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Are YOU an Eyeball Acquisition Specialist?

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Are You an Eyeball Acquisition Specialist?

Get paid to share this!

How would you know if you were an Eyeball Acquisition Specialist? Great Question!

I am going to be frank with you. An Eyeball Acquisition Specialist is someone who has ever shared a picture, a post, a message, an ad, an article, or any piece of content with another person via ANY of the following social platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Linked In
  • Stubble Upon
  • and many more!

What do all of these Social Platforms have in common?

Every single one of these platforms has built its wealth by USING it USERS! Yes they have used you as UNPAID Eyeball Acquisition Specialists and you did not even know you were being used!!

How is it possible you were used?

Its Simple! These companies offered you a FREE platform to share your life and what you wanted with the world, and as a result YOU brought eyeballs to their website!  This Made THEM a fortune, and YOU got NOTHING!!

It’s TIME for a new Model!

If you are ready to get PAID for you Social Footprint, then its Time for you to get more information on how you can work with us as a PAID Eyeball Acquisition Specialist!

Time to grab a piece of the pie for the value you share with the world?

I may have an option for you, that will bring you a stable income, and a happier, healthier home!

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Amanda Evans

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Smart Ways To Make Money In Today’s Economy!

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Smart Ways To Make Money In Today’s Economy

smart ways to make moneyWe are so fortunate to live a world that offers us choices to create our destiny and design our futures! Today there are many smart ways to make money!

I believe the very smartest way to make money in today’s economy is to align with a solid Network Marketing company. If you are already with a company that is fantastic! I hope it is a company you are passionate about, enjoy and perhaps even love their products. I will offer you some tips to explode your business in a moment.

If you are not with a network marketing company let me explain first why you may want to consider finding one that works for you. Network Marketing is the only industry that allows you to help others and experience leverage. Network marketing offers anyone regardless of race, religion, financial background, or education to succeed (if they truly want to).

Smart ways to make money does not mean easy!

I have often heard that anything worth doing takes work! Smart ways to  make money does not mean that money will fall out of the sky! This is not an article about wishing or hoping on the lottery either.

It IS about hard work, that is rewarding, fun, and enjoyable. Best of all when you discover the true smart ways to make money you will also discover yourself having the time of your life.

Network Marketing is the single smartest way to make money for several reasons, here are my top 5!

Number 1

Network Marketing is something you can do anywhere your company operates! When looking for a company ensure that it operates in countries that you would like to perhaps travel to, or that you may have connections. Its also a good idea to check for a global seamless compensation plan.

Number 2

Network Marketing allows you MANY incredible write offs for things that otherwise would be just a pure expense to you and offer no deduction against your income. Some of these types of expenses are car payments, fuel, food, monthly order from your network marketing company, vacations, trips, electronics, internet and phone expenses and many housing costs (such as rent or interest on mortgage payments, insurance, heat, electricity, taxes, and more).  This one benefit can save you thousands of dollars on the types of bills you have now anyway!

Number 3

Network marketing is a helping people business. Its the kind of business where if you choose your business right you will change people’s lives! You will be instrumental in helping people for the better, and that is a reward of no financial amount, but I believe one of the basic human desires is to help others.

Number 4

Network Marketing is a business that allows you to start up for minimal cost! Traditional business cost hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars before you ever see a penny of return! Some traditional franchise businesses can take 5-10 years to even see a profit!! How is that for working for free? A good Network Marketing company will have little to no start up cost (in form of membership) and it will charge a fair price for its products. Traditionally companies will offer a business kit (selection of products) at a bigger discount for new representatives so that they have products to share with others.

Number 5

Network Marketing is a smart way to make money because you can start part time! There is magic in part time! Work Full time to pay the bills (just like always) and work your network marketing business part time, and watch the paychecks increase month after month! Network Marketing is NOT a get rich quick scheme, if anyone tells you it is, or you will get rich quick, RUN!! Run as fast as you can the other way! Network marketing takes work! It is not called NOT work marketing! It is called Network Marketing, and it works, for those that choose to work it! Plan to work your plan for at least 2 years, maybe more before you have experienced replacement type income.

Smart ways to make Money Network Marketing.

So here are some tips to help you make the best of your Network Marketing Career.

Number 1

Find a great mentor! This person does not even have to be in YOUR network Marketing business, but they do need to be someone who is positive, knowledgeable, and can help you get where you want to go!

Number 2

Get a Marketing System! No-one comes into Network Marketing “knowing it all” it is a learning process, and in many ways it will be the best education you ever had! The secret is to find a marketing system, that will teach you all the ins and outs of both online and offline network marketing. The advent of social media has completely changed the way we can do network marketing, if we are willing to learn. If you choose to “do it your way” don’t be surprised when you have spent a lot of money and experienced very little results!  To discover the marketing system I use click here.

Number 3

The product or service you choose to represent, will dramatically effect your success! If you choose a health company but you are a heavy smoker, and very overweight NO-ONE will believe you! Your company has to resonate with YOU! If you are in a company now that does not excite you, and make you happy, consider finding one that does! If you are searching for a company click here to check out the company I work with.

Number 4

Be a Product of the product. Whatever Network Marketing company you choose to represent make sure you actually use the product or service you represent. It is vital that you are a product of the product, that you understand how it works, and use the product yourself.

I hope you have success in your endeavors! See you on the inside!


Amanda Evans

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