps you will see a major shift in your business, and you will see the results you are looking for in time!

Action 1:  Talk to 5 people per day – Do not simply ask them if they would like to learn about X company, instead ask them this: “If it did not interfere with what you are currently doing, would you be open to a side project for income?” now this is not necessarily a new idea, however if they say YES, you are not to verbally puke all over them by trying to sell them on your opportunity, instead you are simply going to say  “Why would you be open?” (just act curious) – this is the clincher, and will give you their WHY!! Genius hey! (I learned this one from Ray Higdon’s Master Sponsoring Series)

Action 2:  Set up a Facebook Fan page that brand YOU! – This should be seperate of your primary network marketing business.  Why? Because you have something to offer others, not just those that may be your customers, and it is important that you create your brand! (if you want more info on this my friend Michelle has a great course on Social Media Mastery) Post relevant good content to your Facebook Fan Page everyday! This is where you will create a following rather than utelizing your personal Facebook page.

Action 3: Consider Video Marketing, or creating a blog, and add content at least 4 times a week, whichever you choose!

Action 4:  Present your opportunity at least 1 time per day. It is the action that makes the difference. You can find people anywhere! Remember Action 1 though, first find out if they are open! In these times of economic uncertainty you should be able to find at least one of the 5 people you are talking to that is open to at least meeting with you further.


Finally the biggest secret to becoming a Great Executionist.… get started! Make a daily checklist and do not go to bed until you have finished your tasks! Remember you can only be responsible to you!! There is no one that will hold your hand in this business, you need to step up, be the leader to your team, and reach your goals! Few will take the necessary action to become successful, which is one reason I love this business! Yes it takes work, and most will not do the work necessary to succeed, but I am on the FOCUS method, which is Firmly On Course Until Successful! I would love to see you on this train with me!

To your success!


Amanda Evans



The Website Traffic System – aka Snowballing…

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The Website Traffic System – aka Snowballing!

While its true spring is sprung in many parts of the world, I am here in Alberta Canada thinking about Snowballing! It is something you should be thinking of too, if you are wanting to learn the secret to The Website Traffic System!

Recently I was reading an incredible article by Allan Gardyne. He talked about the traffic snowball for websites, and it got me thinking…

There really is no magic to website traffic, but their absolutely is the Website Traffic System – which I have dubbed Snowballing! If you have ever built a snowman you know that to create the body we first start with a small snowball, and gradually add more and more snow, until eventually you have to put it on the ground and push it around because it is getting so big!



The secret to the Website Traffic System is just like a snowball…

when you start a blog, or a new website, you are akin to that small snowball, you don’t have a lot of followers, and you are perhaps not even sure how to get them! They key is simple! Start your website traffic System  snowballing, by implementing the following strategies:


  •  Create content that people value
  • Get links to your content
  • Which will rank your site well in the search engines
  • People find your valuable content via search, and love it so they link to you
  • You then rank even better in the search engines
  • You keep creating valuable content on your site
  • People find your new content and link to you
  • This improves your organic search engine and direct linking traffic more
  • You create more valuable content
  • and the snowball gets bigger and bigger… and now you are Snowballing!!
  • Rinse and repeat!!

The Website Traffic System is so often over complicated!

So often when people are new to blogging, or online website creation they compare themselves, and or their website to giant sites that have been around for years! It is vital to remember that anything worth doing takes time! If you are building your site with hopes of being an overnight sensation, you are in the wrong business, and my recommendation would be to find something else. There is no get rich quick!

Success takes time?

If you apply the strategies of the Website Traffic System and get your snowball rolling you will absolutely see success, however, you must remember to consistency wins the race! In the last several months I have had this drilled into my head by many successful mentors of mine, such as Darren Hardy, Jim Rohn, Ray Higdon, Michelle Pescosolido and many others. Success takes time! There are lots of people out there that take advantage of desperate, or uneducated people and promise overnight riches, take your money and never deliver! Even though a very select few may of had some overnight success, the simple fact is consistency is what wins races, and it is what will help you create a legacy that you can pass on!

A Dream is just a Fantasy until daily Action is taken!

To move yourself in the direction of success and increase your website traffic, it is vital that you take action! Implement the value and constantly strive to find valuable, relevant topics to review and present to your readers! Your readers will get to know you, and love you for who you are, and who you aren’t! Surround yourself with people more successful than you are, as they will help you reach onward and upward.  Take action today by starting your own Website Traffic System and get your site Snowballing!

Leading with Value,

Amanda Evans





What is Magnetic Sponsoring? Who Needs this?

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What is Magnetic Sponsoring? Who Needs This?

  Recently I received 7 free videos promising me help in effortless recruiting. I watched those 7 videos and then I bought the course!

So first let me tell you what Magnetic Sponsoring is… it is a great book that offers invaluable information from Mike Dillard, a guy that is ordinary, just like you and me, but he has found a way to explain in simple terms to a mom like me, how to market!

You see marketing online, or offline, is not about chasing family, friends, Facebook friends, etc. I was so tired of posting my products, and chasing family and friends that I nearly gave up my home business! This was not because I had lost hope, or because I felt that the company was not good, but I felt that maybe I was just not cut out for this business! Maybe you have felt like that too? If you have found yourself in that boat my first advice is understand that it is not your fault and it is also not necessarily your uplines fault, you see most people are not aware of the way to “attract” people to them, rather than “find” people to talk to!

How many times have you watched a leader in your company go on stage, or a webinar, or training call and tell you about their success and how they just talked to a few people and Boom they found success, and built a big team! Well I promise that person had one of three things: 1: A Big List, 2: A Big List, or 3: A Big List!  You see people don’t just become overnight success sensations at anything without first having a Big List!

So you may be thinking like I did, I know how to get a big list, I will buy it! In the industry we call this buying leads. I am here to tell you that no  matter how good you think your leads are, leads is a hard way to build a business. Why? Well those people may absolutely be interested in making money, but few want to do it with network marketing, most are pie in the sky dreamers who think working from home is typing, or stuffing envelopes. They are not entrepreneurial, and most have no desire to invest in anything!

So back to Magnetic Sponsoring, this is a simple, duplicatable system that you can implement today, and start attracting people to you, rather than chasing them. Imagine the power when you become the hunted instead of the hunter! Wouldn’t your business be a lot more fun? Afterall you started this business to have fun, and make some money right?

Here is a snipit of the things you will learn in Magnetic Sponsoring.

This book is so full of information, but here is just a few of the strategies you will learn about.

You will Learn:

  • The Secret to Becoming a Professional
  • How to Find Your Best Prospects
  • How to Get Paid to Prospect, Even When People Don’t Join Your Team  (this one is one of my favorite strategies)

I highly recommend you get the FREE 7 Video Series Here, and then if you found value in those videos consider purchasing Magnetic Sponsoring, I know I have found it an invaluable resource for me, and I know you will too.



Yours in Success,

Amanda Evans




Why I Joined Empower Network… and Why I Cancelled my Membership!

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Why I Joined Empower Network… and Why I Cancelled My Membership!

Empower Network - Why I joined, and why I cancelled my membership

If you are on the internet at all chances are you may of come across a business/affiliate program, titled “Empower Network” this group is spearheaded by two Genius Online Marketers, and they lured me in with their “easy to do” philosophies! While I know several people are making money with this blogging platform, I just realized very quickly this was not the online vehicle for me.

As I mentioned I joined Empower Network (prior to starting this blog). Why did I join Empower Network? Well the simple answer was I wanted to be lazy so I saw it as a “done for me option” to create a blog, I already had a great fan base going on Facebook, and I knew I wanted a blogging platform to provide more value and content to my fans than I was able to provide via the Facebook platform. I liked that the blog was made for me and I was able to start blogging that afternoon! I also really liked that I could refer others and make 100% commissions by referring others to their affiliate program, so after creating a few posts, and looking closer at their platform, I realized I did not really get what I thought I did… so let me explain.

Why I cancelled my Empower Network Membership?

My decision to join Empower Network, was based on so many flashy, shiny objects and the ease of getting into blogging, but its pluses were also its minuses. What I mean by this is, yes I had an instant blog, which ranked high in the search engines overall, with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools at my finger tips, and I did not have to learn anything! The problem with this however is all my content and unique articles were adding to the Empower Network brand, and not to my brand! I was essentially building a better network for Empower Network but nothing for myself… and yes when I cancelled my membership, my upline leader got to keep all my content that I wrote for my blog and I had to start from scratch! So really Empower Network has done a fantastic job of selling the dream to people, but in the end they keep the dream, and you have worked for free!

Why would I recommend someone do their own blog instead?

If you are wanting to create an online presence, and brand yourself as a leader it is vital that you have value, and content to differentiate yourself from the crowd of noise on the internet. I realize there are many self proclaimed guru’s on every topic under the sun. I am not a guru,  I am simply a mom, learning a lot of great information, and as I learn I am sharing with my fans about my experience. My hope is simply that someone will find value in my experience and their life will be better as a result of meeting me. After all isn’t that how life should be!

So you are thinking Blogging may be for you? If I don’t recommend Empower Network where can a New person get help?

If I have started your creative juices flowing and you are thinking that a blog would be good for you and your goals, there are lots of free resources on the internet, however, as you may of found, most free resources point you to something that will cost money. Honestly any blog worth making, will cost you a bit of money, so if you don’t have a lot of resources I recommend that you align yourself with the best possible resources so you are getting bang for your hard earned dollar! I joined a group of highly knowledgeable, experienced marketers, and the price it has cost me has been of NO issue! Why? Because the value this site and team of wonderful people has provided to me, has been unimaginable, and their is not a single price I could put on the value I have received. I have learned most of what I know from successful online marketers who know what they are doing, and make well over 6, and 7 figures a year practicing what they preach!

So Who is this Team of Awesome Marketers and how can You Test Drive Their System for only $2.00?

This team is called MLSP (My Lead System Pro) As I mentioned, I took the test Drive for $2.00 and I was thrown into a world of incredible value! Honestly there are so many people and so much to learn that I was overwhelmed a little bit!  Click Here to check out their website, if you are in a Network Marketing company and you are looking for help, this is THE group to join! The support is incredible, and this team knows their stuff!

I am honored to have you here I encourage you to check out MLSP, and see if they are the real deal! The $2 is completely refundable if you do not feel we offered you any value! You have nothing to lose and world of information to gain.

I look forward to working with you!

Yours in Success,


Amanda Evans







WOW Live Stream of No Excuses III – This Weekend!

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WOW Live Stream of No Excuses III – This Weekend!

Wondering what I am up to this weekend? I am attending No Excuses III!! I am fortunate enough to attend in person, and ticket sales have closed for this home business weekend of PURE content! I will be among leaders in Network Marketing, and Online Marketing! I am so excited to learn from these leaders, I will be getting pictures, and posting them on this blog in the weeks to come!

So yes Ticket sales are over for the live event, but they have just released an irresistible offer for you!

While this offer won’t be quite AS good as actually being there in Vegas where you can not just hear what’s going on on stage but you can also go checkout the breakout rooms, mingle with other entrepreneurs, network with the speakers, and in general have a splendid time, this is still pretty good.

What is it? Live streaming at the fraction of the cost of the NESIII tickets: Click Here

ALL speakers and their talks will be broadcasted live so you can sit in from your computer with your notepad open and join in on the fun LIVE. Access pure content from leaders such as Tim Erway, Jonathan Budd, Mark Hoverson, Tim Sales, Ray Higdon, Michelle Pescosolido, Brian Fanale, Ann Sieg, Russel Brunson, and the list goes on!! This is an amazing opportunity for you to access leaders for dirt cheap!

And at the cost of <$33 a day for the 3 day event, how can you say no? You’re looking at ~16 hours of PURE content from some of the TOP leaders for $97, that’s like paying the speakers only ~$6 an hour (which isn’t even minimum wage!)

But act quickly as the event starts in only a few days (Friday at 5 PM PST)! Here is the link one more time.

Added bonus maybe you will see me in the audience!! 🙂

Yours in Success,

Amanda Evans


10 Steps to Becoming a Better Writer

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10 Steps to Becoming a Better Writer


The 10 Steps to Becoming a Better Writer!

Are you trying to build a blog? a business? both? Are you longing for better content? Do you want to hone your skills as a writer?

Perhaps you are just looking for a better way to market your business offline. Today while I was researching for my own blog, and trying to come up with something unique and interesting to write about I came across an incredible view on becoming a better writer!

This idea made me laugh, and then I actually re-read the 10 steps to becoming a better writer again, and again, and I thought to myself… I have to share these with my blog fans!

So without further ado, here they are.

10 steps to becoming a better writer.
1. Write.
2. Write more.
3. Write even more.
4. Write even more than that.
5. Write when you don‟t want to.
6. Write when you do.
7. Write when you have something to say.
8. Write when you don‟t.
9. Write every day.
10. Keep writing.

So if you are like me… when you read this you probably thought this list is ridiculous! Here I was expecting something profound and this 10 steps to becoming a better writer list was not my idea of profound! However, as I pondered, and re-read the words the truthfulness of the list hit me!

Its the consistent that win this race!! So if you have a goal, a dream, a vision, a why, remember to be consistent! No matter what your goal or passion is keep going, do it when you don’t want to, apply these 10 Steps and you will see a difference!


Yours in Success,


Amanda Evans



The Power of Presentation

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The Power of Presentation


Have you ever really thought about the power of presentation? In life there are few things that actually have as much influence over us as the power of presentation. This applies to every aspect of our lives, such as how we eat, experience relationships, look, dress, feel, do business, the list goes on and on.

Today I want to give you a quick visual example of what I mean. Here we have a banana, a Kiwi, and a mandarin orange…

Alone they look enticing, and certainly they are tasty, however, imagine the power when presentation comes into play.


Here we have the same fruits embodying the Power of Presentation!















Any Questions?

To your success!

Amanda Evans




One Minute Commissions – Non Biased Review

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One Minute Commission – Non Biased Review

I wanted to make sure you were
getting a good deal…

So me and my team REALLY went to
town on this one…

Here’s my honest review of a product
that many are saying could change the


Up to $4,892.39 per DAY:

(in a rush? here’s a quick link: ==>>Click Here)

MY REVIEW OF “One Minute Commissions”


– There are NO costs

– No complicated installation

– No steep “learning curves”

– NO need to own or even understand websites

– Simple to use

– Everything is in one easy to use interface

– Short video guides (nice and easy to follow)


– Fits around your current routine

– Can be finished within MINUTES

==>>Click Here


In order for One Minute Commissions to work for ANYONE…

the creators removed the need for “techie” skills…

And made it possible to succeed without a website…

And without any costs…

All you have to do is use the quick and easy
One Minute Software…

Following their “newbie friendly” guidance…

And you will set up your own personal income streams…

In just a few MINUTES.

One Minute Commissions can actually be used for
ANY affiliate program…

But they like to focus on the easy to use,
HIGH PROFIT programs…

And Clickbank is of course top of that list.

==>> Click Here


Ease of Use: 9.5/10

Newbie Friendly 9/10

Wow Factor: 9/10

Money Making Potential: 9/10

It’s fair to say this is one of the
best products I’ve tested in the last
few years…

And the best part is that it WORKS

==>> Click Here

Once you have set yourself up, please let me know how you are doing with it!

To your Success,


Amanda Evans

==>>Click Here

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