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Pinterest… is a phenomenon all its own!

I have to tell you a story… several months ago, my middle sister, Dayna, kept pulling up this site on her iPhone and showing me these pictures of what people had posted. Everything from crafts to hairdo’s! I thought it was a site like Etsy and pretty much ignored it. Until about a month ago, when I was attending a business webinar training about this new social media platform that is sweeping the internet faster than any other site. It is of course Pinterest!

Since attending this free webinar I have become addicted!! I love Pinterest and I love connecting with people by using Pinterest as a medium to share about myself, my life, my loves, and even my hates! I am guessing you found my blog from Pinterest! I want to welcome you to my blog, I invite you to stay and connect. I love connecting with other people about similar passions and ideas. Since you have clicked on a picture I posted to Pinterest we probably share something in common!

I look forward to finding the mutual ground and connecting with you. I have one other secret to share with you. I am also addicted to this site…. are you?

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Yours in Success,


Amanda Evans



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