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Skincerity – The History

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Skincerity – The History


Skincerity – The History


This video outlines the history of Skincerity, how it started off as a product sold exclusively in Dermatologist offices throughout the Southern United States.


Skincerity was doing so well in the Dermatologist offices that is was outselling all the other 13 products they carried in their offices combined!


Lonnie McKinney (one of Nucerity’s Founders) explains how Skinceritycame to be, and how Nucerity has fought to keep this opportunity for everyday people who want to change their financial future!


Watch the video here:


For more information on our team and how you can become one of our partners: Click here


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Amanda Evans – Make Today Count!

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Amanda Evans – Make Today Count!


In today’s world, making time to make it count is difficult! Honestly being a work at home mom, it is vital that I make the time to make today count! It is so easy to get wrapped up in finishing this project, getting that video done, sending one more message, checking one more email account, double checking how that team member is doing, and on and on, that it can be downright near impossible to make the moments that count happen!


Take the time to Make Today Count! No-one is Guaranteed tomorrow!


Here is a quick little video… have an awesome day, and make it count!


Make It Count 🙂


Amanda Evans








Skincerity – Clinical Proof!

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Skincerity – Clinical Proof!

Skincerity – is a product with high distinction patents, being not only patents for the product, but also the process!

This is a great overview of the Clinical proof this Skincerity works! As always the true test is to ensure Skincerity works FOR you! Try Skincerity for 30 days risk Free, EMPTY bottle!


Here is a quick video with some of our user before and after photos:

Skincerity® is a revolutionary one-step breathable masque born out of advancements in topical drug research funded by National Institutes of Health grants.

The pioneering science is extremely effective for both medical and cosmetic applications. As noted in the July, 2005 issue of Dermatology Times:

… subjective observations …who used the preparation to treat a scar suggested that the product had a powerful anti- wrinkle effect.

Unlike most consumer products, Sincerity’s groundbreaking breathable masque technology has been validated by some of the world’s leading physician experts in the following research studies:


Safe – Under the FDA-recommended test to determine skin irritation, the breathable masque was proven safe, non-drying, and non-irritating to skin (National Institutes of Health SBIR No. 5R42AR44435).  The study also showed that the coating is antimicrobial to numerous pathogens.

Results were presented at the Skin Disease Education Foundation 27th Hawaii Dermatology Seminar – February, 2003.



Superior Performance – A University of Utah Dept. of Dermatology, clinical study (NIH-SBIR No. R42AI041777) showed that active agents were more effective over a longer time with the breathable masque than a traditional cream.




As a Topical Therapy – In NIH study SBIR No. R44AI04527, the breathable masque demonstrated effectiveness in preventing and treating rashes/inflamed skin caused by contact with skin irritants (contact dermatitis). Results were presented at the 2006 American Academy of Dermatology 64th Annual Meeting in San Francisco, CA. (contact dermatitis). Results were presented at the 2006 American Academy of Dermatology 64th Annual Meeting in San Francisco, CA.



In a study at University of Texas Health Sciences – Houston to determine effectiveness in treating KP (rough bumps on the upper arms, thighs, buttocks – often referred to as chicken skin), it was demonstrated that the barrier coating significantly speeds improvement in KP.




In addition to the clinical studies, patient testimonials demonstrate remarkable medical results for:

  •  Acne
  • Scars
  • Eczema, itching
  •  Ant and bug bites
  • Poison ivy and oak
  •  Minor burns, sunburns and more…



As a Cosmetic – Quantitative results of a three month hand wrinkle study evaluated by the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio indicated that 67% of the participants experienced an average reduction in the appearance of wrinkles by 39%.

Results were presented at the 2006 American Academy of Dermatology 63th Annual Meeting in New Orleans, LA.


As a cosmetic, both men and women report:

  • They did not have to change routine
  • Softer, silky skin in less than one week
  • Reduced appearance in size of pores
  • Brighter, younger looking skin
  • Reduction in appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Take your 30 day test drive of Skincerity today. You deserve it!


Please leave your comments below, all comments are followed up on, I would love your interaction.


To A Younger You!


Amanda Evans







Special thanks to Debbie for sharing her article.


Skincerity – Discover the Magic

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Skincerity – Discover the Magic!


Skincerity – Is almost like magic.

Skincerity is the only breathable, patented face mask on the market! Skincerity is the headlining product by Nucerity, and it is dubbed “magic in a bottle” for several reasons!


Skincerity Works!

Proven in clinical tests, and recommended by Dermatologists. Skincerity is backed by an incredible Empty bottle 30 day guarantee! If you don’t discover the magic you get your money back! Simple!


Skincerity – You have to Try it to believe it…

there are many many many ways Skincerity can help your skin, working for men, women, people of any nationality, children, it works on ALL skin types!


Skincerity Worked for me

Please don’t take my word for it… I want you to have your own story, your own conviction of this product! I love it because I know it works, I know it works because I have tried it… so take the challenge, and try it for yourself. You can order Skincerity online 24 hours a day!


Skincerity is Available in…

  • Canada
  • United States
  • Mexico
  • Puerto Rico
  • Australia
  • Taiwan
  • Philippines
  • Japan
  • Hong Kong
  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
  • Korea
  • Singapore
  • Costa Rica
  • Ecuador
  • UK

Click Here to order

I look forward to hearing about your results with Skincerity… please leave your comments.


To a Younger you!


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Amanda Evans -The Bad Day

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Amanda Evans – The Bad Day!


Amanda Evans – The bad Day!


Ever had a bad day? What about a bad morning? What if you could turn that day around BEFORE it gets away?


I had one of those moments this morning, and I wanted to share my experience with you!


Please like and share the video with other moms!

Does this sound like you? Do you relate? Share your thoughts with me.



The Video is here…



Leave your comments below! See you on the next video!


Saw this picture thought it may make you smile.


Amanda Evans









What’s My Pagerank?

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What’s My PageRank?


What is my PageRank, and why should you care?

Your PageRank is another method that Google uses to rank your website in search queries… simply put the better your PageRank above your competitors the higher change you will outrank them in search results for an organic web search! Of course for anyone wanting to be ‘found’ on Google this is an important tid bit to know…


While this is all fine and dandy…. what you really want to know is HOW to check YOUR PageRank!


I have found a FREE simple PageRank checker and I want to share it with you. Click here and access the free PageRank Checker for yourself.

What can I do to increase my PageRank?

There are several tips to increase your PageRank. An important one is to encourage interaction on your website, as well as increase your back-links. The more high quality back-links that you have the higher the chance you have of having a good PageRank score.


First step is to find out your score, then implement more back-links.One way to find back-links is to check out  Keep your eyes peeled, will be doing a new post soon on Back-link optimizing!


To your Success,


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Skincerity by Nucerity – Updated Compensation Plan

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Skincerity by Nucerity – Updated Compensation Plan!

Skincerity by Nucerity revealed a brand new Compensation plan in Las Vegas! There were many enhancements, and it just got EASIER for team members to make money FAST!


The Car Bonus just got better, and you will make money faster than ever!


Here is the entire Skincerity by Nucerity Compensation Plan.

If you are ready to join the team, and get started go to my personal website and JOIN NOW, I will partner with you and get you moving in the direction of your dreams! If you have questions about the Skincerity by Nucerity – Updated Compensation plan, please get in touch with me on Facebook, or Email.

To Your Success,


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Skincerity – Does Skincerity Work?

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Skincerity – Does Skincerity Work?


Does Skincerity really work? This product seems to be talked about all over the web these days. I recently ran across it, and I had to try it? Why…  well as many of you know I had cancer when I was 10 I have a HUGE scar that runs across my entire abdomen. I heard that this product was making all types of scars, facial acne, fine lines and wrinkles and more basically disappear! I have to admit the thought of having my scar disappear was definitely an intriguing factor…. however, I am also getting older and I have noticed a few more wrinkles on my face, and I thought I would start there.


I grabbed a bottle of Skincerity and jumped in to give it a try… does Skincerity work? Well before I reveal my results so far… I want to share with you a bit about the product, how it works, and show you a quick video… cause honestly I could write a whole lot, and not explain it as well as this video.


First of all this product is recommended by Dermatologists, and it is proven in clinical tests.


So here is the video:


How did you like that video? I was surprised at how easy Skincerity was to apply, as well as use. I was also surprised to discover all the uses for Skincerity.


I have been using Skincerity for 3 weeks on my face only… I decided to try it and experience it for myself.

After using Skincerity for 3 weeks, Does Skincerity Work? Absolutely! Would I recommend this product? YES! Fanatically YES! The true test for me will it get rid of this scar??


Here is a picture of me showing my scar in full glory…



I don’t know if Skincerity will work on my scar…. after-all it has been there for 26 years, but I am going to try it!


I encourage you to get your OWN Skincerity story.


Yes this product worked incredible on my face… it is softer, younger looking, and the wrinkles are visibly shrinking!


I highly recommend you try this product.


Does Skincerity Work?


Science says YES

Dermatologists say YES

I say YES!


Try it and let me know what you think… that’s the only way you will know for sure if it will work for you!


I will keep you posted on  my success with my scar! Oh and here is another quick Video I found that shows some other Skincerity users results.




To Your Success,


Amanda Evans


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You want Buyers NOT Leads!

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You Want BUYERS Not Leads!




If you have a product, or service you promote you want BUYERS not Leads!! Buyers are people who are looking for your product or service if only they knew about it!


I am uncovering the secrets you can implement TODAY to find these BUYERS! These are sometimes referred to as golden prospects, or itchy-buyers!




Here are the rules:


Rule #1 –

Do not attempt to CONVINCE people to a new way of thinking! This means you need to find people who are already buying the types of product or services that you are offering. Why? because these people will buy more of the same type of stuff.


Rule # 2 –

Narrow, Narrow, Narrow – Shrink your buyer profile! Your “buyer profile” should only consist of the type of people that actually WANT and PAY for the type of product or service you offer. They will require the LEAST persuasion to purchase your product, they will also make you the MOST money, and be the MOST happy.


Rule # 3 –

Start defining your target by implementing these steps. Consider 7 things your ideal prospect would “like” on Facebook.  Consider the types of Authors, People, Events, Companies, Products, clubs, stores or subjects that interest them.


Rule # 4 –

Now jump on Facebook – and find some prospects… so now that you have identified the places “your ideal prospect” hangs out and join groups, and get the discussion going… if you have no idea how to market yourself on Facebook  I highly recommend that you get this Facebook course as you can find your ideal prospect effortlessly knowing this information. TIP – You are not doing this right if you join a Facebook group and immediately start telling everyone in there about your business, this will turn people off, and they will ignore you! Click here for a free 86 minute video course on Using Facebook.


Last but not least – Have fun! Whatever business you are in, I am sure you did not get started to hate your life! You started to have fun! Business can be fun, and should be fun, we are so lucky in this era, we have Facebook which is a really FUN place to do business!


Let me know what you thought ~ IF you found value in this post… let me know.


To Your Success,


Amanda Evans


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