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Using Hashtags on Facebook – Learn How!

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Using Hashtags on Facebook – Learn How!!

using hashtags on facebook learn howI have been touting using Hashtags on Facebook for months, since February to be exact. I made a video about it, that you may of watched, and as of June 19, 2013 Facebook has decided to support hashtags completely!

This means for marketers using hashtags on Facebook just became VITAL! If you know how to do it right this can completely change the game for you!

If you do it wrong you will look like a goof… so watch this video learn how to do it right, and have fun along the way!

I am super excited about using hashtags on Facebook! I hope this video inspired you to find your 10 hashtags you want to represent you and your brand.

Use those 10 hashtags weekly in your Facebook posts on your fan page, and you will see more engagement, new fans, and new conversations in the next few weeks from implementing this simple yet effective technique!

Remember the biggest tip is to keep the hashtags you use relevant to you and your page, and keep them tasteful.

As I play with the using hashtags on Facebook over the next few weeks, I will create another video with some ideas to use these new clickable hashtags to your advantage to find new customers, and leads for your business.

To keep congruency in your marketing, use the same 10 hashtags on your Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram feeds as well, and over time I am certain your engagement will skyrocket!

Have fun with this new technique and let me know how you like using this idea.

If you found value in this post please share with others, and Google +1 it at the top!

As always wishing you much success in your marketing efforts!


Amanda Evans

Amanda evans






Can You Post Links in YouTube Comments? YES, let me show you How.

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Can You Post Links In YouTube Comments?

post links in youtube commentsYes you can post links in YouTube comments, however, its not just simply a matter of typing it in with rest of your comment!


Wouldn’t it be awesome to go to a high ranking YouTube Video and be able to leave your link to your company, your Facebook fan page, or something like that IN the YouTube comments.


If you have tried to do this in the past, you probably received an error message. Something that looked like this: Links in youtube comments





So you accepted the fact that you cannot post links in YouTube Videos afterall…. well I have an insanely VALUABLE treat for you!


You CAN post links in YouTube comments IF you know how to do it properly…

and today I am revealing to you the SECRET how to do this absolutely for free!

Check out the video here and please subscribe to my channel for future valuable videos.

Isn’t that awesome!! Here is a link to the full-width code site, so you can start making postable links on any YouTube comment you want. Hope you found this a valuable tip for you!



Amanda evans







Branding Yourself – In 5 Easy Steps

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Branding Yourself – In 5 Easy Steps!

Branding yourselfBranding yourself… yes YOU are a brand, and whether you have capitalized on You Inc yet or not, there is information about you floating around on the internet speaking on your behalf.

So today I am going to show you how to start branding yourself, and give you practical ways you can start taking control of your brand, and deciding what content people find when they search for you (aka your brand) on the internet!

Its true everything you put out on the internet is a beacon speaking loudly about who you are and what you represent. Your brand is being created, so why not take control and be the face of your own brand!

In today’s world more companies are looking for potential employees online, and finding out all kinds of things about a person, before they even decide if your resume is worth considering. Back in the good old days, you could be one person in your personal life and a complete polar opposite at work. Well nowadays the crossover from work and personal life is more apparent than ever!

If you are a self employed individual, branding yourself is critical to your success! Much like the internet has forced companies who want to maintain competitive to have a website, it has also in recent years made it, that as a leader, or person who wants to be successful you need to create your brand!

This may sound like a daunting task, but in reality its fun, easier than you may think, and is really rewarding. Branding yourself allows you to show off your creativity as well as provide value to those that you deal with, or who will find your brand online.

Branding yourself will show your team you are a leader, as well as any mentors of yours, as they will be watching you as well to see if you are up to the challenge of becoming your own brand.

I made a quick video with 5 action steps you can take TODAY to get started branding yourself. Have a look….


Get started branding yourself today. Remember Rome was not built in a day, and neither will your brand be built in a day, but get started, and keep building. Its an ongoing process, but it is satisfying and rewarding.

Would love to hear from you if you found this video helpful please share with someone you know that may also find it helpful.

Make today count!


Amanda Evans

Amanda evans







Leading By Example – Even if Today you are a team of 1!

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Leading By Example – Even if Today you are a Team of 1!

Leading by exampleI recently was pondering if I was leading by example? I have been immersed in training for over a year, and I have spent $10,000+ in educating myself!

I have been learning from anyone that I have found interesting, and offering value in the marketplace I am looking for direction in.

I was speaking with someone in the home business niche, and in dawned on me… I knew WAY more than they did about Online Marketing. I knew more about pretty much anything to do with online… you see I have often wondered if I had learned enough to really offer anything of value to anyone, including you!

I have decided that YES I know a lot, and I have a lot of value to share with you! I have started creating more videos, and as I have done this, I have become more and more comfortable making videos! As you DO something, or implement what you have learned you definitely become much more comfortable doing it!

Leading by Example means you start doing all the right things even if right now you are only leading yourself! Even without your knowledge people will see you as a leader, and want to emulate what you are doing! They will start to want to be just like you!

This thought reminded me of a story I heard many years ago –


Be Yourself

Ever since I was a little kid, I didn’t want to be me. I wanted to be like Billy Widdledon, and Bill Widdledon didn’t even like me. I walked like he walked; I talked like he talked; and I signed up for the high school he signed up for.

Then Billy Widdledon began to hang around Herby Vandeman; he walked like Herby Vandeman; he talked like Herby Vandeman. He mixed me up! I began to walk and talk like Billy Widdledon walking and talking like Herby Vandeman. And then it dawned on me that Herby Vandeman walked and talked like Joey Haverlin. And Joey Haverlin walked and talked like Corky Sabinson.

So here I am walking and talking like Billy Widdledon’s imitation of Herby Vandeman’s version of Joey Haverlin trying to walk and talk like Corky Sabinson. And who do you think Corky Sabinson is always walking and talking like? Of all people, Dopey Wellington – that little pest who walks and talks like me!

author unknown


So Just How does one lead by example?

I believe to lead by example you need to show you are a leader by continually investing in you!! You are the catalyst… do you need to know it all? Certainly not, anyone who tells you they know it ALL is crazy! There is always room for self improvement and learning! No matter how much I know I always strive to learn more!

I believe continuing to improve on yourself is vital to keep yourself one step above average! You didn’t wake up today saying gee I sure wish I could do just enough to be average and mediocre! Of Course not!

You are the kind of person looking for more!! To lead by example you need to be laser focused on being MORE! There is a brand new Mastery Course just released that I believe has the ability to help you lead by example, and help you BE MORE!

Click here for the link to get your hands on this course now! Remember in order to have more value you need to invest in yourself. This is an incredible investment in your future self!!

Click here to get access to this mastery training! and discover the answer to this equation: AL+AS=PI.

See you on the inside!


Amanda Evans










Truth about Network Marketing Lead Generation

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Truth about Network Marketing Lead GenerationThe Truth About Network Marketing Lead Generation!

In the Network Marketing Business or MLM business space, we all know its about Networks, but what happens when you have exhausted your current network, and your friends are not interested? Is there are Network Marketing Lead Generation technique that works?

I recently heard someone say, “it’s not about who you know, but its who they know that you don’t, your goal is to get into their network!” I don’t agree!

Network Marketing Lead Generation on Auto Pilot!

Today there are much easier ways to create network marketing leads, without chasing your friends, family or random strangers to add to your list!

The secret to Network Marketing Lead Generation, is to build leads by giving people what they want! Very few people are out shopping at the mall wondering who will introduce themselves today, and offer to change their life with their incredible business. In fact I bet NO-ONE is! So if this has been your go to strategy, and you are looking for some better ways, I am here to help you.

Is Buying Network Marketing Leads Effective?

In a word: NO. Let me explain why? 10-15 years ago, this strategy was effective because people in general were not as internet savvy as they are today! Back 10-15 years ago, very few people realized their “information” was being collected. Now people are more Leary of who they give their information to. So in order to still bring in leads, Network Marketing Lead Generation companies end up incentivizing your prospects, by giving them something to fill in the form! So they may have ZERO interest in your XYZ Company but had great interest in the free Ebook they received.

So What is the Best way to get Network Marketing Leads in Today’s World?

The solution lies in the question! Provide people with value, give them tips to market their business, help them learn how to do online marketing strategies, such as You Tube, or Facebook. When you provide Value you show your worth. When you show your worth, people are drawn to you, and will want to work with you!

network marketing lead generationHow Can I Provide Value When I Have No Idea How to Market?

In Network Marketing you are your own best asset! You owe it to yourself, and your downline, sideline, and even upline to show you are a valuable asset!

To do that you need to be investing in your education, and learning the most cutting edge technologies out there to help other marketers succeed, as well as to help your own team members.

You need to get a Marketing System to teach you the ins and outs of marketing.

The second word in Network Marketing is Marketing, so when you’ve exhausted your Network you need to learn Marketing!

If you are not willing, or able to invest in yourself to further your Network Marketing Business, its probably not the right industry for you, and you should consider keeping a regular job.

Network Marketing is an incredible industry to create wealth, however, anyone who ever became successful will tell you, its about being a leader!

This Marketing System will teach you how to create leads on autopilot, and be the leader for your team, even if right now your team is a team of 1! (meaning you only). This Marketing System will change your results, and help you reach the success you are wanting to achieve!

Click here for a FREE Info Video and Several TOP MLM earners from all different companies will share THEIR BEST stuff with YOU FOR FREE! Click here for immediate Access.


Amanda Evans




How To Become A Leader In Business

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How to Become A Leader In Business

how to become a leaderWhen you start a Network marketing business, and you get your first order, that is when the work begins. No Matter if your team is a team of 1 (you alone as you just started) or a team of 100. You need to know how to become a leader, and how to create leaders in your business.

Leaders are not usually just hanging out, they have to be developed from within. Network Marketing has some of the worlds best leaders inside of the different companies.

No matter what business you are in, this article will help you advance your skills, and give you solid advice so you know how to become a leader in YOUR business.


What are some skills of a leader?

  1. A Great Leader is someone who is CARING, often caring more about their team, and how you can help others, before helping yourself.
  2. A Great Leader is SUPPORTIVE! You are willing to invest the time in your new team members to help them be successful.
  3. A Great Leader is POSITIVE. No matter what is happening, always look for the good in situations.
  4. A Great Leader is ENCOURAGING! Encourage your new business partners, welcome them, send them a personal message or note, congratulate and encourage even small successes!
  5. A Great Leader is HUMBLE! No matter how big you grow your business, its vital you remember where you came from, success in Network Marketing often means obscene incomes are possible. So when you are making obscene amounts of money, be HUMBLE! Your down-line will NOT be able to relate to you, if you are outclassing them! Yes its ok to have your company car (if your company has a vehicle program) and maybe upgraded your home, but be very careful about flaunting your wealth in a way that people find obnoxious!

How to Become a Leader in 12 Steps!


  1. Always have extra product on hand – To sample and share with your new recruits until their products arrive!
  2. Always have tools on hand to train your new recruits. If you need a Generic Marketing System that gives you instant Credibility with your new recruits click here.
  3. Keep Personally Enrolling – Do Not get into Management mode!
  4. Attend all company calls, and Events! Even if its the same old people doing an event, attend like it was the first time, and keep the enthusiasm up for your newest team members!
  5. Promote – Tools, Company Events and Recognition. You may have heard you can make a Million Dollars promoting events and getting your team members there! Why? Because Events Create Enthusiasm.
  6. Train and Support your team!
  7. Take Problems UPLINE! Never sideline, or downline. Don’t discuss any issues with your downline, as they may not have as firm of a commitment as you to succeed yet.
  8. Edify your Downline, and your Upline.
  9. Have a clear 4 week goal, and share your goals with upline mentors. (ask your up and coming leaders to share with you as well)
  10. Leaders take Responsibility good or bad!
  11. Leaders are readers! Build your value, your knowledge, and your positive thinking, by being actively engaged in positive books, or magazines.
  12. Dream BIG Dreams!

Leaders are responsible for creating the environment and for establishing a plan for people in their team to advance!


Find your up and coming leaders today, and understand if you want to have leaders, you have to be the example!

I would love to have your feedback, did this help you move to the next level in your business?

Amanda Evans


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Achieving Personal Development Goals with Discipline

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Achieving Personal Development Goals – With Discipline!


personal development goalsThis year I have made it my goal and my mission to help as many people as I can achieve their personal development goals!

One of the best ways to reach your personal development goals is with Discipline.

I love to listen to motivational speakers, who remind me to stay on track, and stay the course.

Today I heard a quote which prompted me to share this with you, and I even created a quick video to outline my thoughts.

The quote is by Bob Proctor – One of the members of The Secret. (Video and book), which you can get here.

Bob said, “Discipline is the ability to give ourselves a command, and follow it”.

Here is the video I made for you!



Your Personal Development Goals will give you the Direction!

Discipline will be what carries you through to reach the goal!

The best way to make a goal is to first – write it down. I have heard it said before that, an unwritten goal is just a wish! So grab a notebook, and write down your goals. Notice I recommended a notebook, the reason for this is important, so let me explain why a notebook, and not a loose piece of paper.

The answer is simple… paper gets lost, drawn on by the kids, thrown out, spilled on, and just plain not cared about. A notebook is much more special, it can take a bit of abuse, by throwing it around, however, the contents or papers inside will stay in tact! So its a great way to write down all your goals, and thoughts to help you achieve your dreams, and it keeps is all in one easy place!

Second – Review your goals daily – keep them top of mind, because where we focus we go!! If you are constantly thinking about failure, defeat, or other negative thoughts you will NEVER reach your goals! Put positive thoughts in your mind, envision yourself reaching your goals, and create the discipline to follow them through!

Third – Tell others about your goals – this should be someone you trust, who loves you and would support you! I would not recommend that you pick a negative type of person. Find someone who is positive upbeat, and wants all good things for you! If you cannot think of a single person you know who could be this support for you, I would love to take on that role to help you achieve your personal development goals!

Come join me on my Facebook Fan Page, and lets get to know each other! I love to help others achieve their dreams, and provide the motivation, and encouragement to see you through to the finish! See you on the Fanpage here.

See you on the inside!


Amanda Evans

Facebook Marketing Ideas – That Work for MLM!

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Facebook Marketing Ideas  – That Work for MLM!

Facebook Marketing IdeasFacebook Fan pages for MLM business have taken a huge jump.

Every where you look lately someone is advertising their fan page for their MLM business.

While I think it is great people have taken to Facebook to market, I see so many classic mistakes.

There is no reason to be making these mistakes when there are so many Facebook marketing ideas that work!

Facebook Marketing Ideas that you should IGNORE.

Today I have a classic mistake that I see so often I have to share with you, so that just in case you are making this mistake you can realize it is not the best way to market and I offer some solutions for you as well.

So many people come onto Facebook, and think of it as a big giant public billboard.

A place to put their links, and their business information everywhere, and they hope that in doing this people will magically want to buy their stuff.

While some people may want to do that, the masses will ignore it.

Even if they are your friends who love and adore you they will probably ignore it!


Because it is just noise!

It is not something that ads value to them!

In todays world we are so bombarded with ads, and noise, that we have trained our brains to ignore much of it!

I decided to try something different by cutting a video to explain the mistake, and how to fix it. 🙂


Click Here to see the Free Video


I love to hear comments from my viewers. Leave me a comment down below.

See you on the next video.



Amanda Evans







Social Media Marketing Tips – Best Practices

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Social Media Marketing Tips – Best Practices

Social Media MarketingSocial Media has forever changed the way we interact with others.

Perhaps you have been a victim of someone attacking you on social media in a way that they would never speak to someone in real life.

There are some Social Media Marketing Tips to help you be a force for positive change in the lives of those you choose to interact with.

It’s no doubt you realize how powerful social media can be in your battle for success, however some people choose to hide behind social media and use it as a way to intentionally hurt others and attack them on levels that no-one should have to endure.

Recently I was having a conversation with a friend of mine and she was explaining that in a Facebook group a person had lost a significant amount of weight. She had outlined her battle with weight, and shared pictures, her successes, and her struggles.

She has several members of her weight loss group, and hoped that these people would be supportive of her and her goals. When she spoke about losing the last 10-20 pounds others attacked her! These women were so caddy that she wanted to close the group down.

Hearing this got me thinking of all the ways human beings can choose to behave its a shame so often we choose to attack others rather than lift them up to reach for more. There is no shortage of happiness for all of us.

I am not on some weird cloud where I believe that negativity does not exist. However, I do believe we as people can do better, and for those that want to I believe we should.

So since most of you my readers have a business of some sort you are the kind of people that should consider how to be a positive change on social media. In order to grow our businesses we need to interact with people, and while doing so we need to appreciate people, who they are, and find out how we can serve them!

I love Jim Rohn, he had so many great quotes, and one he spoke of on one of his recordings I was listening to recently he said, “don’t ask what the people can do for you, ask instead what you can do for the people”.

While each of us have our own choices to make and can choose how we represent ourselves, and create our ‘image’ online.

I like to look for the good in people. Many people prefer to bring someone down versus lift them up because often it is easier, or sometimes it just makes them feel better to attack others, and they feel better about themselves.

Social Media is no different than how we should behave in the real world.If we honor, thank and respect those that we have the privilege to work with and share our lives with on social media, we will create a happier place on social media.

I am not all oblivious to how people behave, and I do think that some people are just so miserable with such shattered self esteem that they have no idea how to respect others. Which is a shame. I believe we can be a force for good and if we can lift someone up, and help them see themselves better than they are they will connect with you, and they will want to create a relationship with you, because you make them feel good!

If you were to go out to a yoga class and the teacher was belittling all the participants, and all the women were caddy and rude, pointing fingers at the most uncoordinated member of the class, would that person feel like returning? Of course not! However, if the teacher showed the person respect, and even just one class-member reached out to create a relationship with this new yoga class member, by making them feel comfortable this person would have an entirely different experience.

Social Media is the same as real life! That is the big secret!

More than ever we are creating a culture of living via computer and not leaving our homes to actually interact with people. Many people only interact with other humans online! This is a culture that is not going to go away!

Having had over 10 teenage foster children in my home, over the last 5 years. I have discovered social media is a platform that even our youth are using to attack each other, and create self doubt, and criticize.

I found this especially prevalent with my teenage girls! So moms do your daughters a favor… make sure you know what is happening to them, and what behavior they are engaging in toward other youth.

The secret to Social Media Marketing is simple!

People will be attracted to you, and feel like you care, when you do!

BE genuine! People can see right through a phoney! There are millions of people on Social Media just looking for a connection! Someone who will care about them, and take the time to create a relationship with them.

Basic human needs do not change simply because we have Social Media. The need is the same, the way to fill the need becomes a bit different. You need to find a way to show your audience on Social Media that you care, that you are a real human just like them, and that they matter to you!

The Biggest Social Media Marketing Tips to bring positive change to your marketing efforts.

1. – Be Genuine!

2. – Help raise people up! There is so much negativity in the world… be a force for change.

3. – Put people first, and be a good friend

4. – Have fun

5 – Remember Social Media is the same as face to face interaction! Don’t over complicate it!


If you are looking for a fun place to hang out, create some new friends and have some positive vibes in your life. Come introduce yourself, and hang out with me on Facebook: Click Here

Until next time… I gotta give you one bonus tip, and challenge. 🙂

Find one person each day on Social Media to make a positive comment, or compliment, and watch your attitude change and your success skyrocket!

Amanda Evans

Why Google Plus is a MUST for Business Online Now

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Why Google Plus is a MUST for Business Online Now

Google+ tipsAs an entrepreneur working to create an online presence it is vital that your presence include an active Google plus or you will get left behind!

Why Google Plus? The answer is simple, Google loves Google Plus, the same reason Google Loves YouTube!

Google owns GooglePlus and they are now giving blogs, YouTube accounts and others higher ranking in search results if they adopt Google Plus and make connections with people on Google Plus.

It can definitely be overwhelming at times to find the time, to keep up with all social media!

However, if your desire is to create an online presence via a blog, or website, and you want Google to rank you higher you must create and maintain a Google Plus account.

Its Free, and probably one the best tools to add to your repertoire.

If you have not set up a Google Plus account I recommend you do it today!

Add me to your Google+ Circles. I would love to be your first friend, or your 200th friend.

No-one knows for sure all the algorithms Google is using to rank sites with and without Google Plus contacts, however, the one thing for certain, the more Google Plus contacts you have the better you will rank!

So get connecting on Google+ and make sure you post your content from your site to Google+.

If you are running a blog, or website, every time you publish content it is to your benefit to go back to your new post, and Google+ it, this will now show that one person Google+ your post, and it will allow you to share your post with your Google+ network. Ask friends to also Google+ your articles, so that others will want to Google+ them as well.

To see how to do this, why don’t you go to the top of this post and see the Google Plus symbol (with a number beside it), click that, and it will enable you to Google Plus this article! Pretty cool how it works!

Looking forward to connecting and being social with you on Google plus, now you know why Google Plus is a must for your business, and its time to take action and implement the steps.

Have a great day!

Amanda Evans


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