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I Met Russell Brunson! (DotComSecretsX)

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I Met Russell Brunson (DotComSecretsX)


As many of you know I have recently – 37 days ago to be exact – started an incredible online coaching program with Russell Brunson (he’s an internet marketing MULTI-Millionaire) I had the opportunity to meet him at No Excuses in Las Vegas and learn all kinds of incredible marketing ideas from him.

If you have not heard of DotComSecretsX and you don’t know why I am so excited about this program let me touch on it.

Russell, for a limited time, is allowing people to learn all his best tips, tricks, and marketing strategies FREE! I could not believe this when I first saw it. How could I not jump on this offer right away (which I did), in my first few days, I had several clicks to my pages, and in the first 20 days I had several hundred, Russell taught me things I had never heard of! Here is one of my Celebration Videos.

It’s True this course is lifechanging!

This course challenges you to take action, DAILY. Implement the strategies and you will be successful. I love that it is not get rich quick, overnight, or something like that, but simple do-able steps that ANYONE regardless of race, religion, current level of income, etc. can implement and achieve success! I am just a stay at home mom, that is working via my laptop, to eventually bring home my husband, and have him enjoy the time with our girls as they grow up!

Am I Rich in 37 Days?

No I am not, have I learned enough to see that the effort I have been putting forth will allow me to reach my goals…. Absolutely! This program is like nothing I have ever seen before, offering value before charging people is a concept that is awesome! This allows us as consumers to “get the goods first, try em out, and if we are happy we pay, if not we don’t!” Simple, honest and so much fun!

If you have not joined DotComSecretsX yet, what are you waiting for? Take action today, and share your success with me! I love meeting new people, and I would love to work with you!!

To your Success,


Amanda Evans