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How Do you Choose a Lifepath?

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How Do You Choose A Lifepath?

How do you choose a lifepath

How Do You Choose a Lifepath? It’s a question every single person has probably asked themselves while young, and some of us continually as ourselves this question, even into our 50’s and 60’s.


If you are a new reader here you may not know, my husband and I were foster parents for 6 years, and over that time we had many fantastic youth come into our home, that we were able to mentor, and we learned a great deal from them…


It Starts When We are Young?

The thought for this post, came from a culmination of being a foster parent of teenage children, and having my own very determined children to help them reach and grow into the adults they will one day become.

I enjoyed many conversations with our foster children over the years, and both my husband and I have fond memories of chatting in the car… in fact one of my favorite places to have a family discussion is in the car… why? Well most time everyone remains calmer, and we get much more accomplished.

During our time with our foster kids we had time to discuss with them their dreams, and plans… focus on their talents, and direct them toward using those talents to succeed in life.

Sometimes the message probably went in one ear and out the other… as the saying goes…

However, as these kids have gotten older, have left our home, and are now adults, and creating their life, I see glimpses into conversations we have had, and special moments we shared…

I see their lives are shaped even if some small bit, by the influence we had and the dreams we nurtured together.


As a nearly 40 something adult I too still sometimes find myself wondering, how do you choose a lifepath…


Today I watched a video that was insanely powerful! It embodies everything I want my own children to know, and everything I want myself to know! Chase what you love!!

I am not going to say anything more about this video, because I cannot do it justice… you have to see this! 🙂 Click Play

I LOVE this speech because its about empowerment, its about courage, and its about enjoying life!

I love that Jim Carrey speaks of his father’s life and how his ‘safe choice’ ultimately caused stress in the family.

I love that he does NOT say – Do what you love because its SAFE… he is basically saying Do what you love because nothing is safe!


Life is about taking chances, and decisions that make you happy!


So Here is my answer to this Question – How do you Choose Your Lifepath?


First you figure out what you love… don’t live your life wondering what if… live your life knowing that you made

those choices, because you LOVE it… for when you LOVE it you will not experience nearly as much sadness!


Create thinkers!

Keep following your dreams, and encourage your children to follow their passion.

I believe one of the greatest skills a parent can share with their children is the ability to be a thinker! Encourage their love of whatever their passion is… even if those passions change 100 times between 2 and 20!

I believe a parents job is to cheer for their children, and encourage their wildest dreams. (even if you think its absolutely crazy!)


Experience Joy when you Encourage Their Dreams!

Living their dreamMy oldest daughter would absolutely be in heaven if TODAY she could be an Orca Whale Trainer? WHY?

I have no idea!! We do not live near an ocean, nor do we even have a fish.

My daughter has been to Sea World many, many times, and she loves and adores those Orca Whales.

We encourage her to keep her dream alive… for today she wants to do that more than anything in the world.

At some point her dreams may change, but right now we are having fun encouraging her to learn more about Orca whales, and how she can actually become an Orca trainer.

The picture here is a recent trip to SeaWorld, where Jaycee  (our daughter) got to spend about 30 minutes absorbing information from an Orca Trainer, who taught her all about Orca Whale behaviors, and bonding with mother and baby Orca’s and more.

She absolutely loved every moment of it. She was so sad when we had to leave, and she can’t wait to go back to see the Orca’s.


I would love to hear your thoughts on this post 🙂 I had so much fun sharing some of my family with you! 🙂


Amanda Evans

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Can I Take A Walk In Your Shoes?

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Can I Take a Walk in Your Shoes?


someone elses shoesEver heard it – Take a Walk in Someone Else’s Shoes? Well Can I take a walk in your Shoes, is a reflection of my experience recently at an Entrepreneur Adventure Camp Weekend.

Its human nature to see others lives better than we see our own.

Recently I attended a powerful weekend with many Entrepreneurs that I admire, respect, and look up to!

These were my peers, but I had a surprise revelation that I want to share with you!

While I was on this Adventurepreneur Retreat I had the chance to chat with all of these people, and get to know many of them better.


Can I take a Walk in Your Shoes Listening Experiment….

As I sat and listened to each persons story I was impressed to hear so many of their lives, as I sat there and thought…

Glad that’s not me…

Sure Glad I never had to deal with that.

I don’t think I could handle that… thank goodness I have never had that struggle.


And sometimes the longer we chatted… I found myself thinking Gee they sure have it all… I wish I had that,

I wish my life was like that!


I wish I could take a walk in your shoes!!!


The Hike!


On the second day of our Camp we did a group 1.5KM hike. It was challenging but not impossible.

It was great to chat with my peers and get to know them better. It was an experience, watching some struggle

more than others.


I witnessed great people uplifing others! I watched as the seemingly impossible happened… and I watched first hand

the power of people, when people come together for good.


We Celebrated our WIN

We enjoyed a minute of wisdom from our inspirational leader Mark Hoverson… who shared his High School and College Basketball

stories of success… then he asked for some inspirational challenges that other group members had overcome.


I know my own story is not all that interesting to me anymore… why? well because it seems like old news to me…so I sat in silence.

An awesome guy shared his story of how his young son (who is 9 years old) had an issue with his leg, and have to have a portion of

his leg removed, and how his family overcame that challenge… and I thought WOW glad that was not me!!


The woman and meA Woman started Speaking

The woman shared how she had a child at age 10 with Wilms Tumor and was told would not survive her cancer Diagnosis…

The crowd listened on, to how this child (the oldest of 6) not only beat her cancer diagnosis, but is alive, healthy, and in fact

standing in the crowd with all of you!

The crowd grew quiet having no understanding of what this woman was talking about!

But I knew… How did I know?

I had the incredible experience of climbing this mountain with my MOM!

The girls she spoke of was me!

You see very few people on that mountain even knew that this woman was my mom, I spoke up and told them it was me… and

I was shocked at how many people were moved by MY LIFE!!  I could not believe it!!

You see my life happened to me! It was a long time ago, (27 years almost to the day at the time of writing) and I am a healthy person.


Another Lady of 50 years of Age

Shared her story of overcoming age as a number, and that she made a goal to run a marathon! At age 50 she had completed 2 marathons,

and that was a life challenge for her, and she was proud she accomplished it!


Then something happened…

I was not quite ready for it, and in fact the more I have reflected on it in the weeks since it happened it has oddly impacted me more?

We had a member of our group a wonderful 75 Year old lady who decided she was too old and presumably out of shape to conquer

the hike, but she would go for as long as she felt she was able, and then turn around.


Many of us were celebrating at the top of the mountain, reveling in our ‘WIN’. When one of our friends came barging up the hill….

Carolyn is coming! Carolyn is coming! (this is the 75 Year old Lady).


We had climbed over boulders, loose rocks, and steep inclines to get to the top of this mountain… it took those of us in better shape just

under an hour to get to the top… Carolyn took longer! But the point is she made it!!


So Can I Take A walk in Your Shoes?


Surprisingly I prefer my own!

But I would love to hear your story of Challenge and how you overcame obstacles to WIN!!!


Amanda Evans






The Secret to Buy Back Freedom and Create Wealth

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The Secret to Buy Back Freedom and Create Wealth

freedom and create wealthThe Secret to Buy Back Freedom and create wealth is probably not what you think!

The information in this post is NOT for someone who only desires to make $50,000 – $100,000/year… not because its not great information but because $50,000 to 100,000/year is not an empowering level of income.

Today I am speaking to you if you are someone who wants to Ethically, Legally, Honestly, and Morally create true wealth, and do it with Integrity!

You are someone who sees yourself making Millions through personal growth, and development of yourself and your buyers.

The Secret to buy back freedom is simple! It’s often overlooked and it does look an awful lot like work, however, it is very rewarding and when done properly it will create yourself wealth beyond imagination!


I am attending LDN Online University, and today I took Code #1 – Supremacy of Speed.  {You can find the course here}

The Secret to Manifesting the Life You Deserve

You deserve to have it all, as a human on this planet you deserve that! The good news is everything you want, desire and deserve can be yours when you implement these simple secrets in your life.

To manifest a change in your life you need to make speedy changes! You cannot drag them out ho-hum for years on end and expect a miraculous change!

To empower the supremacy of speed simply means taking action NOW! The ancient principle of why wait until tomorrow the things you can get done today?

Who is waiting on You?

At this very moment someone is waiting on you…. who is that? Subconsciously these people, things, projects, or chores weigh on you, and deplete your ability to manifest the life you deserve and help you create wealth!

Write a list of all the unfinished tasks, promises, chores, odd jobs, etc that you have that someone is waiting on you for…

Some examples could be your kids needing new boots for winter, your car needing to be vacuumed, the taxes need to be filed, the paperwork you have left for weeks, the clients you need to talk to, the scrapbook you wanted to finish, etc, etc, etc, the list will probably be lengthy… (which is ok)

The object write now is to get it out of your brain and onto a list!  Making this list opens space in your brain for creativity to flow! After you have made this list you need to do what you have on it that is undone as FAST as possible! Do not procrastinate!

Your wealth depends on you clearing your unfinished tasks!


Who are YOU waiting on?

Chances are there is someone you are waiting on. Perhaps you ordered something and you are waiting on delivery. Maybe you are waiting on a friend to return something they borrowed. Or maybe you are waiting on your spouse to fix something.

Whoever you are waiting on needs to go on a new list…

And again… Contact these people and employ the because, because, because strategy (you will need to get this course to see what that is)  and ensure you get these tasks done.


Most People STOP at the Integration Phase!

Most people STOP here, they read the post, look at the work and decide that the secret to buy back freedom and create wealth is too hard, too much work, and too time consuming!

I believe if you apply the steps I have outlined here you will be more productive, and have a much more fulfilling life!

So the secret to buy back freedom and create wealth starts with Code #1 – Supremacy of Speed…. Get it here!

I highly recommend that you get this course – It will change your life!!

The Solomon 10 Million Plus course is completely changing the way I think about wealth, and how its created! It is available exclusively thru  The Lifestyle Design Network – Click Here

Here is a short video I put together for you –


I would love to hear your thoughts on the course.



Amanda Evans









How to Become A Successful Entrepreneur?

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How to Become A Successful Entrepreneur?

Mark HoversonHow to Become a Successful Entrepreneur is really much simpler than most will admit!

The secret lies in a few key tools, and systems that when implemented success is sure to follow!

First a successful Entrepreneur invests in themselves!

How do they do that? Simple. You find the tools, education, and people that are the best for the RESULT you are looking to achieve!

What do I mean by that? Well if you wanted to be a master chef, you would source out the best education you could find, and would proudly display your education credentials when you apply for a position.

Not much is different in the Entrepreneurial world! You want to find those who have honed their craft, and may not yet be masters, but are definitely emulating leadership that inspires you to be better tomorrow than you are today!

I choose to affiliate myself with great mentors, the first is Mark Hoverson.

Today I had the opportunity to listen to Mark Hoverson’s NEWEST training in his Solomon 10 Million Course – Available here.

Mark shared valuable insight that I want to share with you!

Today he taught on the principle of Minimum – Maximum.   While working to become a successful Entrepreneur this information is invaluable in finding your success!

Mark taught that you must always be thinking of the minimum – maximum philosophy


EntrepreneurshipWhat is the Minimum – Maximum Philosophy?

Simply put the Minimum Maximum philosophy is that you do the minimum work to get the maximum result. Whatever your product, or business is.

Mark sites some fantastic real world examples, one was simple but profound. He touched on Valentine’s Day and he had 2 dozen roses, rather than take 1 Dozen roses to his wife, and 1 dozen to his grandmother, he split those 2 dozen roses up and gave several roses to several women (who impacted his life for greatness) he mentions his wife, his mother, his grandmother, and a few widows who were his grandmothers friends, and impacted him as a young man.

While delivering one of the few roses to a widow he explained that even though her husband (who had passed on) was not here to give her these roses personally, he (meaning Mark) knew that her husband would want her to have them.

Such a simple gesture, but yet is was powerful!

I created a little video with my thoughts have a peek – would love to hear your comments.

How to become a successful Entrepreneur while implementing this idea?

When you implement the Minimum – Maximum in your business you need to find ways to become more productive, figure out those activities that will produce the most income for you with the least effort and spend your time there! Don’t waste your precious time focusing on activities that produce little value (in terms of financial gain) and no time on the income producing activities!

To get immediate access to this training – Join our Entrepreneur Community here.


Creating SuccessIf Its Not FUN – You Need to Let it Go!!

A successful Entrepreneur is almost always having FUN! Your business should invigorate you, excite you a motivate you daily!  If its not fun and bringing you pleasure its almost certainly bringing you pain, discomfort, and dragging you down!

Some times in business the successful Entrepreneur knows when its time to let it go… maybe you just have not taken a Daily Business crap! Mark had me laughing out loud as I was listening to his explanation of your Beautiful Business Body!

Think of your business this way – The money you earn is Nutrition for your business, and your business operates similar to that of a body… so the new money, and residual income streams coming in are the lifeblood of your business!

The muscles are build from your culture, education and wisdom.

Every human body needs to crap, and so does your business!

Every Successful Entrepreneur needs to make sure their business is taking a DAILY Crap!

I just about died, when Mark said this!! But as he went on to explain the nature of what he meant it made total sense! You have crap in your business, that you need to eliminate!

If you fail to expel the crap it will become a drain on you, your business, and ultimately your success!  Your Business will become toxic, and in time will fail to function at all!

Be sure to join our community now – and  get access to Mark’s Solomon 10 Million University Course and you will find all these fabulous tips and exactly How to become a successful Entrepreneur from a 7 Figure a Year earner (that is 10,000,000+ so yes Mark knows his stuff!)


Think of your Top 3 Value Offers you can give your clients BEFORE they are clients?

This will be different for every person reading this, as I am sure you have a different primary business from me. (which is great by the way) So right now, I want you to think about the top 3 value offers you can give your clients before they are your clients, or customers!

This is my 3 Value Offers:

1. _Videos__ – I create videos that provide my subscribers with tips and ideas on how they can become better business people, and create value in their marketplace – Subscribe to my channel here.

2. _Ads__ – I used ads to market products, and services that I feel are beneficial to my audience.

3. _Blog Posts__ – like the one you are reading right now. Sharing some information of value for the reader (you of course)


Implementation is how to become a Successful Entrepreneur!

If you found something of value in this post today I would love your feedback below, even more than your feedback I encourage you to take ACTION!!

Don’t delay do something different today than you did yesterday!

Here are my 3 favorite tips to get results in your business right away – (this will require effort on your part)

  1. Decide what you can do in your business that will give you a DAILY Minimum – Maximum result
  2. Make sure your business is FUN – and you truly love it  (if not find a business, product, or service you do love)
  3. Figure out your TOP 3 Value tools for your business, and implement daily!


Cheers to your success!


Amanda Evans

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P.S – Here is the link to our Awesome community – Once inside you will have access to Mark Hoverson’s Exclusive training University! (this is for ANY Entrepreneur it is not business specific)  – Click Here



How to Develop a Leader in Your Bossy Little Girl?

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How to Develop a Leader in Your Bossy Little Girl?

Is there a leader in your bossy daughter?Can you develop a leader in your bossy little girl?

Bossy Little Girls turn into great leaders! Naturally!


Little girls who are bossy are just simply redirecting a skill they don’t yet know how to deal with!

A bossy girl, its a displaying leadership qualities, and needs to know that this is a valuable skill that adults spend a lot of money developing if they don’t have it naturally!

Rather than telling your daughter she is bossy… perhaps you want to harness that leadership quality in her.

This does not mean that she gets to be ‘The Boss’ simply because she is portraying leadership qualities, it does mean that as a parent we can redirect that quality for good.

This means that your bossy child may be great at teaching a sibling, older or younger, how to do something.

How Do I Teach My Bossy Child To Be a Teacher?

Teaching your child to be a teacher, is harnessing their bossy nature, and allowing them to thrive at the skill of leadership. Let me give you an example. My oldest daughter is bossy to her sister, perhaps in part due to age, but also personality. I have watched her and discovered that she is happiest when she is teaching or showing her sister how to do something.

To harness the leader in her, I will often ask her to complete an age appropriate task, that she shows her sister how to do.

A recent example I can think of is showing her little sister how to put on her coat while holding her sleeves so they don’t get bunched up in the coat.

Allowing Your Child to Teach, Frees Your Time, and Makes them Feel Important!

My youngest daughter was so proud that her older sister taught her how to put on her coat without getting her sleeves bunchy, and my oldest was proud of her ability to teach her sister a simple but important skill.

If we empower our children to be leaders (even by just small tasks) while they are children. We will empower them to stand up and be leaders in their schools, and society.

Allowing them to develop their talent in leadership also encourages them to be confident. Confidence is important as it is an invisible shield that protects our children from the bullies of the world.

It may not be the only answer in regards to bullying, but it definitely helps if our kids are confident, they will be less likely to be sad, bothered, or annoyed by a bullies first attempts at bullying.

Is it Important to Develop a Leader in Your Bossy Child?

I think developing the leader, is better than nagging at the bossy child inside! As you think about how we talk to our children, we will see that there are other ways to harness their energy for good, while still feeling like a great parent!


I am sure I wrote this blog post to help myself more than you, as I am not always the mom I wish I was… however, I also hope you found some value in these words, and you too will start to develop your little leader!

Amanda Evans

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Remember When You Were A Kid…. And Anything Was Possible?

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Remember When You Were a Kid…. remember when you were a kidand Anything Was Possible?

Remember when you were a kid…. and you thought you could do anything?

Well you still can!

A New Year is a great time to remind us of all the great things we CAN do!

I found an incredible Video that I want to share with you. You can subscribe to my YouTube Channel for more videos like this as well.


I love that this video reminds me that anything I want out of life is possible! The Entrepreneurs of this world are creating different lives for our families, allowing us to live our dreams!


One of my favorite mentors (who is actually speaking on this video) wrote a powerful Facebook post today that I want to share with you.

This is how easy it is to make A LOT money doing what you love… and this is what separates the “average income achievers vs extraordinary income achievers.”

Don’t read this unless you want to “flip on your income switch” and achieve everything you want in life 10-15x faster.

Lets dive in…

Everybody wants to make money doing what they love, but not many are willing to work for it.

Most people think at one point in their life, “I have a good money making idea!”

Then they go find out how to make it happen… and realize there is a TON of “stuff” they have to do to get it done.

Now here is what separates the average income and lifestyle from the person who gets the extraordinary lifestyle and income.

99% of the time…

Once this person realizes there is a ton of money and time about to be involved in their project… they quit…


Because they only think of themselves as “average.”

They compare themselves to what “average” people on the planet have and do…

…and therefore quit on their dream because this is “way too hard” for any average person to pull it off.

So their amazing gift they could have brought to the world is now gone.

This even happens within a “done for you” network marketing business…

Where the company has everything setup for you, and all you have to do is plugin!

Many fall victim to the “ease and speed” of falling in love with a “leaders” success… THEY WANT IT BAD… but they don’t realize that “leader” they respect, worked their tail off to accomplish the lifestyle they have.

So the new affiliate joins with hopes, goals and dreams, but then again realizes, this is not going to be some “push button” easy to acquire lifestyle, without a little bit of work.

They think of themselves as average again…

So they quit, and 99% of the world quits again…

…While only 1% of the world stays focused and gets to experience an extraordinary and amazing income, with the ridiculously fun lifestyle that comes along with it.

Moral of the story is…

The “average” world is spawning weak and lazy people, who are destined to fail, because of their surroundings.

That’s why only the TRUE dreamers are becoming a success story these days.

That’s why you almost have to be WEIRD to become a success.


You have to deal with the ridicule and mocking of your family and friends before you become the next big thing.


BECAUSE THE AVERAGE WORLD is spawning weak and lazy people!

The great part about this is…

All you have to do is actually “give a damn” about your future, get over the fact it’s going to take a little work and money to get it done, and then DO IT.


Stop falling victim to what this world thinks is “hard work.”

40hr work weeks… ????

Are you kidding me…

If you want to stay broke for the rest of your life then go ahead and work only 40hrs a week.

They have done an average study and it goes something like this…

40hrs/week = broke
50hrs/week = kinda broke
60hrs/week = you are getting there
70hrs/week = 6-figure earner
80hrs/week = 7-figure earner
80-120hrs/week = 8-figure earner/future billionaire

Now lets get something straight here…

*The beauty of the Internet about these hours, is that I work an equivalent of 10,000-15,000 hrs a week due to the automation of my online marketing.

Heck… I bet if you really did the math, I am working about 100,000 hrs a week. (not even kidding) I will break the math down one day, and I bet it might even be over 100,000hrs/week.

With the Internet…

It’s like I am working the equivalent of thousands of people’s lives from the comfort of my own home.

The best part is…

I can take off weeks, and even a months if I wanted to, and it would still be working for me 24/7 – 7 days a week – 365 days a year.

It’s honestly not even fair.

You would be surprised how “very little” it takes to become successful these days.

To get into the 1% of people who find success is simply a matter of doing a little more than the average person next to you.

Wild thing is…

99% of the world won’t even DO THAT…

The beautiful thing is…

You just have to make a decision to “do a little extra” and you could have everything you have ever wanted out of your life.

Unfortunately another reason many people don’t even “try” is because their close friend or family member tried and failed.

…and because they failed…

Means you will fail right?


They were just too lazy, or too weak, to achieve the life they were after.

Do a little more than an average person would be willing to do, and you will have everything you have ever wanted out of your life.

Do a lot more…

Mix your effort with the Internet…

…and you will live a life only kings and queens get to enjoy 10-15x faster.

Simple as that…

Go rock out your dream life!   ~ Vincent Ortega Jr.


Powerful!! I know I am ready to take action are you? Looking for some support Come to our Free Facebook Community – Click Here, it does not matter what business you are in… we are in the business of helping you reach your goals!  Click Here to get Free Access




Amanda Evans






Dr. Seuss – Can These Quotes Change Your Life?

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Dr. Seuss – 30 Quotes to Change Your Life

Dr Suess QuoteAs a child growing up, I never really imagined Dr.Seuss would change my life, or for that matter have any impact on my life much past my early years. I recently happened upon this picture, and I loved it! Dr. Seuss has an amazing way with words, and I love to read these books with my kids!

As an adult I love to find inspiration in quotes and words from others.

In fact as you may know my husband and I were foster parents to teenagers who needed a home, and we had a quote at our front entrance to our home for years that was from Dr. Seuss! Quote # 11.

My foster girls would read that and I would be willing to bet that all the kids that were in our home know that quote off the top of their heads, and hopefully sometime in their life they will remember that quote and know that they can choose any path they desire for their lives!

Dr. Seuss causes us to think about things in a different manner than we otherwise might have and I love that about these quotes!

If you are like me, you may want to print these out, or even hand write them on sticky notes.

If you have young children (school age) these would be 30 days of lunchbox messages that you can use to inspire your children to be more!

I believe today there is too much emphasis on allowing children to strive for meritocracy and average.  I think as parents it is our duty and obligation to encourage our children to be MORE! Dream big, and never stop believing in their dreams!

If we do not encourage our children to strive for more, we create a society of average and mediocre people!

I see it far too often in the school system, and in the foster system… so many times I was told…

– If the children are not in trouble with the law we are happy

– If the children are not doing drugs, and only smoking pot we are happy.

– Buy them condoms, and get them birth control when they are 12 and we are happy.

– If they are at least passing their classes we are happy.

– If they are attending more classes than they are skipping we are happy…

My question is happy about what??? Encouraging children to be average is like accepting that they should choose to BE Average!

We always expected more from our kids, and we expect more from ourselves!

Teach your children to be MORE, and know that life is what YOU make of it! No-one will give you a hand out or a hand up to a better life, someone may give you a hand out to exist, but certainly not to soar!

There is a big difference between existing and living!

Challenge yourself and your children to LIVE your DREAMS!!


See you at the top! Where there is room for everyone!!


Amanda Evans




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Success In Home Based Business For Women!

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Success In Home Based Business For Women!

Home based business for womenToday many families find it vital that both parties in a relationship are working to contribute to the family finances. More than ever women are turning to a Home Based Business for women, that they can work around their other family obligations.

To Experience Success in any home based business, it is vital that you look at each of the following questions and do some serious soul searching to make sure you have your ‘head right’. If your head is full of mumbo jumbo, with no clear direction, you will circle for years and never land.

Defining Success in Home Based Business for Women

Many times to reach our goals as women in home based business the natural idea is to compare ourselves to others. This is  surefire way to feel inferior, under qualified and potentially persuade us to quit on our dreams!

As a home based business mom, I realize and understand your day to day challenges. There will be days when you wonder why you bother, there will be days when your kids are screaming and running, and you cannot get anything you had planned to do done! There will be days when everything is nearly magical, and you are so excited about the future you want to retire your husband RIGHT NOW! There will also be days when you wonder why on earth you would ever want to retire your husband and you eagerly send him back to work.

Home Based Business is a Roller Coaster Ride!

As a woman in general in one single day our emotions can be all over the place. Add to it the stress or work of a home based business, and it can seem pretty overwhelming. I am going to share with you some of the best way to define your life so that you can position yourself for ultimate success in your home based business!

Define each of the following points and write them down, and post them where you can see them daily! They will help you stay motivated when you  lack the internal drive to pick up the phone, or make a connection with someone.

Define – Who You Are – What makes you tick? What makes you, YOU? What makes you special and unique in the marketplace?

Define –  What You Are After – Are you wanting to retire your husband? Do you want to travel the world? Is there a special school you want to send your children to?

Define – Why are you going for it? What is the big payoff? What is the reason you MUST do this? You need something so huge that you would never quit on yourself!

Define – Why its important? If you did not reach your goals in your home based business, what would happen? If nothing happens then your why is NOT big enough! Something that you do NOT want to happen must be imminent if you do not push forward to reach your goals. You see your reason to succeed must be HUGE to push you through those bad days, because if you have not had any yet, (consider yourself blessed)  and know that their will come a day when you are frustrated, exhausted, or feeling like a failure, and you need this why to push you through.

and lastly

Define –  What’s going to happen when you reach your goals!

Every single one of us is programmed for success, you just need to keep reaching for the goals you have set for yourself!

If you are looking for motivation to keep going, I would love to connect with you on my Facebook page – Click here.


Amanda Evans







Achieving Personal Development Goals with Discipline

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Achieving Personal Development Goals – With Discipline!


personal development goalsThis year I have made it my goal and my mission to help as many people as I can achieve their personal development goals!

One of the best ways to reach your personal development goals is with Discipline.

I love to listen to motivational speakers, who remind me to stay on track, and stay the course.

Today I heard a quote which prompted me to share this with you, and I even created a quick video to outline my thoughts.

The quote is by Bob Proctor – One of the members of The Secret. (Video and book), which you can get here.

Bob said, “Discipline is the ability to give ourselves a command, and follow it”.

Here is the video I made for you!



Your Personal Development Goals will give you the Direction!

Discipline will be what carries you through to reach the goal!

The best way to make a goal is to first – write it down. I have heard it said before that, an unwritten goal is just a wish! So grab a notebook, and write down your goals. Notice I recommended a notebook, the reason for this is important, so let me explain why a notebook, and not a loose piece of paper.

The answer is simple… paper gets lost, drawn on by the kids, thrown out, spilled on, and just plain not cared about. A notebook is much more special, it can take a bit of abuse, by throwing it around, however, the contents or papers inside will stay in tact! So its a great way to write down all your goals, and thoughts to help you achieve your dreams, and it keeps is all in one easy place!

Second – Review your goals daily – keep them top of mind, because where we focus we go!! If you are constantly thinking about failure, defeat, or other negative thoughts you will NEVER reach your goals! Put positive thoughts in your mind, envision yourself reaching your goals, and create the discipline to follow them through!

Third – Tell others about your goals – this should be someone you trust, who loves you and would support you! I would not recommend that you pick a negative type of person. Find someone who is positive upbeat, and wants all good things for you! If you cannot think of a single person you know who could be this support for you, I would love to take on that role to help you achieve your personal development goals!

Come join me on my Facebook Fan Page, and lets get to know each other! I love to help others achieve their dreams, and provide the motivation, and encouragement to see you through to the finish! See you on the Fanpage here.

See you on the inside!


Amanda Evans

6 Questions to Maintain a Positive Attitude Daily

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6 Questions to Maintain a Positive Attitude Daily

positive attitude

Everyone had good days and bad days. The goal should be to have more good days than bad days! To Maintain a positive attitude can be difficult, but I believe these 6 questions will have you maintaining your positive attitude daily.

Question # 1 – What am I most HAPPY about in my life right now?

Why does this make you happy? How does this make you feel? Only you can answer these questions so complete this exercise in a journal, or something so you can reflect, and help put your thought into perspective.

Question # 2 – What am I most EXCITED about in my life right now?

Why does this make you excited? How does this make you feel? Remember you want to maintain the positive attitude so keep it happy, and excited.

Question # 3 – What am I most PROUD of in my life right now?

Why am I proud of this? How does this may you feel? I encourage you to write down your thoughts. Get real with yourself for only 15 minutes and you will see big changes in your life and your business when you have your mindset in the right place.

Question # 4 – What am I most GRATEFUL for in my life right now?

Why are you grateful for this? How does this make you feel? Gratitude is one of the most important pieces to being happy, yet it is also one of the things we seem to lack the most. Consider how you can be grateful to those around, and strive to find one new thing each day to be grateful for.

Question # 5 – What am I ENJOYING most about my life right now?

Why am I enjoying this? How does this make you feel? Everyone needs to find the joy in their life. When you think about the things that bring joy into your world, you can go about your day with a new sense of meaning and pride.

Question # 6 – What am I most COMMITTED to in my life right now?

Why are you committed to this? How does this make you feel? Commitment is vital to success. Most often to attain the success you are looking for the goal is not to commit to your company, but it is to commit to yourself! Commit to yourself that you will give it all you have! Never break a commitment to yourself!

When you implement these 6 questions daily into your routine, I believe you will find it easier to keep a positive attitude throughout the day, even when the day does not go as planned, or you don’t experience the results you hoped to achieve.


Until next time keep your head up and on task.


Amanda Evans