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Best Ultrasonic Humidifier – For the Best Price!

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Best Ultrasonic Humidifier – For the Best Price!

Homedics Ultrasonic Humidifier

I recently was looking for the best ultrasonic humidifier… I had several criteria. and I scored a great deal!!


What Makes the Best Ultrasonic Humidifier?

First it needed to be quiet… we needed three, one for each of the kids rooms, and one for our room! No one likes to be woken up by a noisy humidifier.

Second it needed to be COOL MIST!  This is safer for the kids!

Third it needed to have a long run time… several that I looked at had to be refilled every 12 hours!! Which is crazy!!


The Best Ultrasonic Humidifier I found….


best ultrasonic humidifier in homeis the Homedics Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier. It fit all the criteria, and was a great price! It looks great on the dresser, and is VERY quiet!
This Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier is sleek, stylish (as far as humidifiers can be stylish) and had a great blue glow when the night light is on.


The Features that make this the Best Ultrasonic Humidifier are:


Best Ultrasonic Humidifier

  • Innovative on/off oscillating head
  • Clean Mist anti-microbial technology helps keep the tank clean
  • Easy-to-remove and fill 1-gallon tank
  • Up to 48 hours run time per filling – LOVE THIS!
  • Ultrasonic technology for virtually silent operation
  • Built-in night light
  • Adjustable mist control
  • Auto shut-off protection when the tank is empty


I have been there done that with other humidifiers when it comes to shut off protection, so this was a great feature!


We watched for sales, and haven’t found anything cheaper than Amazon… and of course Amazon gives FREE SHIPPING on this item, so you can have it fast… delivered to your door.. plus its backed by Amazon then… and I have found Amazon customer service to be top notch!
CLICK HERE and buy from Amazon HoMedics UHE-OC1 Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier


The Best Ultrasonic Humidifier can be delivered to you at home in as little as 2 days!!

Save money and time click the link above to get yours today.


Amanda Evans







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Christmas Tree Ponytail for Girls – So Fun!

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Christmas Tree Ponytail for Girls – So Fun!

Christmas Tree Ponytail UpDo

This Christmas Tree Ponytail is easy to do, and it is fun!!

I cannot french braid, in fact my braids are horrible!!

So I like to get creative with elastics…


This Christmas Tree Ponytail can be done in about 15-20 minutes depending on your comfort level with elastics.


Supplies you will need to make the Christmas Tree Ponytail


  • Hairbrush
  • Rat tail comb
  • Green and red rubber elastics
  • 1 yellow elastic
  • 2 yards green ribbon
  • waterbottle

I prefer to wet the hair slightly to keep it all in tact…


Step 1 – Make the STAR

Christmas Ponytail step 1To do this gather the bulk of the hair from the crown and use a Yellow elastic to secure the hair.

Then section the ponytail into three parts…

The one on the right will become the first of our branch of the tree… part the hair below into three areas of hair, and bring the right and left down using GREEN elastics.


Last use a RED elastic (to create the look of decoration on our tree when we are finished.

Combine both the right and green ponytails and the hair left from the yellow together with the small piece of scalp hair to create the red ponytail.

You will continue to repeat these steps all the way to the nape of the neck.


Each time you do the Green elastics move your elastic a bit further out than the previous one above it.


Step 2 – It Should start to look like this

Step 2 Christmas Tree PonytailThe second Row of Green Elastics is moving out further on the head closer to the ears than the row above it.


The next step here is to bring the green ponytails to the center, and combine with the rest of the red above, and the new small piece of hair on the scalp to create another middle ponytail.



















Step 3 – The Tree Shape is Starting to Form

Christmas Tree shaping upI have repeated the Green and Red steps and I am nearly at the nape of the neck .

I will complete the final row and have a tail of hair right down the middle of her back.

























Step 4: All The Ponytails are done

Christmas Ponytail Before RibbonIts time to get the Ribbon Ready!



























Step 5 – Wind the Ribbon Around Your Christmas Tree Ponytail

Christmas Tree Ponytail DoneStart at the Yellow ponytail, and slide the green ribbon under the ponytail, and tie it in place, with 1/2 your ribbon dangling down the back on each side.


Next take it over to the green ponytail on the right and slide it under the ponytail, and loop it around and back out.

Repeat the same on the left.

Next cross the ribbon tail BEHIND the hair going straight down the middle to the RED Ponytail, and go to the opposite side (I did right to left first) and you will see the second set of branch of your Christmas tree form on the hair, loop the ribbon around the green ponytail, and repeat from left to right.

Continue repeating this motion, until you have made the entire Christmas treeshape, and you are back at the middle at the bottom.

I wrapped the green ribbon around the red ponytail in the middle and tied it there, I then made a braid with the tail of hair and the ribbon ends to keep it neat and tidy. I used a green elastic at the end of the ponytail, and I cut the ribbon to match the length of the hair in the braid.


Step 6 – Garnish the Star on the Christmas Tree.


Christmas Tree PonytailMy Daughter wanted a Yellow bow… so that is what I did.

Be as creative here as you want to be…

You could pin a paper star in the hair with a bobby pin.

Pin a bow that you would use for a present to the hair.

Pretty much anything goes.

I did this hairstyle on my 3 year old, so she was not as adventurous as my 7 year old would be.

I would of liked to hang miniature ornaments on the tree, or something to add pizzazz but for a 3 year old this was all she would sit for.


I would love to see your creations.


Share your pictures with me 🙂


I hope you found this pictorial helpful, and have fun with your kids hair 🙂



Merry Christmas!



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How to Clean Fiberglass Shower and Bathtubs in 1 STEP!

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How to Clean Fiberglass Shower and Bathtubs in 1 STEP!

 How to Clean shower

How to clean Fiberglass shower and bathtubs when they are really dirty?

I recently moved into a home that had previous people living there,  the master bedroom shower stall was NASTY!!

I was not willing to set foot inside the fiberglass shower, or the bathtub, as both of them were so grimy, and dirty!

I scoured the internet and every post I came across either used harsh chemicals, or expensive products…


I am THRILLED to share how to clean fiberglass shower and bathtubs for less than $1!! (Even if its DISGUSTING)

You may have heard of Mr Clean Magic Erasers… now before you think I am telling you to spend $6-8 for an 8 pack of those… I did some research and discovered that Mr Clean Magic Erasers are really just a special type of foam!!



Yes… they are made of Melamine Foam… and upon further research I found quite possibly the best deal on the PLANET for these little wonders!

On Amazon I scored 100 Foam Melamine Magic Erasers for $8.99 USD including Shipping!!

Click Here to score this deal – 100Pcs/lot ERASER CLEANER MAGIC MELAMINE SPONGE CLEANING 10x6x2CM

At most retailers you would pay about $1.00 per Magic eraser on sale! These work out to .09 each!


Here is an image of the product I bought –


How to Clean Fiberglass Shower Results in Pictures…


Here is my shower Before –  If you look to the upper left you will see a clean streak… this was my test to see if these Melamine sponges were going to work.

You can also see the sponge in the picture as well. I could not believe how easy it was taking off this grime!

My husband had already tried to clean the shower with other cleaners and they were NOT working at all… so I was astounded!

I am not sure what that rust colored marking are on the side of the tile… but YES it took those off TOO! 🙂

How to Clean a shower Mr Clean Magic Eraser how to clean rust in the shower










Check out the After images –

How to clean fiberglass after final rust nearly gone








The results were amazing… I am going to try these cheap melamine sponges on other areas of my home, and will make new blog posts as I see how they clean.


If you want to get them for the absolute best price please support this blog and the value I shared with you today by ordering through this Affiliate Amazon link:

Here is how my order came… It was cheaper at the time I ordered to order 3 sets of 100 rather than 200… Weird! I recommend you order 2-300 of these, in batches of 100’s. These would make a fantastic Christmas present, or gift for the person in your family who has everything!  Also note they are shipped from China… some of the comments on Amazon say it takes forever to get the order… I ordered mine on October 25, and I received it November 17th to Canada. I think that is respectable and shipping was FREE!

Mr Clean Magic Eraser Coupon my garbage

The image on the left is the packaging when I started… the second image is my garbage, and the bag with plenty of erasers left inside.


Because these melamine sponges were so cheap… I didn’t care if I used a new one as needed… I used 10 sponges to clean this shower, including the tile, and the glass doors.


It also removed the soap scum from the shower doors.

I followed up with a rinse of the entire shower, and then used glass cleaner on the glass to ensure a streak free shine.

If you are a Canadian here is how you can get them shipped to you for FREE as well using this Amazon link –

Then follow these directions as pictured 🙂

Hope you try these little wonder sponges, as this is how to clean fiberglass shower and bathtubs cheap, and easy!










Amanda Evans







Disney Frozen Peel and Stick Wall Decals

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Disney Frozen Peel and Stick Wall Decals

Frozen Peel and Stick wall decals

Disney Frozen Peel and Stick Wall Decals make changing a bedroom into a Frozen dream for any little girl EASY!

Almost any little girl from 2 – 10 seems to be obsessed with Frozen!!

This year Frozen and all its characters and the adorable sisters have stolen the hearts of little girls and many moms!

While looking for some simple decorations to decorate my daughters dresser and walls in a Frozen theme I found these awesome Frozen peel and stick wall decals and they were actually affordable!!


I have ordered a set for my girls they are going to be so excited.

I have decided that in our new house I am going to let them share a room… so far so good (although its only been a few nights)

So rather than create a permanent Frozen bedroom, I think these Frozen Peel and stick wall Decals will make the best solution and they are removable without ripping down the paint!! BONUS!

I am also considering using the Frozen Peel and Stick wall decals on their dresser 🙂 It is white so it would make a great backdrop for these images… I can’t wait to get them so I can share what I finally decide to create 🙂


I would love to see pictures of your rooms you create! I will add pictures to this post after I get my Frozen Peel and Stick Decals 🙂



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Make Toddler Headphones Fit!! Solving Every Moms Nightmare….

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Make Toddler Headphones Fit! Solving Every Moms Nightmare!

Toddler Headphones

Learn How to turn any over the head style headphones into comfortable custom toddler headphones!

So you are excited you finally have a DVD system in your vehicle, and you are ready for some fun….

Go to put the headphones on, and discover they are HUGE, and don’t come anywhere near fitting your Toddler!

With this quick tutorial I am going to show you how to turn any over the head headphones into awesome toddler headphones!


This works for older kids too… and they are moveable to any headsets you have… including the corded ones for their tablet or ipad!

No more listening to Dora, Sesame Street, Disney Movies, or children’s songs while you are driving around! Yay for mom’s sanity!

Listen to what you want, while your kids watch their tablets, or DVD system in silence!! AH doesn’t that sound GREAT!!

My Girls (nearly 3 and 7) seem to have small heads, and no matter what I do I cannot find cheap (because they will surely break them) headsets (headphones) that FIT!

So rather than spend copious amounts of money on headphones for their tablets… I went to the dollar store and picked up a super cute pair of headphones (the old school kind that go over the head) as there is NO WAY I am going to get those little in the ear kind to stay in!!

The last time we rented a van in Orlando we had a DVD Player with headsets and they did not fit… so I have the ultimate hack for you… its cheap, easy, and more importantly it works!!


For this super fun Toddler Headphones DIY Project you will need:

Toddler Headphones diy


  • a piece of fabric 7 inches by 7 inches
  • Scrap batting, or a solid piece that is 2-3 inches thick by 6 inches when scrunched up
  • a strip of velco (both sides) that is 5.5 inches wide.
  • and of course a pair of over the head headphones.

This is moveable from headset to headset (and the fabric will be washable)




So to make this project you will want to have an idea of how much space you are trying to fill (most headsets have adjustable bands so this is not really an exact science)


Step 1 –

If you have a serger, serge around the fabric piece. If you don’t have a serger you will want to turn under and ‘hem’ all the way around to hide the raw edges.


Step 3 loop velcro

Step 2


Add the loops (hard side of the velcro) to the wrong side of the fabric,

and sew around it

(since its a square it really doesn’t matter what you decide

is ‘up’ I decided this based on my pattern on my fabric)





step 4 soft velcro

 Step 3 –

Sew the soft velcro side to the RIGHT side of the fabric.










Toddler Headphones cover

Step 4

Roll your batting so it forms a nice soft cushion for the top of your childs head (this will fill the gap between the top of their headphones and their head)






Step 5 roll over headphones

 Step 5

Put the batting under the headphones, and wrap the fabric around it,

with the velcro closure on the top of the headphones…

and boom thats it!

Try it on your child and see how it feels to them.





You can make several toddler headphones covers, and they are even washable. My girls LOVE them, and it makes their headphones so comfortable!


This toddler headphones idea is going to make our upcoming plane ride to San Diego glorious!!

The girls will be glued to their tablets, which are preloaded with all kinds of great things for them to play, watch, color and do while we are traveling. (their dad takes care of all the techy stuff)

I hope you enjoy this simple idea to make your toddler headphones fit perfectly!

I would love to see your photos when you try this for yourself. 🙂


This is a great projects for leftover fabric, and quilt batting. 🙂


Have an awesome day!



Amanda Evans






Princess Anna Dress Tutorial – DIY Free Pattern

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Princess Anna Dress Tutorial – DIY Free Pattern

Princess Anna Dress DIYThis is it – Princess Anna Dress Tutorial – Including a free DIY Pattern for the puff paint on the bodice!


Princess Anna Dress Tutorial Supplies:

  • Black T-Shirt that fits your child
  • 3 Yards – Yellow Gold Grosgrain Ribbon
  • Green, Pink, Purple, and Yellow Fabric Puff Paints
  • 1 Yard – 60″ wide Blue Linen, Nylon, satin, or similar fabric
  • Matching Thread


This Princess Anna Dress is very easy to make however I am going to assume you have some sewing skills, and have sewn something before.

This tutorial is for someone who has sewn at least something simple before.

Step By Step Instructions for Princess Anna Dress

Step #1 – Cut the T-Shirt

DIY Princess Anna DressCut off the Sleeves, and cut your neckline, you can cut the back straight across vs making it match the front.


I decided to make the back match the front so it allowed for a bigger opening, as this is more like a vest/dress than a fitted dress.




Step # 2 – Paint the Pattern

Princess Anna PDF Pattern

Paint the design on the front of the T-Shirt and allow to dry (according to your paint bottles) mine was 4 hours, but I allowed it to dry overnight.

It is a good idea to do this on newspaper, and stick cardboard in between your front and back of the shirt, so the paint doesn’t seep through and make it stick together.


Princess Anna Dress front – Printable PDF



Step # 3 – Add the Grosgrain Ribbon to Neck and Shoulders

Princess Anna Dress Tutorial


Start with one sleeve. The T-shirt fabric will not frey so there is no need to cover the edge, so what I did was pinned the grosgrain ribbon to the front side, and using matching gold toned thread I used a flower stitch on my machine. If your machine is basic with no special stitches a zigzag stitch works just fine for this. Fold your edge of the ribbon over at the end, and start and stop stitching at the armpits to have a clean look. If you don’t want to fold the ribbon over you can also use frey check on the cut ends of the ribbon.

Continue and do the same on the other shoulder edge, and then do the same on the neckline, be careful to pin well, so that you get nice lines at the neck for the V.


Step # 4 – Create the skirt

Princess Anna Dress frozen

Determine the length of the skirt, and cut that from your fabric. In my case the skirt is 20 inches long.

Then sew the right sides together at the salvage edge and then fold your fabric into quarters, the halfway point will be the front V, and the two sides (halfway between the V and the sewn salvage will be your sides I mark these with pins)

I make my drop 6 inches deeps so from the side marker to the V is 6 inch drop.


Too Much work? Here is a cute Version that is affordable and done for you!


Step # 5 – Fit Skirt to T-Shirt

Princess Anna DIy DressYou will measure how to fit the skirt to fit your t-shirt.

You will make 2 Large pleats on the front (one on each side of the V)

You will make 2 large pleats on the back of the skirt (one on each side of the center back seam)

Figure out how wide your fabric is to take down to the V shape.

In my case my fabric was 16 inches, and the V on the shirt was 7 inches.

So my pleat needed to take up 9 inches of fabric, which meant I needed to fold 4.5 inches of fabric per side of my pleat so each side measured 2.25 inches (folded making 4.5 total)  Doing it this way makes for big box pleat style pleats, and is easy to do, just measure, fold, and pin. Then do the same for the other side of the V. Note… you are NOT attaching the skirt to the shirt at this time, you are only fitting it to size.

To fit the back side of the skirt allow about 2 inches extra space to allow you to stretch the tshirt a bit so that is remains easy for your child to put on. You will also use the same technique to figure out the size of pleats needed on either side of the center back seam.

Once your pleats are all pinned and you are confident you have it sized correctly, sew 1/2 inch from the edge a simple straight stitch around the entire skirt, this will hold the pleats in place, and allow you to take the pins out (leaving only the side marker pins) which will help when we attach to the t-shirt.

Step # 6 – Sew Skirt, and Attach Grosgrain Ribbon

Princess Anna DIY Dress TutorialPin the Grosgrain Ribbon to the skirt, the same way you sewed the ribbon to the T-shirt.

If you are confident your length is good on the skirt you can hem it now, or you can wait till you have attached it to the T-Shirt so your daughter can try it on for length.

Once you are done that we will be pinning and attaching the skirt to the T-Shirt.




Step # 7 – Attach Skirt to The T-Shirt

Princess Anna Dress TutorialCarefully Pin the Skirt to the T-Shirt, taking care not to pin through two layers of the T-Shirt.

Using the same stitch you did at the neckline and shoulders, sew the skirt onto the dress.

Now your dress is done, and you just have to add the hem (if you did not do that already)

I pressed my box seams slightly to allow it to hang better… and my daughter anxiously tried it on!


I hope you loved this tutorial and you have a great time making your very own Princess Anna Dress!

If you have any questions or feedback I would love to hear it.


IF you are unsure of how to make this… I have found this pattern on Amazon (which was not available at the time I originally created my dresses – CLICK the image to Order (Its about $10 and makes Both Anna and Elsa!) McCall Pattern Company M7000 Misses’/Children’s/Girls’ Costumes, Size KIDS ((3-4)-(5-6)-(7-8)-(10-12)-(14))


Did you see this Tutorial for Queen Elsa’s Ice Dress Tutorial? Click Here

Have you seen the Sing a Long Version of “Let It Go?” Click Here

Planning a trip to Disneyland or DisneyWorld? – Click Here to see Where you can find Anna and Elsa at the Parks


Amanda Evans

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Princess Anna Dress Tutorial

Frozen – Queen Elsa Ice Dress Tutorial – Make from a T-Shirt

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Frozen – Queen Elsa Ice Dress Tutorial – Make from a T-Shirt

DIY Queen Elsa DressQueen Elsa Ice Dress Tutorial- Make if from a long sleeve T-Shirt

Here is a list of supplies you will need….

T-Shirt with long sleeves that is slightly big for your child (to allow it to fit over clothing, or for longer than a few months)  I bought my shirt at Justice – My 2.5yr old is wearing a size 7 that I took in a bit… (it was the smallest they had) and I loved the silver embellished detail at the top (made the project easier)


Fabric for the bodice – a slight stretch fabric works great here, it will be sewn right onto the T-shirt, so having a bit of stretch is best.

Skirt Fabric – 1 yard should be sufficient, of 60″ wide fabric. If you are making a larger dress (size 8 or bigger) I would get 1.5 yards. Suitable fabrics would be taffeta, silk, linings, suiting fabric, etc.

Cape Fabric – 1 yard of 60 inch wide fabric you can get away with 1 yard of 45 inch fabric but it would not make the cape as full.  Suitable fabrics would be Chiffon, light lace, bridal chiffon, etc. I would not recommend tulle (its too light and you may not like the way it hangs)


This is a sewing project suitable for those that have some sewing knowledge. It is not a project for someone who has never used a sewing machine or attempted to make anything before.


I am going to show you how I did it. I did not have a pattern, other than a look at the official Disney Frozen Queen Elsa Ice Dress.

DIY Queen Elsa DressThis is the Official Disney Frozen Queen Elsa Dress that is now sold out at!

Retail Price – $149.95USD

The total cost for the dress that I made was $12!


The notions needed for the dress are as follows:

  • Matching thread
  • 3/4 inch velcro in white (strip about 28 inches long)
  • 1.5 yard clear 1/4 inch elastic
  • Lace (to accentuate V in dress) with some stretch would be best


Creating this dress was easy. All the sewing is done right on the T-Shirt – No zippers, buttons, or anything difficult for your little princess to get this gown on and off.

You can click on any of the pictures for a larger image if you need it bigger to understand what the step is.

Want to Make a Princess Anna Dress Too? Free Pattern and Tutorial Click Here 



 Step 1 – Attach Bodice to the shirt.

Cut desired shape for Bodice, and pin right side out on the shirt (we are only doing the FRONT side – after the front is done you will do the same for the back)  Once you have carefully pinned it on, ZigZag stitch it right on the shirt. Be careful not to bunch the shirt, the zigzag stitch will allow it to stretch (do NOT straight stitch this will get ripped over time!) I did not zigzag across the bottom I left it open. So the fabric is only sewn to the top, and both sides of the T-shirt.

Elsa Ice Dress Frozen

  Step 2 – Plan location of skirt

Mark out your skirt location on the shirt. To obtain the deep V look I put the shirt on my daughter and marked her belly button as the bottom of the V, and then went up 4 inches on the shirt to the side seam to create the ‘V Shape’.

Queen Elsa Costume Tutorial


















Step 3:  Cut the Skirt – and attach to the shirt.

The skirt should be made with a FULL width of the fabric (preferably 60 inch wide) if you have gone with a narrower fabric (45 inch) you may wish to sew a few pieces to make it wider (which will make the skirt fuller)  Measure your daughter to decide the length, if you want to have it drape in the back like a train you can cut it shorter in the front and longer in the back. To make the V shape, and figure out how to cut it you will fold the width of your fabric in half (the center will be your V) and at the halfway point of that will be the hip (side marker) once you have this marked you will CUT the V shape into the skirt.  Then you will sew the raw edge (right sides together)  If your fabric is one that will frey easy you have two choices to finish the raw edge before you sew it to the shirt. 1. Serge it (turning under will add unnecessary bulk as we will cover this with the ribbon in another step) 2. Turn it under, or add freycheck to the edge.

Queen Elsa Dress DIY


Next you are going to cut a piece of clear elastic that is 1/4 inch that is 1 inch shorter than the V shape on the shirt. To decide this place the elastic on the shirt in the shape of the V, and imagine it going around the back… take 1 inch off that measurement and cut.

Then pin the elastic to the RIGHT side of the skirt TOP, Start the elastic in the V, at the point, and take care to mark with either  a special color pin or sewing pen, the point of the V, and the location of the hip, as once the elastic is on, finding these spots will be hard if you have not marked them.  Continue pinning your elastic taking care to get even stretch, all the way around the top of the skirt. (yes you will be doing the elastic on the RIGHT side of the skirt.


Step 4: Attach Skirt to the Shirt

Queen Elsa Dress Tutorial DIY


 Pin pin pin… its important to pin well, so that you make sure the skirt is attached where you want it. Sew with a zigzag stitch to allow stretch.  Once you have the skirt attached to the shirt, hem the skirt to the desired length.


Step 5: Add Ribbon, Lace to cover the Stitching.

Queen Elsa Dress - DIY Tutorial

 I sewed my ribbon onto my lace, BEFORE I placed it on the dress, so I was sewing thru the dress only one more time. I also used a straight stitch, which in hindsight was not a very good idea. To keep the stretchy nature of this project I would recommend a stretch lace, and use a zigzag stitch to put it on, as this looks great, but the straight stitch eliminated the ability to stretch it on, and it made it harder for my 2.5 year old to get it on and off by herself.

Ok so place the ribbon over the sewing location of the skirt (seam at the back center) and pin well, and sew one more time. This photo shows how it should look when you are sewing it in your machine.

Step 6: Deciding how to attach the cape

I was not sure the best route for this, ultimately I settled on velcro, since I wanted the cape to drag to the floor, and my kids are kids, I knew the cape would be removed, pulled off, and possibly stepped on. Velcro was the best choice for me. I laid out my velcro, putting the ‘soft’ side on the shirt, sewing it from the front underarm around the back to the other side.  I did not not photo this step, but I hope its self explanatory. Message me if you have questions or need help.


Step 7: Make Queen Elsa’s Cape

The cape can be as fancy or as simple as you choose to do it. I am guessing you have a bit of sewing knowledge and some idea of your own for this… I will explain what I did, but it is by no means the only way!

I made my cape by measuring my daughter from the neck (where the shirt sits) to the floor, and used that as my length measurement, then I used the entire 60 inch width of fabric. I sewed an edge on that matched the bodice on the shirt, on both sides, then the bottom. For the top I had to gather it in, as my velcro hook piece that I was going to attach was only 18 inches, and I had 60 inches in width of fabric.

Usually I like to use elastic to gather, but this was too much of a gather for the elastic trick to work… so I used 1/8 inch ribbon. Sewing the CapePinned a tail of it at the edge, and ran a zigzag stitch over it, being careful NOT to actually sew the ribbon to the cape… (my ribbon matched the fabric too closely and would not show up in pictures!!) Once the whole length of the top of the cape was zigzag stitched I pulled the ribbon to be  18 inches, and tack stitched it on both ends. Now my cape was only 18 inches wide at the top (the same as my velcro) and the cape moved freely on the zigzag casing we just made. I lined up my cape to what I was happy with for gather, and pinned it to my final edge piece, sewed the edge piece to the top, creating 4 sides that had a casing on the cape. Click here for a VIDEO tutorial of how to do this gathering technique – Video is sometimes easier to follow.


Queen Elsa Ice Dress Back Picture




































Lastly I sewed the hook side of the velcro to the cape top, and it was DONE. I attached the cape to the dress, and it was ready for my little Elsa to try on!

Here is a picture of the back of it, so you can get an idea of how the trim was done, and where  I placed the velcro pieces on the back.


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial – its my first one! I had so much fun making these dresses (yes I made 2! One for each of my girls). I loved the idea of the shirt dress because it is easy, and fun. No zippers, buttons, etc.

IF you are unsure of how to make this… I have found this pattern on Amazon (which was not available at the time I originally created my dresses – CLICK the image to Order (Its about $10 and makes Both Anna and Elsa!) McCall Pattern Company M7000 Misses’/Children’s/Girls’ Costumes, Size KIDS ((3-4)-(5-6)-(7-8)-(10-12)-(14))

Now you are ready to take your Elsa – Ice Princess to Disneyland, or Disney World, and have fun with all the admiring fans who will love your work!

Our family has been to Disneyland 3 times, and Disney World once, we discovered how to save 50-90% off Expedia’s best prices, Click here and see how you can too.

Have you seen the New Let It Go Sing a Long Song? Click Here

Want to Meet Anna and Elsa at Disneyland or Disney World? Click Here to see where to find them at the parks

I am so excited to hear your comments, and would love it if you would share pictures of what you create with this Queen Elsa Ice Dress Tutorial as your starting point!


Amanda Evans

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Here is a great Side by side 🙂

Elsa Ice Dress Tutorial




























Holiday Lights – Showing Gratitude!

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Holiday Lights – Showing Gratitude!

Christmas Light ShowOne of my favorite times of year is Christmas and seeing all the winter holiday lights! Ever since being a young girl looking at holiday lights in our community has been a family pass-time of fun and enjoyment. As a young girl (the oldest of 6) we would pile up into the van – yes we were blessed to have a HUGE blue Dodge van, and no it was NOT a minivan. It was a full size van! We would bundle up and get everyone inside and we were on the hunt for the nicest lights in the lower mainland in BC (British Columbia) where I grew up.

Perhaps one of my favorite years of looking for lights our entire family headed down to Disneyland for Christmas. We decided we would forgo presents of the traditional type and our parents took us to Disneyland. I was in grade 9. We drove for 18 hours from Surrey, BC to Anaheim, CA. We stayed in a Motel 6, we didn’t stay in a fancy hotel and for us we didn’t care! It had a pool and we had a blast! Of course being in California did not distract us from our holiday light looking tradition! We brought cases of chocolates from home to give to those families that inspired us with their beautiful Christmas light show! How we loved to look for lights, each home doing something to make us oooh, and aahhh. We would select one or two people from the family to go to the door, knock, and personally thank the people for making our Christmas just a bit brighter with their Christmas lights. Most times the people at the door were shocked anyone would even stop to thank them for their lights! To us it was something we had done for years! I am sure the recipients of those chocolates probably still remember the experience as I do today! (that was 23 years ago!!)  It was a lot of fun, and obviously memorable… as it has been many, many years since I was a child engaging in this activity.

Christmas Light Show Traditions!

As I have grown older I still love to drive around and enjoy the holiday lights that many tirelessly put up, often in COLD, frigid conditions (I live in Alberta, Canada winters are pretty cold up here). I marvel at the beauty that people can create with their holiday lights! Some homes are simply stunning! I have encouraged our children to enjoy looking at the lights as well. Whenever we are out in the evening I will often “take the long way home” simply so we can enjoy the simple pleasure of homes lit up in our area! Every time we are out at night my 5 year old daughter is always commenting and looking at the lights, saying things like “oh momma look at those beautiful lights! Isn’t is pretty, wow mommy look at all the work they did with their lights” I love to hear her comments, and see the glitter in her eyes while she enjoy something someone has taken their time to create for us to enjoy!

Holiday light thankyou

Show Gratitude for Simple Things!

This year I was once again remembering the delight of those people in California, and how maybe we just made their Christmas a little brighter that year. I wanted to do something to show gratitude to those in our neighborhood who we have enjoyed their Christmas light show, as well as teach our children to be thankful for the simple things that people do to make this world a pretty place.


A Simple Token Gift

Let me show you how you too can make these simple gifts.

There are many reasons you may use a gift like this. I loved them so much that I made some for Jaycee’s Kindergarten teacher and the teacher aid.



  • Clear Hand Soap
  • Printable Clear Labels – I used Avery full size sheets from Staples
  • Ribbon
  • Goo Gone
  • Small hair elastics


The Simple Steps to make an awesome Token gift that is useful!

we wash you a merry ChristmasStep 1

Remove the labels from the soap container.

Step 2

Print Labels on your clear label sheet –  this printable has 9 per sheet. cut out and stick onto the clean soap dispenser.

Step 3

Wrap ribbon around the neck of the bottle and tie securely – you can also use the ribbon to tie your label on (I used an ouchless kids hair elastic)  Here is the printable for the labels.

Step 4

Go out find some awesome Holiday lights in your area and give them away! I guarantee the people will be surprised and the experience will be awesome!


We took our daughters and delivered our token gifts on Saturday night. Our 5 year old daughter had a wonderful time, chatting with the people thanking them for their lights, petting their dogs, and wishing them a Merry Christmas! It was wonderful to see the gratitude in her and awesome to see the surprise and delight in the recipients. One elderly lady who has lived in her home for years and had a wonderful display said in all the years not one person has ever stopped to thank her for her Christmas lights. I thought about this, and I thought how this year she will always remember that someone thought enough of her, to let he know how great her lights were, and how much we enjoy looking at her home! These are some of the homes that were recipients of our token gift.


Holiday LightsHoliday Light

Nice Holiday lights

 Start a Holiday Light Looking Tradition

If you are looking for some warm, fun activities for you and your children to do during the holidays, I highly recommend you brighten someones Christmas with a small token of thanks from you. These token gifts can be anything you like, the soap we made and gave, chocolates, candy canes, candy, home-baked goods, gift cards to Starbucks, or an alternate coffee shop (in small denomination), a mug with some packets of hot apple cider, anything you can come up with to show your appreciation. The holidays are a time to really show gratitude and appreciation, and I love how simple this holiday light looking tradition is, and I cannot wait to hear about your stories of holiday cheer.


Do you have a family tradition for the holidays? I would love to hear about it.


Have a safe and happy holiday!


Amanda Evans

Amanda Evans








It’s Crazy Hair Day!

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It’s Crazy Hair Day!

Crazy Hair Day Ideas

Wow, this is a first for me! My first born is in Kindergarten, and it seems there is always a fun new theme to the day! I don’t remember Kindergarten being nearly this much fun when I was in Kindergarten!!


What is a mom to do when wondering what to do for Crazy hair day?? Well I ran to the computer and checked out Google and Pinterest for ideas. I saw all kinds of creative mom ideas for crazy hair day. Many were for girls with very long hair… my daughters hair has only been slightly trimmed once in her life and its still barely shoulder length! We certainly did not get the gift of fast growing hair!


I scoured the internet for inspiration, and stumbled upon a mom who did some amazing things! I had no idea crazy hair day was quite so popular! So I took a little of her idea, and a little of my own, and came up with our crazy hair day peacock design! My daughter was so excited when she saw her hair! She could not wait to go to school to show all her friends! It was easy and fun to do… so if you like it and you want to use this crazy hair day idea… here is the how to!

Crazy Hair Day ideas


How to Create this Crazy Hair Day Idea!


Step 1 – Ensure your childs hair can be brought to center for ponies.

Step 2 – Start at the forehead, and bring a small section (Including any bangs into the first pony) make sure you center this on the head.

Step 3 – Continue making small parts gathering up both sides and making a pony at the center of the head.

Step 4 – Once all ponies have been made the fun for mom begins! TEASE and SPRAY!

Step 5 – Start at the forehead and spray the first pony, and tease it well! Make sure it is standing straight up… now is not the time to be chincy on hair spray!! Spray LOTS! Leave a little to pull a little hair up into this tease from the next pony, so that each pony gets teased the one under it.

Step 6 – Keep spraying and teasing until you are at the base of the neck, I found it helpful to have my daughter bend over so gravity was helping me do this hairstyle.

Step 7 – Spray, spray, spray! I used tons of hairspray! I did not want this coming out, or flopping over!

Step 8 – Grab your camera take a picture and get in of Facebook quick! All your friends will want to see your great creation!!


Most of all have fun with Crazy hair day! This was such a fun day for me, I was able to let me daughter enjoy the wacky, crazy day, and it was ok her hair was all a mess, but in a super cool way!!

More pics!

How to make crazy hairPeacock Crazy Hair




Crazy Hair Day Ideas for Girls


I had such fun I was “that” mom brought my camera to school and took a picture of the teacher seeing her hair! Love her expression!!

If you are looking for fun ideas for Crazy hair day, I hope you found some simple inspiration here 🙂


To your Success,


Amanda Evans

Amanda Evans










Today We Had a Tumble!

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Today We had a Tumble!

Today we had a tumble

As a mom there are good days and bad days! Today was definitely one of them… at times it was great, and at times it was tough! I wanted to share a story… today my baby Emzee (who is 16 months old) and quite adept at going up and down the stairs, has been for months, was on her way down the stairs trying to bring with her, her favorite bouncy ball… well as a parent I am sure you can see where this is going… She is adept at stairs alone, not as great with toys in tow.  The ball tumbled down and Emzee came tumbling after…. she did not cry, she was not hurt, well maybe her baby pride was damaged a little, but she was ok. She just mumbled mom, mom, mom. I went and picked her up and she gave me a great big hug!  In an instant she felt better, and magically so did I! I noticed as I was hugging her better that my anxiety I felt as I heard her go tumbling down the stairs, subsided during our little hug. It was almost as if you could feel the stress drain from both of us and you knew all was ok!

I hope you have moments like this with your children, when you can find the magical instance when everything is ok, and you know that no matter what happens it will be ok!


To Your Success,

Amanda Evans

Amanda Evans








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