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Travel Luggage Scale with Carry Pouch!

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Travel Luggage Scale

Luggage travel scale

Travel Luggage Scale

Do you love to Travel? This Travel Luggage Scale with Carry Pouch is on sale at Amazon for a very good price – Click Here to get your Travel Luggage Scale for this amazing offer!

Never Guess the weight of your luggage again!

Have you ever gotten to the airline checkout counter only to be told your luggage is 1-2lb overweight… and you have 2 choices… unload some items (which is totally embarrassing)  or you can pay the over weight fee (which is more money out of your pocket)!

This Travel Luggage Scale will solve this problem, and make it easy to stroll up to the airline counter with complete confidence your luggage is NOT overweight!

I speak from experience, using my trusty arm to test the weight of my luggage has left me embarrassed and overweight on a few occasions!

I knew there had to be a simple solution, so I was delighted to find this easy to use luggage scale, at an affordable price.

I hope you love it too!


Looking for a great deal on travel? Check out my post about saving money on travel.


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Where Can I Find Anna and Elsa at Disneyland? (Disney World)

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Where Can I Find Anna and Elsa at Disneyland?

Meet Anna and Elsa at DisneyworldWhere Can I Find Anna and Elsa at Disneyland – is probably one of the most asked questions from my readers.

So many of you have looked at the DIY Anna Costume and the DIY Elsa Costume Tutorial.

Remember to check out the DIY Tutorials if you would like to have your daughter ‘dressed as a character’ for your vacation.


If you are wanting to take your Princess to see the ‘real’ Royal Sisters here is where you will find them hanging out.


The good news is you can find Anna and Elsa at Disneyland and at Disney World, so no matter which park you plan to go to you will have the chance to see them.


Anna and Elsa at Disneyland –


Anna and Elsa are located in Fantasyland near the Pinocchio ride there is a brand new ‘frosty spot’ inside Disneyland Park (the original park) they do not make appearances at California Adventure!


Anna And Elsa at Disney World –

Anna and Elsa at Disneyland

Anna and Elsa are also characters at the Magic Kingdom Park!

They are located at the Princess Fairytale Hall  (along with other Disney Princesses)


There are 4 parks in Orlando so make sure you go to Magic Kingdom (the original park) to see this awesome sisters!


Regardless whether you choose to go to visit Anna and Elsa at Disneyland or Disney World its sure to be a magical experience for you and your little princess!


Enjoy the Disney Parks! I hope your family loves them as much as we do.






Amanda Evans







Our San Diego Vacation – Exploring Solana Beach!

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Our San Diego Vacation – Exploring Solana Beach!

san diego vacation


I love to travel, perhaps more than most people I know… when I am on vacation I feel alive, I feel free from the everyday stress, I enjoy my time, and I love to travel with my family! A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to take my family on a San Diego Vacation!

We stayed in Solana Beach just north of San Diego, and took my parents along for the journey! We rented a 2 bedroom vacation home condo, that was by no means roughing it. It was over 1700 square feet!

The condo had a pool right on the ocean, with a hot tub, and a dedicated parking stall!


Vacation homesOur daughters delighted in having the pool, each day while by baby would sleep (I would work on my laptop looking out at the beach) and my husband would take our 5 year old to the pool to play!

Never once did they run into anyone else using the facilities! Lucky for them, it was like a private pool!

Of course no San Diego Vacation is complete without a trip to Sea World!

My girls love Seaworld! Our oldest  Jaycee especially. She wants to be a dolphin and orca whale trainer!SeaWorld SanDiego Vacation


She is enamored with these animals, and cannot get enough of them! She has watched every You Tube Video for dolphin shows, and  Shamu as well.

She does a little Shamu/dolphin show daily in our living room for us to watch! Its been weeks since we have been home and those memories of Sea World are still alive!

SeaWorld offers a great experience, at an awesome price! We bought the annual pass back in December 2011 (the first time we went to the San Diego area), and it was valid until December 2012. We went 7 full days to SeaWorld for $70 each! Worked out to $10/day.

Seaworld San diego Vacation

If you are considering a San Diego Vacation with children, I highly recommend you go to SeaWorld and buy an annual pass (its the same price for one day as it is for the annual pass).

Also a bonus tip for you, while we were there McDonald’s in the area were offering $8 off SeaWorld Annual passes making them even cheaper!

What is Our Secret to Afford So Many Vacations?

The secret to our many vacations is that we own travel membership! We have a lifetime membership that is NOT Timeshare, saves us oodles of money, and allows us to afford to travel often! The best part about our membership is that there are NO annual costs of any kind! Simple one time fee, for a lifetime of memories. Click here for details of how you can own this same membership. (We own Platinum).

san diego beach vacationsan diego beachesHow about those San Diego Beaches?

Another great thing about a San Diego Vacation is all the beaches! We went to the beach not intending to swim so my girls are not totally prepared! (so they are not in swimsuits)

The beach is beautiful, and there are tons of pathways to walk, bike or run along.

The water is cool but tolerable. Emzee our youngest was a little scared when a wave came up and soaked her clear up to her chest. (good thing daddy was holding on to her)

San Diego and area is beautiful, with close proximity to Mexico, its easy to jump over to Mexico for a day trip and come back to the USA side.

Do you have vacation plans? If not whats holding you back? Check out the travel membership, it was definitely one of the best purchases we have ever made. It reminds us to take the time to be with those we love, and enjoy our vacation time to relax, unwind, and regroup!

Until Next time, make it a great day!

Amanda Evans






Checking out Sheraton Desert Oasis – Scottsdale, Arizona

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Checking Out Sheraton Desert Oasis – Phoenix, Arizona


I am so excited to be going to Phoenix, AZ for the first time! We have decided to check out the Sheraton Desert Oasis. We are staying in a one bedroom villa! We will be taking video and lots of photos to share with you!


We have found that we can stay in this hotel for $799 or LESS for an entire week per ROOM, not per person!! Click here to find out how you can too!


The secret to saving 80-90% off Expedia’s best rate has been a huge benefit for us! I love to vacation probably more than anything else in the world. I love to save money on my vacations. Being in Canada I really like to escape winter! Our winters are cold, and long!


I have never been to Phoenix, I am looking forward to exploring all that Phoenix and the area, and all it has to offer. The Sheraton Desert Oasis offers a lush tropical location, a gorgeous looking pool, and awesome villas!

This pool looks so nice and inviting! I hope it is heated, and not cold!


I will post a picture of us hanging out in this pool.

UPDATE: We went and LOVED the Sheraton Desert Oasis! The room was fantastic! The pool was heated (however the outside temperature was about 115F the week we were there!)


The resort is exactly that, a resort! Tons of free parking on site, and lots of sun chairs to be had. We had a really great time, and we will definitely go back! $799 for a week is a steal!! Click here to see how you can take many vacations like this with your family!

Here are some of our picture from the beautiful grounds and our room!


Until next time, have fun and enjoy your vacations!


Amanda Evans