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This is a project I have undertaken to help my daughter utilize the internet to help her earn some money to buy herself a bike!

As a mother I feel it is important for children to learn the value of money… being that she is only 4 it is hard for her to earn money in traditional ways. I found a site called and we have created a page for her to accept orders. She is going to be providing answers to her viewers questions in return for $5 to help her purchase her bike. She is very excited to make these videos for you. Please keep the requests clean (no dirty, obscene, or rude questions).

She is having a lot of fun and we hope that you as her viewer enjoy her videos! See some of her work here.If you want to help Jaycee earn some money toward her bike, please click here to buy a gig (term for a project on

Welcome to our world!

To your Success!


Amanda Evans


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