Monthly Archive: August 2012

Skincerity – The History

Pin ItSkincerity – The History   Skincerity – The History   This video outlines the history of Skincerity, how it started off as a product sold exclusively in Dermatologist offices throughout the Southern United States.   Skincerity was doing so well in the Dermatologist offices that is was outselling all the other 13 products they …

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Amanda Evans – Video # 3

Amanda Evans Video

Pin ItAmanda Evans – Video # 3 Amanda Evans – Video # 3 Today I share with you my best tips on organization, as a mom!         Please share your thoughts with me, I love reader feedback.   To your success,   Amanda Evans Facebook   Twitter        

Amanda Evans – Make Today Count!

Pin ItAmanda Evans – Make Today Count!   In today’s world, making time to make it count is difficult! Honestly being a work at home mom, it is vital that I make the time to make today count! It is so easy to get wrapped up in finishing this project, getting that video done, sending …

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Skincerity – Clinical Proof!

Skincerity - Clinical Proof

Pin ItSkincerity – Clinical Proof! Skincerity – is a product with high distinction patents, being not only patents for the product, but also the process! This is a great overview of the Clinical proof this Skincerity works! As always the true test is to ensure Skincerity works FOR you! Try Skincerity for 30 days risk …

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Skincerity – Discover the Magic


Pin ItSkincerity – Discover the Magic!   Skincerity – Is almost like magic. Skincerity is the only breathable, patented face mask on the market! Skincerity is the headlining product by Nucerity, and it is dubbed “magic in a bottle” for several reasons!   Skincerity Works! Proven in clinical tests, and recommended by Dermatologists. Skincerity is …

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Amanda Evans -The Bad Day

Having a bad day

Pin ItAmanda Evans – The Bad Day!   Amanda Evans – The bad Day!   Ever had a bad day? What about a bad morning? What if you could turn that day around BEFORE it gets away?   I had one of those moments this morning, and I wanted to share my experience with you! …

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What’s My Pagerank?


Pin ItWhat’s My PageRank?   What is my PageRank, and why should you care? Your PageRank is another method that Google uses to rank your website in search queries… simply put the better your PageRank above your competitors the higher change you will outrank them in search results for an organic web search! Of course …

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Skincerity by Nucerity – Updated Compensation Plan


Pin ItSkincerity by Nucerity – Updated Compensation Plan! Skincerity by Nucerity revealed a brand new Compensation plan in Las Vegas! There were many enhancements, and it just got EASIER for team members to make money FAST!   The Car Bonus just got better, and you will make money faster than ever!   Here is the …

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Skincerity – Does Skincerity Work?


Pin ItSkincerity – Does Skincerity Work?   Does Skincerity really work? This product seems to be talked about all over the web these days. I recently ran across it, and I had to try it? Why…  well as many of you know I had cancer when I was 10 I have a HUGE scar that …

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You want Buyers NOT Leads!

buyers not leads

Pin ItYou Want BUYERS Not Leads!       If you have a product, or service you promote you want BUYERS not Leads!! Buyers are people who are looking for your product or service if only they knew about it!   I am uncovering the secrets you can implement TODAY to find these BUYERS! These …

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