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The Pyramid of Success

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The Pyramid of Success


The Pyramid of Success, is quite simply the building blocks you need to ensure are part of your plan to reach your goals and achieve the success in  life that you are looking for.


Using the Pyramid of Success to create your goals:


When you are sitting down to write your goals consider the elements in the pyramid of success, and how you can create your goals based on these principles. Let’s look at each of the elements on their own, and consider their importance.


Hard Work

Hard work is part of any goal you set out to achieve, for without hard work you will not achieve your goals.



Friendship means you need to reach out to others and be a friend, after-all life is more fun if you have a friend to share it with.



When making your goals it is important to be loyal to yourself! Often we are willing to give up on ourselves, and that is counterproductive to reaching your goals, so make sure you remain loyal to yourself.



When you make your goals it will be easier to achieve them if you work on them in collaboration with others, whether its a weight loss goal, and you need the co-operation of your family to keep only healthy foods in the house, or its a raise in your business, and you need to help others achieve their goals so you can achieve yours.



You must be excited, enthusiastic and driven by your goals! Make them important, and reachable!



In order to achieve your goals you will require a lot of self control! Afterall the goal you are making is for your benefit, so you need to maintain self control to bask in the glory of reaching the top of the Pyramid of Success, and reaching your goals!



In the Pyramid of Success it states: Alertness is what you learn after you know it all that counts! So many times in our life we feel like we can’t possibly get better at x, or know more about B, but the truth is as humans we are always in a state of learning, and there is always room for improvement no matter what the topic!



Since we are implementing the Pyramid of Success into goals, it is vital that we take action, and make those goals a reality! Without action there is no change!



Anytime we make a goal there always seems to be a force, that if you let it, can destroy you, take away your power, and change your ability to reach your goals, because you can lose your determination and drive! Do not let this happen to you! Remain on course, determined to reach your goals no matter what it takes, then and only then will you feel empowered, and confident!



This relates more to an overall sense of well being, which in turn will help you achieve your goals, because if you are healthy, and feel fit, you feel like you can take on the world, and you will achieve your goals almost effortlessly!



As with anything in life you will need to get better, acquire new skills to reach your goals, and to achieve the ultimate success! It is important to remember that you can learn any new skill you want, you just have to have the determination, the drive, and the desire to get it done!


Team Spirit

Very few people in this world stand at the top of a pyramid of success and have no-one to thank for helping them reach their goals! Remember to serve others along the way, and help them grow. You will be a better person for it, and they will be blessed for having encountered you!



It is important to remember when setting goals that you need to be yourself. Be who you really are! Not someones adaption of who you want to be! You can be anything you want to be, but be yourself, people will gravitate to you much more when you are being you! Remember there is only one YOU in all the world! So be the best YOU, You can be!



You have to believe in yourself! You can reach your goals! You have to know that you can, others will believe you can as well! There is a famous quote I am sure you have heard before, but really think about this… whether you believe you can, or believe you cannot, you are right!  You have to believe you CAN!! Because yes you can!


Personal Best

To achieve the very top stone of the Pyramid of Success you have to give it your personal best! If you have given all you can to reaching your goals, you will achieve them, and you will smile knowing there is nothing more you could of done to change the outcome!


I hope you enjoy creating some new goals, armed with some thought provoking new ideas from the Pyramid of Success! I wish you all the best!


To your Success,


Amanda Evans

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