Christmas Tree Ponytail for Girls – So Fun!

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Christmas Tree Ponytail for Girls – So Fun!

Christmas Tree Ponytail UpDo

This Christmas Tree Ponytail is easy to do, and it is fun!!

I cannot french braid, in fact my braids are horrible!!

So I like to get creative with elastics…


This Christmas Tree Ponytail can be done in about 15-20 minutes depending on your comfort level with elastics.


Supplies you will need to make the Christmas Tree Ponytail


  • Hairbrush
  • Rat tail comb
  • Green and red rubber elastics
  • 1 yellow elastic
  • 2 yards green ribbon
  • waterbottle

I prefer to wet the hair slightly to keep it all in tact…


Step 1 – Make the STAR

Christmas Ponytail step 1To do this gather the bulk of the hair from the crown and use a Yellow elastic to secure the hair.

Then section the ponytail into three parts…

The one on the right will become the first of our branch of the tree… part the hair below into three areas of hair, and bring the right and left down using GREEN elastics.


Last use a RED elastic (to create the look of decoration on our tree when we are finished.

Combine both the right and green ponytails and the hair left from the yellow together with the small piece of scalp hair to create the red ponytail.

You will continue to repeat these steps all the way to the nape of the neck.


Each time you do the Green elastics move your elastic a bit further out than the previous one above it.


Step 2 – It Should start to look like this

Step 2 Christmas Tree PonytailThe second Row of Green Elastics is moving out further on the head closer to the ears than the row above it.


The next step here is to bring the green ponytails to the center, and combine with the rest of the red above, and the new small piece of hair on the scalp to create another middle ponytail.



















Step 3 – The Tree Shape is Starting to Form

Christmas Tree shaping upI have repeated the Green and Red steps and I am nearly at the nape of the neck .

I will complete the final row and have a tail of hair right down the middle of her back.

























Step 4: All The Ponytails are done

Christmas Ponytail Before RibbonIts time to get the Ribbon Ready!



























Step 5 – Wind the Ribbon Around Your Christmas Tree Ponytail

Christmas Tree Ponytail DoneStart at the Yellow ponytail, and slide the green ribbon under the ponytail, and tie it in place, with 1/2 your ribbon dangling down the back on each side.


Next take it over to the green ponytail on the right and slide it under the ponytail, and loop it around and back out.

Repeat the same on the left.

Next cross the ribbon tail BEHIND the hair going straight down the middle to the RED Ponytail, and go to the opposite side (I did right to left first) and you will see the second set of branch of your Christmas tree form on the hair, loop the ribbon around the green ponytail, and repeat from left to right.

Continue repeating this motion, until you have made the entire Christmas treeshape, and you are back at the middle at the bottom.

I wrapped the green ribbon around the red ponytail in the middle and tied it there, I then made a braid with the tail of hair and the ribbon ends to keep it neat and tidy. I used a green elastic at the end of the ponytail, and I cut the ribbon to match the length of the hair in the braid.


Step 6 – Garnish the Star on the Christmas Tree.


Christmas Tree PonytailMy Daughter wanted a Yellow bow… so that is what I did.

Be as creative here as you want to be…

You could pin a paper star in the hair with a bobby pin.

Pin a bow that you would use for a present to the hair.

Pretty much anything goes.

I did this hairstyle on my 3 year old, so she was not as adventurous as my 7 year old would be.

I would of liked to hang miniature ornaments on the tree, or something to add pizzazz but for a 3 year old this was all she would sit for.


I would love to see your creations.


Share your pictures with me :)


I hope you found this pictorial helpful, and have fun with your kids hair :)



Merry Christmas!



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How to Generate Leads for Your Network Marketing Business

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How to Generate Leads for Your Network Marketing Business

How to get traffic to your website

How to Generate Leads for your Network Marketing Business when you have ran out of family and friends!

Yes its true most Network Marketing Companies teach you to talk to those you know like and trust as they will buy from you!

While this may partially be true… there will come a time when you need to generate leads to keep your business growing!


Learn how to Generate Leads and Skyrocket to Leadership Stardom!

If you don’t learn how to generate leads you WILL struggle to become a leader in your business. It is a sad truth.

The good news is you don’t have to suffer alone, and it won’t take years, months or even days to learn these strategies, that you can implement TODAY!


Check out this fun video I made about YOUR Business – Click PLAY

 I Learned How to Generate Leads from Vince Reed

Vince Reed Traffic Tips

Vince unlocked the magic for me… and showed me the better way…

Click here and he will show you too!

There are no secrets only real goods!

He will show you the 2 ways you can start generating leads today!

No talking to your family and friends either!


If you are Serious about your Network Marketing Business…

You are going to need more people to talk to!!

Get yourself on the path to success by clicking here now –>> CLICK THIS TEXT


I am so excited to share my traffic secret with you!


Let me know which traffic strategy you like best!



Amanda Evans







How to Clean Fiberglass Shower and Bathtubs in 1 STEP!

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How to Clean Fiberglass Shower and Bathtubs in 1 STEP!

 How to Clean shower

How to clean Fiberglass shower and bathtubs when they are really dirty?

I recently moved into a home that had previous people living there,  the master bedroom shower stall was NASTY!!

I was not willing to set foot inside the fiberglass shower, or the bathtub, as both of them were so grimy, and dirty!

I scoured the internet and every post I came across either used harsh chemicals, or expensive products…


I am THRILLED to share how to clean fiberglass shower and bathtubs for less than $1!! (Even if its DISGUSTING)

You may have heard of Mr Clean Magic Erasers… now before you think I am telling you to spend $6-8 for an 8 pack of those… I did some research and discovered that Mr Clean Magic Erasers are really just a special type of foam!!



Yes… they are made of Melamine Foam… and upon further research I found quite possibly the best deal on the PLANET for these little wonders!

On Amazon I scored 100 Foam Melamine Magic Erasers for $5.99 USD including Shipping!!

Click Here to score this deal – 100Pcs/lot ERASER CLEANER MAGIC MELAMINE SPONGE CLEANING 10x6x2CM

At most retailers you would pay about $.80 per Magic eraser on sale! These work out to .06 each!


Here is an image of the product I bought –


How to Clean Fiberglass Shower Results in Pictures…


Here is my shower Before –  If you look to the upper left you will see a clean streak… this was my test to see if these Melamine sponges were going to work.

You can also see the sponge in the picture as well. I could not believe how easy it was taking off this grime!

My husband had already tried to clean the shower with other cleaners and they were NOT working at all… so I was astounded!

I am not sure what that rust colored marking are on the side of the tile… but YES it took those off TOO! :)

How to Clean a shower Mr Clean Magic Eraser how to clean rust in the shower










Check out the After images -

How to clean fiberglass after final rust nearly gone








The results were amazing… I am going to try these cheap melamine sponges on other areas of my home, and will make new blog posts as I see how they clean.


If you want to get them for the absolute best price please support this blog and the value I shared with you today by ordering through this Affiliate Amazon link:

Here is how my order came… It was cheaper at the time I ordered to order 3 sets of 100 rather than 200… Weird! I recommend you order 2-300 of these, in batches of 100’s. These would make a fantastic Christmas present, or gift for the person in your family who has everything!  Also note they are shipped from China… some of the comments on Amazon say it takes forever to get the order… I ordered mine on October 25, and I received it November 17th to Canada. I think that is respectable and shipping was FREE!

Mr Clean Magic Eraser Coupon my garbage

The image on the left is the packaging when I started… the second image is my garbage, and the bag with plenty of erasers left inside.


Because these melamine sponges were so cheap… I didn’t care if I used a new one as needed… I used 10 sponges to clean this shower, including the tile, and the glass doors.


It also removed the soap scum from the shower doors.

I followed up with a rinse of the entire shower, and then used glass cleaner on the glass to ensure a streak free shine.

If you are a Canadian here is how you can get them shipped to you for FREE as well using this Amazon link –

Then follow these directions as pictured :)

Mr Clean Magic Eraser


Hope you try these little wonder sponges, as this is how to clean fiberglass shower and bathtubs cheap, and easy!










Amanda Evans







Disney Frozen Peel and Stick Wall Decals

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Disney Frozen Peel and Stick Wall Decals

Frozen Peel and Stick wall decals

Disney Frozen Peel and Stick Wall Decals make changing a bedroom into a Frozen dream for any little girl EASY!

Almost any little girl from 2 – 10 seems to be obsessed with Frozen!!

This year Frozen and all its characters and the adorable sisters have stolen the hearts of little girls and many moms!

While looking for some simple decorations to decorate my daughters dresser and walls in a Frozen theme I found these awesome Frozen peel and stick wall decals and they were actually affordable!!


I have ordered a set for my girls they are going to be so excited.

I have decided that in our new house I am going to let them share a room… so far so good (although its only been a few nights)

So rather than create a permanent Frozen bedroom, I think these Frozen Peel and stick wall Decals will make the best solution and they are removable without ripping down the paint!! BONUS!

I am also considering using the Frozen Peel and Stick wall decals on their dresser :) It is white so it would make a great backdrop for these images… I can’t wait to get them so I can share what I finally decide to create :)


I would love to see pictures of your rooms you create! I will add pictures to this post after I get my Frozen Peel and Stick Decals :)



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My Favorite Sheets! Sleep in Heaven for only $19.99!!

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My Favorite Sheets! Sleep in Heaven for only $19.99

My Favorite Sheets

I love love love comfy warm cozy sheets…

Recently I found this new brand, and the pricing is INSANE!! (in a good way) As a mom sleep is something I cherish, as when my babies were young I was so sleep deprived!

To score the best deal if you are not picky on color… click on all the colors and find the cheapest one. :) Today I noticed that PEACH is $19.99 for both the Queen sheet set, and the KING sheet Set. FREE Shipping!!  Click here to get yours –
Clara Clark Premier 1800 Collection Deluxe Microfiber 3-Line Bed Sheet Set, Queen, Peach

I have a king size bed and these are by far my favorite sheets! Why?

They FEEL amazing!! They are warm, super soft to the touch, and feel luxurious!!!

Don’t let the price fool you… they are incredible sheets.. I would love to hear what you think. :)


Buy My Favorite Sheets on Amazon Here – $19.99 with free shipping!! –
Clara Clark Premier 1800 Collection Deluxe Microfiber 3-Line Bed Sheet Set, Queen, Peach


I have the Royal Blue and the Black! Both are soft, luxurious and wonderful!


Sweet Dreams!






How To Refinish Kitchen Cabinets with NO SANDING?

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How To Refinish Kitchen Cabinets with NO SANDING?
How to Paint Kitchen cabinets

How to Refinish Kitchen Cabinets with NO SANDING?


6 years ago we moved into our new house… it was great!

The house was brand new, however, we did not get to pick any colors!

While I liked that our kitchen cabinets were real maple… I HATED the boring color!


We painted the walls in an effort to make them look better… but no matter

what we did I was never quite happy with how they looked.


We also Built our Own Island (that always had a funny mismatched white cap on it… So I set out to research how to refinish kitchen cabinets…. without breaking the bank, and hopefully tie all the elements of the kitchen together.


I jumped online and saw this awesome cabinet transformation kit… that did not require ANY Sanding!! I Hate sanding so this was an interesting product.

Click here to check it out on Amazon

I read review after review, and decided to buy it… I ordered my product, and decided to have it tinted to KONA. (one down from black on the box selection)  If you would prefer lighter cabinet colors you can see those here – Click Here

DIY Bathroom Makeover

When I got my Tinted Box to Refinish my Kitchen I was SCARED!


What if my kitchen turned out a complete MESS???


So instead of starting in my kitchen I started in the Bathroom!

My bathroom has the same cabinets as the kitchen…

I decided to start there to see if I liked it before I took on the entire kitchen!

This turned out to be a great idea… sadly I did not take any before pictures!!

However I do have an after picture. I love how it made the countertops look great, and the tile backsplash had new life!


I accented the bathroom with some great teal Towels I found and I LOVED the final result!


I loved the bathroom so much that I could not wait to start the kitchen!





How To Refinish Kitchen Cabinets with Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations?

For under $80 almost everything you need comes in the kit – Order Yours by Clicking here

I used one kit for my bathroom, and kitchen cabinets. I have all the glaze left over as the glaze made such a small difference

on the dark color I decided to leave it out.

Inside the kit you fill find all the items pictured here:

How to paint Kitchen Cabinets

You will Need a Few additional Supplies


The Extra supplies I recommend are…

  • More Green scrub pads – I found these at the dollar store for 6 to a pack for a $1.
  • 2″ Synthetic Paint Brushes (3 of them)  Do NOT Skimp on quality here! Get the best you can afford. I paid $20 for 4 brushes.
  • A 2″ Foam brush for the glaze (if you choose to glaze)
  • Drop Cloths… (I used old sheets and newspaper that I had lying around… I certainly would not recommend you buy a drop cloth)
  • Plastic cups – yes disposable cups (to prop your cabinet doors on while you paint)
  • Smooth 2 Inch painters tape (1 Roll is probably enough)
  • Disposable gloves (to protect your hands) Dollar store is good for these.



Here is my Kitchen before I knew how to refinish kitchen cabinets!

refinish kitchen cabinets No Sanding!

I could not believe I did NOT have to SAND!!


This project took me about 3 days to complete…

I did it entirely 100% myself while my 2 year old napped, my 6 year old attended

school, and my husband was at work – and then I worked on it more when

the kids were in bed at night.


Here is my Schedule to completely refinish my cabinets in 3 days!


Day 1  -

Step 1 – I got my daughter playing with toys and removed every cabinet door from the hinges. I made sure that I knew exactly where they went my marking a paper and taping the paper to the newspaper that I laid the cabinet faces on so I would not get confused where they went.  As I removed the doors I completed STEP 1 – DEGLOSS before I laid them on their cups to dry waiting for the first base coat of paint.


Step 2 – Put my daughter to nap and the cabinet faces were ready to start painting on the base coat – I put my cabinets face down (so I started with the backside) and proped them up on 2-4 disposable cups. (the cabinets were laid all over my dining room floor, with newspaper under them to act as drop sheets)

Step 3 – My 2 year old is up from naps just as I finish the first coat on all the doors.. wow.. perfect timing… I make some supper, and when my husband comes home he bathes the girls and gets them ready for bed… and I get back to work. At this point I de-gloss my cabinet frames, including the white melamine ends of the island, and all the kickplates, and cupboard faces. While they are drying, I put the second coat of base coat on the cabinet doors. Now before heading to bed I paint my first coat of basecoat on the cabinet frames in the entire kitchen.

Its been a long day, but super productive!


Day 2 –

Step 1 – I flip my cabinet faces over early determined to get my first coat of base coat on before naptime – Success my 2 year old is watching Elmo! During naptime I finish painting the cabinet faces, and I also get the second coat of base coat on the entire cabinet frame.


Step 2 – After naptime my older daughter How to Refinish Kitchen Cabinets CHEAP!came home from school, and I had both my girls playing in their playroom, so I was able to get the second coat of base coat on the cabinet fronts.

Step 3 – After supper I was ready to start the sealant (as I was skipping the glazing step) I started sealing the cabinet frames first (as they had been drying the longest)  I flipped my cabinets to the backside, and did the sealant on the backside and that was it for the day.


Day 3 -

Step 1 – Flip the cabinet doors back to the front for their sealant coat. Paint on the sealant and wait 8 hours for them to dry! This is a good time to LEAVE THE HOUSE! :)  I knew if I stayed home I would be tempted to put the cabinets on too early… so I left and ran errands.


Just before supper I re-assembled all the cabinets, and drawer faces to the kitchen, and it was COMPLETE! A long 3 days but the result was stunning!


I LOVED Everything about my kitchen!! I loved that this ENTIRE LOOK was achieved for under $150!!

refinish kitchen cabinets no sanding!How Does this Process Hold up to Wear and Tear?

I tackled this project in December 2013.

I was hesitant to put it up on my website because I was not sure how the cabinets were going to hold up to a busy house with 2 young girls, and a pretty clean mom.


I am happy to say that they look as fabulous today, as the day I redid them… Its been over 10 months, and they still LOOK AMAZING!

In fact here is a picture from just a few days ago…

Since we have updated the kitchen we have also changed the light fixture over the sink.

If you want to get the same color we did, we used KONA as our color!

Click here to buy this box – Its under $80, and I used a small box for both my kitchen and the bathroom, and I have LEFTOVERS to do any touchups over the years!  It goes a long way!


I hope I have inspired you to take on your kitchen, or bathroom. I would love to see your before and after shots….

I definitely recommend taking before shots! I am kicking myself that I did not take a before of the bathroom!!


Have fun with your projects!



Amanda EvansFacebook









  • (3) 2″ Synthetic Paint Brushes – Premium Quality
  • (1) 2″ Foam Paint Brush (for optional glaze)
  • Smooth Painter’s Tape (2″ size)
  • Drop Cloths
  • Disposable Gloves
  • Lint-Free Rags
  • Disposable Paint Containers

– See more at:

  • (3) 2″ Synthetic Paint Brushes – Premium Quality
  • (1) 2″ Foam Paint Brush (for optional glaze)
  • Smooth Painter’s Tape (2″ size)
  • Drop Cloths
  • Disposable Gloves
  • Lint-Free Rags
  • Disposable Paint Containers

– See more at:


Start Saving With Canadian Coupons?

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Start Saving With Canadian Coupons?


Canadian CouponsStart Saving With Canadian Coupons and Cash Back offers!

As a mom of 2 kids, I am budget conscious!

Afterall we prefer to spend our money vacationing rather than spending it unnecessarily on items that manufacturers offer Coupons for.

Everything from Toilet Paper to Beer has coupons available… if you know where to look!


There are several resources for Canadian Coupons… if you have time and want to make an effort you can save your family a bundle!

I am not kidding when I say that couponing affords our family of 4 at least one vacation a year (with the savings)

That to us is a lifestyle change!


I have been couponing to save our family money for about 3 years. It has changed how we look at spending money!


One of my favorite Canadian Coupons is really not even a coupon its an APP – Available on I-tunes, or Google Play – Its Called Checkout 51Click here to open your FREE account and start getting CASH BACK on purchases!


Checkout 51 offers cash back on new offers every week… and sometimes the same offer is available week after week…. SCORE!

Some of my favorite offers I have been able to take advantage of recently:


Coupon For Iced CoffeeInternational Delights Iced Coffee 1.89L beverages had $1 or $2  Cashback!! SCORE!!

Often they were on sale for $3.99 and there were several coupons available for print here

– ($1 off)

so I would use the $1 coupon pay $2.99 at the store,

upload my receipt to Checkout 51, and BOOM another $1 or $2 back!!



Canadian 24 Pack of Citrus beer – Yes even alcohol is included sometimes… Sobey’s had this beer on sale for $19.99 bought it on 10% Tuesday so I paid $18 + tax and deposit… then I used the $5 CASHBACK on Checkout 51, and got a great deal on some summer beer for camping!


Sign up for your FREE Checkout 51 Account now. You can even have one for yourself and one for your spouse (so you can get double the deals!)

Once you have $25 in your Checkout 51 Account you can redeem it for a check that is mailed right to your home! So far I have made back about $80 using Checkout 51 in only a few months time…


Sign up to my blog for updates, and deals :)


Post about your savings… would love to hear how much CASH you get back now that you can make money with every shopping trip!








How Do you Choose a Lifepath?

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How Do You Choose A Lifepath?

How do you choose a lifepath

How Do You Choose a Lifepath? It’s a question every single person has probably asked themselves while young, and some of us continually as ourselves this question, even into our 50’s and 60’s.


If you are a new reader here you may not know, my husband and I were foster parents for 6 years, and over that time we had many fantastic youth come into our home, that we were able to mentor, and we learned a great deal from them…


It Starts When We are Young?

The thought for this post, came from a culmination of being a foster parent of teenage children, and having my own very determined children to help them reach and grow into the adults they will one day become.

I enjoyed many conversations with our foster children over the years, and both my husband and I have fond memories of chatting in the car… in fact one of my favorite places to have a family discussion is in the car… why? Well most time everyone remains calmer, and we get much more accomplished.

During our time with our foster kids we had time to discuss with them their dreams, and plans… focus on their talents, and direct them toward using those talents to succeed in life.

Sometimes the message probably went in one ear and out the other… as the saying goes…

However, as these kids have gotten older, have left our home, and are now adults, and creating their life, I see glimpses into conversations we have had, and special moments we shared…

I see their lives are shaped even if some small bit, by the influence we had and the dreams we nurtured together.


As a nearly 40 something adult I too still sometimes find myself wondering, how do you choose a lifepath…


Today I watched a video that was insanely powerful! It embodies everything I want my own children to know, and everything I want myself to know! Chase what you love!!

I am not going to say anything more about this video, because I cannot do it justice… you have to see this! :) Click Play

I LOVE this speech because its about empowerment, its about courage, and its about enjoying life!

I love that Jim Carrey speaks of his father’s life and how his ‘safe choice’ ultimately caused stress in the family.

I love that he does NOT say – Do what you love because its SAFE… he is basically saying Do what you love because nothing is safe!


Life is about taking chances, and decisions that make you happy!


So Here is my answer to this Question – How do you Choose Your Lifepath?


First you figure out what you love… don’t live your life wondering what if… live your life knowing that you made

those choices, because you LOVE it… for when you LOVE it you will not experience nearly as much sadness!


Create thinkers!

Keep following your dreams, and encourage your children to follow their passion.

I believe one of the greatest skills a parent can share with their children is the ability to be a thinker! Encourage their love of whatever their passion is… even if those passions change 100 times between 2 and 20!

I believe a parents job is to cheer for their children, and encourage their wildest dreams. (even if you think its absolutely crazy!)


Experience Joy when you Encourage Their Dreams!

Living their dreamMy oldest daughter would absolutely be in heaven if TODAY she could be an Orca Whale Trainer? WHY?

I have no idea!! We do not live near an ocean, nor do we even have a fish.

My daughter has been to Sea World many, many times, and she loves and adores those Orca Whales.

We encourage her to keep her dream alive… for today she wants to do that more than anything in the world.

At some point her dreams may change, but right now we are having fun encouraging her to learn more about Orca whales, and how she can actually become an Orca trainer.

The picture here is a recent trip to SeaWorld, where Jaycee  (our daughter) got to spend about 30 minutes absorbing information from an Orca Trainer, who taught her all about Orca Whale behaviors, and bonding with mother and baby Orca’s and more.

She absolutely loved every moment of it. She was so sad when we had to leave, and she can’t wait to go back to see the Orca’s.


I would love to hear your thoughts on this post :) I had so much fun sharing some of my family with you! :)


Amanda Evans

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Can I Take A Walk In Your Shoes?

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Can I Take a Walk in Your Shoes?


someone elses shoesEver heard it – Take a Walk in Someone Else’s Shoes? Well Can I take a walk in your Shoes, is a reflection of my experience recently at an Entrepreneur Adventure Camp Weekend.

Its human nature to see others lives better than we see our own.

Recently I attended a powerful weekend with many Entrepreneurs that I admire, respect, and look up to!

These were my peers, but I had a surprise revelation that I want to share with you!

While I was on this Adventurepreneur Retreat I had the chance to chat with all of these people, and get to know many of them better.


Can I take a Walk in Your Shoes Listening Experiment….

As I sat and listened to each persons story I was impressed to hear so many of their lives, as I sat there and thought…

Glad that’s not me…

Sure Glad I never had to deal with that.

I don’t think I could handle that… thank goodness I have never had that struggle.


And sometimes the longer we chatted… I found myself thinking Gee they sure have it all… I wish I had that,

I wish my life was like that!


I wish I could take a walk in your shoes!!!


The Hike!


On the second day of our Camp we did a group 1.5KM hike. It was challenging but not impossible.

It was great to chat with my peers and get to know them better. It was an experience, watching some struggle

more than others.


I witnessed great people uplifing others! I watched as the seemingly impossible happened… and I watched first hand

the power of people, when people come together for good.


We Celebrated our WIN

We enjoyed a minute of wisdom from our inspirational leader Mark Hoverson… who shared his High School and College Basketball

stories of success… then he asked for some inspirational challenges that other group members had overcome.


I know my own story is not all that interesting to me anymore… why? well because it seems like old news to me…so I sat in silence.

An awesome guy shared his story of how his young son (who is 9 years old) had an issue with his leg, and have to have a portion of

his leg removed, and how his family overcame that challenge… and I thought WOW glad that was not me!!


The woman and meA Woman started Speaking

The woman shared how she had a child at age 10 with Wilms Tumor and was told would not survive her cancer Diagnosis…

The crowd listened on, to how this child (the oldest of 6) not only beat her cancer diagnosis, but is alive, healthy, and in fact

standing in the crowd with all of you!

The crowd grew quiet having no understanding of what this woman was talking about!

But I knew… How did I know?

I had the incredible experience of climbing this mountain with my MOM!

The girls she spoke of was me!

You see very few people on that mountain even knew that this woman was my mom, I spoke up and told them it was me… and

I was shocked at how many people were moved by MY LIFE!!  I could not believe it!!

You see my life happened to me! It was a long time ago, (27 years almost to the day at the time of writing) and I am a healthy person.


Another Lady of 50 years of Age

Shared her story of overcoming age as a number, and that she made a goal to run a marathon! At age 50 she had completed 2 marathons,

and that was a life challenge for her, and she was proud she accomplished it!


Then something happened…

I was not quite ready for it, and in fact the more I have reflected on it in the weeks since it happened it has oddly impacted me more?

We had a member of our group a wonderful 75 Year old lady who decided she was too old and presumably out of shape to conquer

the hike, but she would go for as long as she felt she was able, and then turn around.


Many of us were celebrating at the top of the mountain, reveling in our ‘WIN’. When one of our friends came barging up the hill….

Carolyn is coming! Carolyn is coming! (this is the 75 Year old Lady).


We had climbed over boulders, loose rocks, and steep inclines to get to the top of this mountain… it took those of us in better shape just

under an hour to get to the top… Carolyn took longer! But the point is she made it!!


So Can I Take A walk in Your Shoes?


Surprisingly I prefer my own!

But I would love to hear your story of Challenge and how you overcame obstacles to WIN!!!


Amanda Evans






Where Can I Find Anna and Elsa at Disneyland? (Disney World)

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Where Can I Find Anna and Elsa at Disneyland?

Meet Anna and Elsa at DisneyworldWhere Can I Find Anna and Elsa at Disneyland – is probably one of the most asked questions from my readers.

So many of you have looked at the DIY Anna Costume and the DIY Elsa Costume Tutorial.

Remember to check out the DIY Tutorials if you would like to have your daughter ‘dressed as a character’ for your vacation.


If you are wanting to take your Princess to see the ‘real’ Royal Sisters here is where you will find them hanging out.


The good news is you can find Anna and Elsa at Disneyland and at Disney World, so no matter which park you plan to go to you will have the chance to see them.


Anna and Elsa at Disneyland -


Anna and Elsa are located in Fantasyland near the Pinocchio ride there is a brand new ‘frosty spot’ inside Disneyland Park (the original park) they do not make appearances at California Adventure!


Anna And Elsa at Disney World -

Anna and Elsa at Disneyland

Anna and Elsa are also characters at the Magic Kingdom Park!

They are located at the Princess Fairytale Hall  (along with other Disney Princesses)


There are 4 parks in Orlando so make sure you go to Magic Kingdom (the original park) to see this awesome sisters!


Regardless whether you choose to go to visit Anna and Elsa at Disneyland or Disney World its sure to be a magical experience for you and your little princess!


Enjoy the Disney Parks! I hope your family loves them as much as we do.






Amanda Evans







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