Should I Buy a Fitbit? Does Fitbit Work?

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Should I Buy a Fitbit?

Should I buy a fitbit

Does a Fitbit work?

Yes Fitbit works, and they are definitely a great tool to help you reach your activity goals, and help you understand your movement!


Recently I was talking to a friend, and she was telling me all about her ‘Fitbit’ and I found myself being intrigued wondering “should I buy a fitbit?”


I decided that I needed a FitBit!

Using my fitbit over the last 3 weeks I have discovered a few things.

First off I bought the Fitbit Flex. Click the Link below to get yours with FREE SHIPPING!
Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband, Black

I thought this would be the best for me since you wear it much like you would a watch.

You can add interchangeable bands to personalize your FitBit on your wrist.

I found this amazing deal on Amazon for a beautiful black and white polka dot FitBit Holder.

I have found  the information the FitBit tracks to be very helpful in understanding my activities better, and providing me a resource that is trackable to measure my activities by.

I love how the FitBit tracks the quality of my sleep!

Some days I wake up thinking my sleep was Horrible… and I can’t wait to sync my FitBit and see how it said I slept.

So far the results are fantastic.

I have tested my FitBits ability to track my steps while getting my Christmas shopping done, and also while doing work outs.


Should I Buy a Fitbit?

I think the question should be what FitBit should I buy?

I choose to buy the Fitbit Flex because it was affordable (just under $100) and it is water proof to 30m.

I can wear it all the time! I don’t have to take it off to do dishes, shower, or swim!


You can buy your FitBit here from Amazon – Click this link below.

How Long Before I have to Charge a FitBit?


I can go for about 7-8 days before my FitBit needs to be charged.

I like to charge my FitBit while I am sitting at my computer writing a blog post, or doing some other non active task.

It takes approximately 3 hours to get a full charge.


I have enjoyed my FitBit, and perhaps one of the best parts of the FitBit is the ability to challenge others in your circle of friends!!


So if you are now going to buy a FitBit and you are looking for a challenge, I would love to have a friendly competition with you.

Click Here to Friend me on the FitBit Platform… and lets Step our way into a healthy 2015!


Amanda Evans









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