Princess Anna Dress Tutorial – DIY Free Pattern

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Princess Anna Dress Tutorial – DIY Free Pattern

Princess Anna Dress DIYThis is it – Princess Anna Dress Tutorial – Including a free DIY Pattern for the puff paint on the bodice!


Princess Anna Dress Tutorial Supplies:

  • Black T-Shirt that fits your child
  • 3 Yards – Yellow Gold Grosgrain Ribbon
  • Green, Pink, Purple, and Yellow Fabric Puff Paints
  • 1 Yard – 60″ wide Blue Linen, Nylon, satin, or similar fabric
  • Matching Thread


This Princess Anna Dress is very easy to make however I am going to assume you have some sewing skills, and have sewn something before.

This tutorial is for someone who has sewn at least something simple before.

Step By Step Instructions for Princess Anna Dress

Step #1 – Cut the T-Shirt

DIY Princess Anna DressCut off the Sleeves, and cut your neckline, you can cut the back straight across vs making it match the front.


I decided to make the back match the front so it allowed for a bigger opening, as this is more like a vest/dress than a fitted dress.




Step # 2 – Paint the Pattern

Princess Anna PDF Pattern

Paint the design on the front of the T-Shirt and allow to dry (according to your paint bottles) mine was 4 hours, but I allowed it to dry overnight.

It is a good idea to do this on newspaper, and stick cardboard in between your front and back of the shirt, so the paint doesn’t seep through and make it stick together.


Princess Anna Dress front – Printable PDF



Step # 3 – Add the Grosgrain Ribbon to Neck and Shoulders

Princess Anna Dress Tutorial


Start with one sleeve. The T-shirt fabric will not frey so there is no need to cover the edge, so what I did was pinned the grosgrain ribbon to the front side, and using matching gold toned thread I used a flower stitch on my machine. If your machine is basic with no special stitches a zigzag stitch works just fine for this. Fold your edge of the ribbon over at the end, and start and stop stitching at the armpits to have a clean look. If you don’t want to fold the ribbon over you can also use frey check on the cut ends of the ribbon.

Continue and do the same on the other shoulder edge, and then do the same on the neckline, be careful to pin well, so that you get nice lines at the neck for the V.


Step # 4 – Create the skirt

Princess Anna Dress frozen

Determine the length of the skirt, and cut that from your fabric. In my case the skirt is 20 inches long.

Then sew the right sides together at the salvage edge and then fold your fabric into quarters, the halfway point will be the front V, and the two sides (halfway between the V and the sewn salvage will be your sides I mark these with pins)

I make my drop 6 inches deeps so from the side marker to the V is 6 inch drop.


Too Much work? Here is a cute Version that is affordable and done for you!


Step # 5 – Fit Skirt to T-Shirt

Princess Anna DIy DressYou will measure how to fit the skirt to fit your t-shirt.

You will make 2 Large pleats on the front (one on each side of the V)

You will make 2 large pleats on the back of the skirt (one on each side of the center back seam)

Figure out how wide your fabric is to take down to the V shape.

In my case my fabric was 16 inches, and the V on the shirt was 7 inches.

So my pleat needed to take up 9 inches of fabric, which meant I needed to fold 4.5 inches of fabric per side of my pleat so each side measured 2.25 inches (folded making 4.5 total)  Doing it this way makes for big box pleat style pleats, and is easy to do, just measure, fold, and pin. Then do the same for the other side of the V. Note… you are NOT attaching the skirt to the shirt at this time, you are only fitting it to size.

To fit the back side of the skirt allow about 2 inches extra space to allow you to stretch the tshirt a bit so that is remains easy for your child to put on. You will also use the same technique to figure out the size of pleats needed on either side of the center back seam.

Once your pleats are all pinned and you are confident you have it sized correctly, sew 1/2 inch from the edge a simple straight stitch around the entire skirt, this will hold the pleats in place, and allow you to take the pins out (leaving only the side marker pins) which will help when we attach to the t-shirt.

Step # 6 – Sew Skirt, and Attach Grosgrain Ribbon

Princess Anna DIY Dress TutorialPin the Grosgrain Ribbon to the skirt, the same way you sewed the ribbon to the T-shirt.

If you are confident your length is good on the skirt you can hem it now, or you can wait till you have attached it to the T-Shirt so your daughter can try it on for length.

Once you are done that we will be pinning and attaching the skirt to the T-Shirt.




Step # 7 – Attach Skirt to The T-Shirt

Princess Anna Dress TutorialCarefully Pin the Skirt to the T-Shirt, taking care not to pin through two layers of the T-Shirt.

Using the same stitch you did at the neckline and shoulders, sew the skirt onto the dress.

Now your dress is done, and you just have to add the hem (if you did not do that already)

I pressed my box seams slightly to allow it to hang better… and my daughter anxiously tried it on!


I hope you loved this tutorial and you have a great time making your very own Princess Anna Dress!

If you have any questions or feedback I would love to hear it.


IF you are unsure of how to make this… I have found this pattern on Amazon (which was not available at the time I originally created my dresses – CLICK the image to Order (Its about $10 and makes Both Anna and Elsa!) McCall Pattern Company M7000 Misses’/Children’s/Girls’ Costumes, Size KIDS ((3-4)-(5-6)-(7-8)-(10-12)-(14))


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Princess Anna Dress Tutorial

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  3. Thanks you so much for posting this. Making the Anna dress now for m 4-year-old.

  4. These tutorial are wonderful. Two of my granddaughters are asking for these for Halloween costumes and yours are the most sensible and easy I've found. Thank you.

  5. Michelle Brown says:

    Really want to do this. Thanks for your inspiring tutorial.

  6. Mindy Barker says:

    Just finished the Anna dress, have to hem the skirt and sew it on on the Elsa dress. Your tutorials made it SO much easier! I actually made both dresses for two of my daughters friends, and did it without measuring them at all! Had them both over today to try on and make sure they fit before finishing them up – and they fit almost perfectly, thanks to your t-shirt design. I was going to post pics here in the comments, but it won’t let me with my phone – I’ll try it on the computer later. Thank you Amanda! 🙂

    • Amanda Evans says:

      Hey Mindy!!

      Thank you for sharing that with me!! Super excited to see what you created! 🙂 If you prefer you can message me the pics via my facebook page –

      So glad the tutorial helped you out! I am sure you have several happy little girls! 🙂

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