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How To Start Blogging – The Easy Way?

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How To Start Blogging – The Easy Way?

where to start a blogHow to Start Blogging? Its Easy if you have the right tools.

Blogging is essentially creating a website, that you can add content (or articles) to that promote anything you want.

The best Blogging platform is by far WordPress – if you don’t know what that is, its fine, because this article is going to ensure you have all the tools to start your blog, and have it up and running in 30 minutes!

When I started this blog you are reading right now, I had no step by step info, I created it as I went, and spent countless hours wasting my time, because I did not know there was a better way!

What is the best Way To Create a BLOG?

I have since found a site that has done for your themes, platforms, and plug and play blogs! Incredible you can create as many blogs as your heart desires, and customize them anyway you see fit.

Their easy to create blogs, are created in WordPress – the BEST, and hosted for you! I pay $10 a month just for hosting!

Click here to set yourself up.

The cost for unlimited blogs, and access to the Apprentice University is just $37/month!

When you add up all the costs of hosting your blog, creating a theme even a simple done for you blog will cost about $50-100, the value offered here is insane!

You can also create as MANY BLOGS as you want! This is how to start Blogging the easy way! – Click Here and get your blog up in just 30 minutes!


Why create a wordpress blog not a free blog like blogger?

Free blogs have their place, they are there for family scrapbook type memory blogs, but they are NOT for business! In fact its against their terms to use a Blogger Blog for business, and when they find out you are they will yank your blog! All your hard work GONE!

With a wordpress blog YOU OWN the blog! You self host it (in this case you have it hosted included here) and you can move your wordpress blog to your own servers anytime.

Free blogs are NOT for business purposes ever!


Can you really make money Blogging?

Absolutely, you can make money blogging! Depending on the market you are targeting and the purpose of your blog, it can have a profound effect on the success of your business.

Many Internet Marketers, affiliate marketers, and network marketers find a blog a great resource to help them spread the word all over the world of their product or service.


What are you waiting for? Start Blogging the Easy Way Today!

Click here for access.


If you have any questions on using the system I am happy to help you out… the video tutorials, and our private Facebook group are also here to help you succeed!

Get access to your blog and let your creativity flow. Send me a link to your blog too I would love to check it out! 🙂


Amanda Evans

Amanda EvansFacebook






Self Employment Ideas – How to get More Done in Less Time!

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Self Employment Ideas!

self employment ideas

If you are someone who is self employed or want to be self employed today I have put together a video especially for you!

These self employment ideas, are for any entrepreneur, network marketer, sales rep, or anyone who has managed to free themselves from working for a boss! I am sure you will love these simple tools that can change the way you accomplish your tasks daily in your business.


One of the Biggest Challenges of Self Employment

The challenge many self employed people face is effective time management, and the ability to get all their tasks done in a day.

Today’s video offers easy to implement ideas that will change your effectiveness, and create more results for you in your business.

The Tip of the Day Quote:

Make a list of things that absolutely MUST get done today, keep your list focused, and preferably about 5-10 items.

Check out the video here.

I hope you found value in todays video.


Would love your feedback.

Amanda Evans

Amanda Evans







How to Get Lucky In Network Marketing?

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How to Get Lucky in Network Marketing?

how to get lucky in MLMBet you have heard it before, or perhaps you know someone who was just lucky!

They knew the secret about how to get lucky, and now I want to share it with you!

I was recently having a conversation with my sister about network marketing, and she told me that she was not very good at it, because she was just not lucky at that sort of thing.

I have to admit her comment did not sit well with me.

How could she say she was not lucky? Many would believe that you are indeed very lucky if you are healthy, have a home to live in, and food to put on the table… in fact simply HAVING those simple life necessities makes her luckier than many people in the entire world!

Add to this that she has a full time job, a spouse who works full time, and 2 healthy children, 2 vehicles in the driveway, and the ability to travel outside of the country on family vacations, and many would consider her VERY lucky indeed!

My sister was of course speaking of her ‘luck’ or lack of luck in Network Marketing. Which when we really delve into it further its just one of those things that ‘won’t work for her because she does not have the desire to create her own luck’.

How to get Lucky according to Richard Branson

Richard Branson was asked if he felt luck played a part in his success, and he answered,”Yes, of course, we are all lucky. If you live in a free society, you are lucky. Luck surrounds us everyday; we are constantly having lucky things happen to us, whether you recognize it or not. I have not been any more lucky or unlucky than anyone else. The difference is when luck came my way, I took advantage of it.”

The Formula – How to Get Lucky

There is an old adage that we often hear “Luck is when opportunity meets preparation” however according to Darren Hardy – (author of The Compound Effect) he has a new Complete formula for getting lucky, grab a pen, you will want to write this down, its good!


[pullquote align=”left|center|right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”60%”]

Preparation (personal growth) +

Attitude (belief/mindset) +

Opportunity (a good thing coming your way) +

Action (doing something about it) =




Implementing this Formula to Create your own luck!

Now that you have the formula, look at your network marketing business, and apply it to see that if you have not achieved your goals or your dreams, you are missing one of these key components.

Stay connected with me on Facebook for up to date Mindset, Personal Growth, and business training that works for any Network Marketing company! Click here to connect on Facebook.


Amanda Evans






Online Network Marketing Strategies That Work!

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Online Network Marketing Strategies That Work!

internet network marketing strategiesNetwork Marketing has been around for over 50 years! It is a business model that is based completely on relationship marketing, and the belief that people will buy from those that know, like and trust. Most Network Marketing Guru’s will tell you this cannot be done online. Today I want to share with you some online network marketing strategies that work, and work well!

Just because they are your Upline, doesn’t mean they know it all.

These online network marketing strategies will work for you too!, All you have to do is be willing to learn. Back a few years ago, I remember being in a convention for my network marketing company and the speaker was talking about websites, and how getting leads from your website was a complete waste of time, it did not work, and he has built his entire business prospecting people at gas stations, Wal Mart, and shopping malls. He has built a large organization, and was well respected. Yet those of us using the internet sites, and having success kept plugging along and kept going, and continued to see success.

What Are the Best Social Platforms for Online Network Marketing?

As time has moved on the “new” way of online network marketing has evolved onto social platforms. It often is a world that your upline does not have any idea about. Heck your upline may not even have a Facebook, or Twitter account, and they have no idea what Pinterest is! It is frustrating to me when these leaders shun something they have no idea about, and no way to know if it is beneficial to them or not. They form an opinion based on what they think they know about Social Media and many will tell you, that you cannot build a successful network marketing business online!

You don’t believe that do you? Of course you don’t, because you are here, looking for the magic online network marketing strategies that work! There are 3 forms of social media that you should use (but use properly) to launch your network marketing business in an online environment. The big 3 would be Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

So many people think that social media is some place young people waste time,  moms spend time instead of focusing on household tasks, and dads space out after work while hanging on social media! While some people may do this, the kind of people you are looking for as a professional network marketer are motivated, entrepreneurs who are looking for a way out, a way to change their future!

They are the very same people that you have identified with your upline as your perfect business partner… yet you have not had any luck finding them at the local Wal Mart!  Social Media is awesome, because it allows you to see your prospect before you even bother to talk to them, you can see where they work, what kind of ethics they have, and learn a lot about a person via social media!

How Do I Attract the Perfect Person To My Business?

So if you want to attract the right audience to your business, the absolute perfect person… what if you were to use those qualities as a search within Facebook to find those that may be interested in what you have, want more from life, or whatever search word fits for your ideal prospect. Within the Big 3 Social Media options, you can search people that possess or want to possess the skills, or personality traits you are looking for! How cool is that…. imagine walking through your local mall, and above each person walking by was a little billboard sharing a 30 second commercial about them, what makes them tick, and THEN you got to decide if you prospected them for your business or not! That would be fun wouldn’t it?

Well Social Media is just like that! It allows us to make friends with people all over the world, and share with them who we are, and we can learn more about them!

People tend to go off the rails a bit when it comes to Social Media because they want to talk about their network marketing program, because they are certain it will help this person with whatever ails them, or they need this services, or whatever it is you offer.Please do not do this! You will not make friends quickly on Social Media with that strategy!  Social Media is a place for you to get to know people, imagine you are meeting them for the first time at a social gathering, you certainly would not give verbal diarrhea all over them about you, your company, and how you can make them the next top earner in XYZ. You would take your time, get to know them, who they are what makes them tick, and this is precisely how you need to approach social media and ‘making friends’ online.

I like to search for people that possess a certain quality. One week you can target say teachers, the next week target stay home moms, whatever it is, make 30-50 new friends on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest and you will have 90-150 new friends! These people can be anywhere in the world even. Genuinely care about them, who they are, and how you may be able to help them get what they want.

When you show people how much you care you show people that you are willing and able to help them. I am by no means the smartest person out there, but I do resource the information I need to help me.

I have resourced what I believe to be the best training when it comes to getting leads and succeed with your network marketing business online. If you are looking for training from the best (multiple 6 figure earners in their network marketing companies) then you will want to click here, and watch the free video.

Let me know how Social Media is working for you in your business.

Amanda Evans





PS. Here are some other articles I have written about Online Network Marketing Strategies

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Facebook Graph Search – How to Use it!

Facebook Strategy for Successful FanPages

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The Best Online Marketing System – Tips and More

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The Best Online Marketing System – Tips and More!

Best online marketing systemIt can be the hardest thing in the world, to find people to talk to about your network marketing business. The world of network marketing online can be daunting for people. Its a space where many make classic mistakes, and in doing so scream, I am new, and I need help. So maybe you are looking for an online marketing system to help you.

Finding the Best Online Marketing System means it has to have certain criteria

Here is my list for considering online marketing systems.

  • Must Be Affordable!
  • Must Be Generic (works for any company)
  • Must be easy for even the most novice person who really wants to succeed online to work through – Video training would be helpful.
  • Must be proven! (Top leaders in several Network marketing companies need to use it)
  • Must offer Value, and keep up to date as the internet changes weekly in some situations.
  • Must know how to dominate Social Media Platforms
  • Must help you brand you! Not them!

I put together a quick video for you, its video # 3 in my new 30 day challenge series. I explain the system I found, and why I believe it fits all of these criteria to be the Best Online Marketing System PERIOD!



If you’re struggling with your home business, this 29 minute movie will stop the bleeding and the pain, save you years of wasted time, and save you thousands of wasted dollars. Watch it before we take it offline!

Claim your FREE 29 Minute Video Now.  CLICK HERE

See you on the inside!

Amanda Evans


Facebook Marketing Ideas – That Work for MLM!

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Facebook Marketing Ideas  – That Work for MLM!

Facebook Marketing IdeasFacebook Fan pages for MLM business have taken a huge jump.

Every where you look lately someone is advertising their fan page for their MLM business.

While I think it is great people have taken to Facebook to market, I see so many classic mistakes.

There is no reason to be making these mistakes when there are so many Facebook marketing ideas that work!

Facebook Marketing Ideas that you should IGNORE.

Today I have a classic mistake that I see so often I have to share with you, so that just in case you are making this mistake you can realize it is not the best way to market and I offer some solutions for you as well.

So many people come onto Facebook, and think of it as a big giant public billboard.

A place to put their links, and their business information everywhere, and they hope that in doing this people will magically want to buy their stuff.

While some people may want to do that, the masses will ignore it.

Even if they are your friends who love and adore you they will probably ignore it!


Because it is just noise!

It is not something that ads value to them!

In todays world we are so bombarded with ads, and noise, that we have trained our brains to ignore much of it!

I decided to try something different by cutting a video to explain the mistake, and how to fix it. 🙂


Click Here to see the Free Video


I love to hear comments from my viewers. Leave me a comment down below.

See you on the next video.



Amanda Evans







Ways For College Students To Make Money

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Ways For College Students To Make Money

ways for college students to make moneyCollege is expensive! Good schools are even more expensive! Some students have found a way to cover the cost of their education without loans and with much less stress!

Check out this video and discover one of the best ways for college students to make money!

Learn more click here

While there are many ways for college students to make money, this opportunity offers a way for students to still have time to work on their studies, but actually build a great business while attending school!

One of the big questions students have is how can I pay for college?
Now we have the answer! Become your own boss while you are studying. Prepare for your future in more ways that one!  Learn more about our team here

Imagine the freedom of finishing college with NO loans, NO Bills to pay, and an INCOME of thousands a month*!

This can be life-changing if you are willing to put in some time, effort, and work.

This business is NOT for lazy people who prefer to be paid hourly for their work! This business is not for negative people who have no drive or ambition. If you are someone who prefers to trade time for money, please do yourself a favor. Get a normal hourly paid job.

The best ways for college students to make money, is when you can still focus on your studies but build incredible income while learning! This is exactly what we offer.

We are looking for motivated, friendly, upbeat, college kids to learn from leaders, and step to to become leaders! This opportunity is available in every single US state, and each Canadian Province! In fact its available around the world! Imagine seeing how far your influence reaches around the world… will it reach 10 countries? 20, 30, or 40 Countries? The only way to know is to get started!

There is so much potential for those that seize it. Do you see this as one of the ways for college students to make money that makes sense?

If so  click here and lets get your Internet Lifestyle Started!

Yes this is one of the FREE ways for college students to make money! No start up costs! Simply share with your friends, and have fun. 🙂 Oh and full training is provided for FREE!

Here’s the website one more time, click here.


Amanda Evans

Amanda Evans







Facebook Graph Search! The New Search Experience

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Facebook Graph Search! The New Search Experience!

Facebook Graph SearchWow Facebook Graph Search may just be the coolest tool of 2013 so far!

Facebook has been by far one of Online marketers favorite tools for years, and now Graph Search will allow others to find us easier, and us to find others!

Imagine being able to search for things your friends recommend. Such as Dentists in Oakland, CA, or the best place to eat in New Orleans, LA.

Never before have we been able to get Social search results based on our friends recommendation.

Google has tried to implement more social searches with the implementation of Google Plus and creating specialized search results. However searching directly within Facebook’s platform via Graph Search will definitely change the game.

As a marketer you will be able to more precisely find those who may be interested in your product, or niche. You will be able to find friends who are interested in your hobbies, or skills.

With Facebook your search results will not be based on the SEO (search engine optimization) of a website like your results on Google, or Bing would be. Instead your search results will be based on your friendship circles and those who you consider friends within the Facebook platform!

Facebook Graph Search is not available yet to the general public, however, you can get a full overview of Facebook Graph Search by clicking here.

At the bottom of that page you will also have the option to click to be added to the Beta test mode. If you want to be light-years ahead of your competitors, and take advantage of this new tool, I highly recommend you click that button to join the Beta!

When you are wanting to create an online presence it is vital to keep up with technology. Click here to get more info directly from Facebook , on the new Facebook Graph Search!

I can’t wait to get my hands on this tool, and I hope you are excited as I am!


Amanda Evans

Why Google Plus is a MUST for Business Online Now

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Why Google Plus is a MUST for Business Online Now

Google+ tipsAs an entrepreneur working to create an online presence it is vital that your presence include an active Google plus or you will get left behind!

Why Google Plus? The answer is simple, Google loves Google Plus, the same reason Google Loves YouTube!

Google owns GooglePlus and they are now giving blogs, YouTube accounts and others higher ranking in search results if they adopt Google Plus and make connections with people on Google Plus.

It can definitely be overwhelming at times to find the time, to keep up with all social media!

However, if your desire is to create an online presence via a blog, or website, and you want Google to rank you higher you must create and maintain a Google Plus account.

Its Free, and probably one the best tools to add to your repertoire.

If you have not set up a Google Plus account I recommend you do it today!

Add me to your Google+ Circles. I would love to be your first friend, or your 200th friend.

No-one knows for sure all the algorithms Google is using to rank sites with and without Google Plus contacts, however, the one thing for certain, the more Google Plus contacts you have the better you will rank!

So get connecting on Google+ and make sure you post your content from your site to Google+.

If you are running a blog, or website, every time you publish content it is to your benefit to go back to your new post, and Google+ it, this will now show that one person Google+ your post, and it will allow you to share your post with your Google+ network. Ask friends to also Google+ your articles, so that others will want to Google+ them as well.

To see how to do this, why don’t you go to the top of this post and see the Google Plus symbol (with a number beside it), click that, and it will enable you to Google Plus this article! Pretty cool how it works!

Looking forward to connecting and being social with you on Google plus, now you know why Google Plus is a must for your business, and its time to take action and implement the steps.

Have a great day!

Amanda Evans


Starting a Blog – From The Beginning

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Starting a Blog – From the Beginning

start a blogYou’ve heard it somewhere, someone once said, “You should have a website”, but you have no idea how or where to even get started. Today there is so much noise on the internet, and there are so many ways to go about starting a blog.

I want to share with you some practical tips that will save you a lot of headache, money, and time when starting your blog. These are some of the most frequent questions I am asked by my readers.


Can I just set up a Free Blog with Blogger or WordPress?

Well sure you can, but why would you want to. First of all if your intention is just to have a place to journal, a free blog site will fit your needs perfectly. If you ever want to monetize your blog, or use it to make money, a free blog site is a horrible choice. First of all on sites like WordPress a person is not allowed  to use it for business or making money purposes and you will get shut down, secondly even if it were allowed it limits your creativity, your ability to make money, and your content is also limited. So if you want to blog to make money, a free blog site is not the right vehicle for you.

What I recommend instead of a Free Blog Site?

WordPress! Hands down WordPress is the ONLY platform you should consider for your blog. It will instantly help your blog rank better within the Google platform, and it is the easiest to do yourself!  You will need to have a host for your WordPress site and for hosting I recommend Host Gator, (which I use) they are easy to use, offer great assistance if you need help, and the best pricing for the best service. You can view their services here. Use Coupon code: blog25deal to save 25%.

Where Can I Get The Best Training To Learn Blogging Tips?

I started blogging early in 2012, I partnered with MLSP and learned a ton! Inside MLSP there are several top internet marketers that have their own successful blogs, that are business related, and focused. I wanted to learn from the best, so I decided it was time to take the MLSP trial! For $2 you can test drive the entire MLSP system! I say its totally worth it! The best part is if you are not happy after your 3 days get your $2 back, and find the trainers that can help you. To Start your $2 Trial click here.


Do I really Need A Marketing System? Can’t I Just Google WordPress and People Will Help Me?

Sure there is lots of free information out there, but if your goal is to create a successful blog, I highly recommend you partner with some people that can help you, offer hours of Video training, and help you systematically set up your WordPress Blog, offering step by step video training! If you are just going to try and Google search you will get all kinds of tidbits here and there, but you won’t necessarily know how to put it all together to make a cohesive blog!

Another point to consider, if you are starting a blog so that you can have an online presence it will cost you some money, however, you will save a ton of money if you plug in to a proven system that shows you step by step. I have seen people that say, “na, I don’t need a system, that is for people that don’t know what they are doing.” and sure enough these people are back on my blog asking me about my system, because while they have some things figured out they found they spent way more time, and money than they would care to admit, only to discover that they did need help.


Can I use a FREE Theme In My WordPress Blog?

Yes, absolutely. I still to this day use a free theme in my WordPress Blog that you are reading right now. I have found that this theme I am using suits my needs, however, all the experts that I have learned from (who make 5 figures a month with their blogs) have told me that Thesis is the best paid theme out there, hands down! They say its the easiest to use, and you don’t have to be techy to get how to use it!

If you want to check out Thesis you can get it here.

Thesis Theme for WordPress:  Options Galore and a Helpful Support Community

Hopefully some of these tips and ideas have helped you. Starting a Blog is not as hard as some would have you believe, IF you have the right tools! If you don’t spend the money to arm yourself with the right tools you will most likely get frustrated, overwhelmed and quit. Do yourself a favor and get the right tools so you can do the job right.

You could build a house with just a hammer, and nails, but I guarantee its a lot faster with a plan, and some power tools.


Can’t wait to see your blog! If you found this post helpful. Please share it with others on Google+.




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