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Green Smoothies – That Even The Kids Will Drink!

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Green Smoothies – That Even The Kids Will Drink!


green smoothiesEver made some Green Smoothies that were so ‘green’ tasting that even you were cringing…. and choking it down?

Have you tried all kinds of nasty tasting green smoothies.

Today I made a green smoothy that was delicious! My daughter (pictured) devoured what I gave her and wanted more.

My 5 year old drank a full glass and asked for more, and my husband who will was feeling a fever coming on and needed the smoothie the most, also loved it!

So I wanted to share the recipe with you, because its easy to make, and so darn tasty!

So here we go:

Green Smoothies – For the Whole Family!

In Blender combine:

2 cups filtered water
2 cups organic baby greens (or spinach)

Then Add:
2 cups organic frozen fruits (I used Peach, Mango and Strawberry)

Blend until smooth, and then add juice of 1 lemon (pulse just enough to mix it in)

Pour and serve! Delicious! This recipe makes enough for 2 adult servings.


I am anxious to hear how you liked it, so please comment and let me know if your kids, yourself, and your spouse liked it.

What is the Secret to Making these Green Smoothies not taste so Green?

Green smoothies are yummyTry it I am sure you will have your kids begging for more green smoothies! The secret to making these Green Smoothies so good is the lemon!

Lemon is a great way to reduce the ‘green’ taste in your green smoothies. So if you have another recipe that you love for making green smoothies, yet your kids just won’t eat it, try the secret lemon! It works!

To a Healthier you!



Turn Your Amazing Potential into Amazing Success

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Turn Your Amazing Potential into Amazing Success!

Finding Amazing Success

Recently, I was visiting my parents, and I am always looking at the books my mom (who is an avid reader) has kicking around. I happened upon a book called “365 Daily Lessons From Amazing Success!” by Douglas Vermeeren. Which captured my attention with its subtitle: Turn Your Amazing Potential into Amazing Success!

I picked up the book, and read the first 20 pages or so and I knew that I wanted to read this book with you! My friends! I found myself being motivated by each daily lesson, and the truth of the lessons resonated so deeply with me, that I knew how we could read this together! I asked my mom about the book at the authors name sounded familiar to me.

Turns out the author Doug Vermeeren and his family are friends of my parents. (who knew!)

To read Amazing Success!

This book is out of print and no longer available (except on the used market) so I decided I would post each daily lesson for each day in 2013 on my Facebook Page so we can read it together. Everyday at 1PM EST I will input the daily lesson from Amazing Success.

Click here to follow me on Facebook and start reading.

I can assure you these offer some great lessons, and I believe your business will change for the better when you stick with me, and read this book together! To Your Amazing Success!

Do You Want To Know The Keys to Amazing Success?

An excerpt from the back cover of the book:


 During the last several years Doug has interviewed more than 400 of the most successful people in the world.

Success is a habit built by doing little things in an expert way. In this book you’ll find amazing lessons and insights guaranteed to plant your feet firmly on the path to success.

Here are some of the powerful things you will learn:

  • How to attain success quicker than you ever imagined
  • How top achievers prioritize their day
  • How to stay focused with goals that matter
  • How to turn your ideas into income
  • How to think bigger and get bigger results
  • How to become a master of your money
  • How to overcome procrastination easily
  • How to get with the right crowd to make things happen
  • and many more powerful performance tips…

I am so excited to embark on this journey to Amazing Success with you!

Click here to come over to my Facebook page, and start turning your amazing potential into Amazing SUCCESS!


Amanda Evans


Holiday Lights – Showing Gratitude!

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Holiday Lights – Showing Gratitude!

Christmas Light ShowOne of my favorite times of year is Christmas and seeing all the winter holiday lights! Ever since being a young girl looking at holiday lights in our community has been a family pass-time of fun and enjoyment. As a young girl (the oldest of 6) we would pile up into the van – yes we were blessed to have a HUGE blue Dodge van, and no it was NOT a minivan. It was a full size van! We would bundle up and get everyone inside and we were on the hunt for the nicest lights in the lower mainland in BC (British Columbia) where I grew up.

Perhaps one of my favorite years of looking for lights our entire family headed down to Disneyland for Christmas. We decided we would forgo presents of the traditional type and our parents took us to Disneyland. I was in grade 9. We drove for 18 hours from Surrey, BC to Anaheim, CA. We stayed in a Motel 6, we didn’t stay in a fancy hotel and for us we didn’t care! It had a pool and we had a blast! Of course being in California did not distract us from our holiday light looking tradition! We brought cases of chocolates from home to give to those families that inspired us with their beautiful Christmas light show! How we loved to look for lights, each home doing something to make us oooh, and aahhh. We would select one or two people from the family to go to the door, knock, and personally thank the people for making our Christmas just a bit brighter with their Christmas lights. Most times the people at the door were shocked anyone would even stop to thank them for their lights! To us it was something we had done for years! I am sure the recipients of those chocolates probably still remember the experience as I do today! (that was 23 years ago!!)  It was a lot of fun, and obviously memorable… as it has been many, many years since I was a child engaging in this activity.

Christmas Light Show Traditions!

As I have grown older I still love to drive around and enjoy the holiday lights that many tirelessly put up, often in COLD, frigid conditions (I live in Alberta, Canada winters are pretty cold up here). I marvel at the beauty that people can create with their holiday lights! Some homes are simply stunning! I have encouraged our children to enjoy looking at the lights as well. Whenever we are out in the evening I will often “take the long way home” simply so we can enjoy the simple pleasure of homes lit up in our area! Every time we are out at night my 5 year old daughter is always commenting and looking at the lights, saying things like “oh momma look at those beautiful lights! Isn’t is pretty, wow mommy look at all the work they did with their lights” I love to hear her comments, and see the glitter in her eyes while she enjoy something someone has taken their time to create for us to enjoy!

Holiday light thankyou

Show Gratitude for Simple Things!

This year I was once again remembering the delight of those people in California, and how maybe we just made their Christmas a little brighter that year. I wanted to do something to show gratitude to those in our neighborhood who we have enjoyed their Christmas light show, as well as teach our children to be thankful for the simple things that people do to make this world a pretty place.


A Simple Token Gift

Let me show you how you too can make these simple gifts.

There are many reasons you may use a gift like this. I loved them so much that I made some for Jaycee’s Kindergarten teacher and the teacher aid.



  • Clear Hand Soap
  • Printable Clear Labels – I used Avery full size sheets from Staples
  • Ribbon
  • Goo Gone
  • Small hair elastics


The Simple Steps to make an awesome Token gift that is useful!

we wash you a merry ChristmasStep 1

Remove the labels from the soap container.

Step 2

Print Labels on your clear label sheet –  this printable has 9 per sheet. cut out and stick onto the clean soap dispenser.

Step 3

Wrap ribbon around the neck of the bottle and tie securely – you can also use the ribbon to tie your label on (I used an ouchless kids hair elastic)  Here is the printable for the labels.

Step 4

Go out find some awesome Holiday lights in your area and give them away! I guarantee the people will be surprised and the experience will be awesome!


We took our daughters and delivered our token gifts on Saturday night. Our 5 year old daughter had a wonderful time, chatting with the people thanking them for their lights, petting their dogs, and wishing them a Merry Christmas! It was wonderful to see the gratitude in her and awesome to see the surprise and delight in the recipients. One elderly lady who has lived in her home for years and had a wonderful display said in all the years not one person has ever stopped to thank her for her Christmas lights. I thought about this, and I thought how this year she will always remember that someone thought enough of her, to let he know how great her lights were, and how much we enjoy looking at her home! These are some of the homes that were recipients of our token gift.


Holiday LightsHoliday Light

Nice Holiday lights

 Start a Holiday Light Looking Tradition

If you are looking for some warm, fun activities for you and your children to do during the holidays, I highly recommend you brighten someones Christmas with a small token of thanks from you. These token gifts can be anything you like, the soap we made and gave, chocolates, candy canes, candy, home-baked goods, gift cards to Starbucks, or an alternate coffee shop (in small denomination), a mug with some packets of hot apple cider, anything you can come up with to show your appreciation. The holidays are a time to really show gratitude and appreciation, and I love how simple this holiday light looking tradition is, and I cannot wait to hear about your stories of holiday cheer.


Do you have a family tradition for the holidays? I would love to hear about it.


Have a safe and happy holiday!


Amanda Evans

Amanda Evans








Today We Had a Tumble!

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Today We had a Tumble!

Today we had a tumble

As a mom there are good days and bad days! Today was definitely one of them… at times it was great, and at times it was tough! I wanted to share a story… today my baby Emzee (who is 16 months old) and quite adept at going up and down the stairs, has been for months, was on her way down the stairs trying to bring with her, her favorite bouncy ball… well as a parent I am sure you can see where this is going… She is adept at stairs alone, not as great with toys in tow.  The ball tumbled down and Emzee came tumbling after…. she did not cry, she was not hurt, well maybe her baby pride was damaged a little, but she was ok. She just mumbled mom, mom, mom. I went and picked her up and she gave me a great big hug!  In an instant she felt better, and magically so did I! I noticed as I was hugging her better that my anxiety I felt as I heard her go tumbling down the stairs, subsided during our little hug. It was almost as if you could feel the stress drain from both of us and you knew all was ok!

I hope you have moments like this with your children, when you can find the magical instance when everything is ok, and you know that no matter what happens it will be ok!


To Your Success,

Amanda Evans

Amanda Evans








Free Personalized Call from Santa

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Free Personalized Call From Santa!

Free Personalized call from Santa

Every child likes to keep the dream of Santa alive, and my friends over at DialMyCalls.com are offering Free, no strings attached calls from Santa for your little ones!!


Hurry over and get a free personalized call from Santa today… and remember its not just for little kids… big kids delight in the magic as well… send your spouse a call from santa, and let them know if Santa thinks they have been naughty or nice ;).


Free personalized calls from Santa are currently active right now till December 24.


If you found value in this post please like it via the social media buttons above.


Enjoy the magic of the season!




To your Success,


Amanda Evans

Amanda Evans








Butter Pecan Apple Crisp Recipe- Easy to Make

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Butter Pecan Apple Crisp Recipe – Easy to Make!

Apple Crisp Recipe

Today I saw some orchard fresh apples on sale for only .39/pound! Yum I thought… brought them home and cut into one to eat, only to find them a little bit soft! I bought several apples, and wondered what I would do. I decided to whip up this delicious Butter Pecan Apple Crisp and thought you may enjoy making it too! Its really easy and super delicious. Pin it to share with your friends.

Ingredients to make Butter Pecan Apple Crisp


1 Package Butter Pecan Cake mix

6 Apples

2/3 cup Melted Butter

1 Cup Quick Cooking Oats

sprinkle of sugar and cinnamon


How to make this scrumptious Butter Pecan Apple Crisp


Step 1: Spray 9 X 13 pan with Pam and preheat oven to 375F

Step 2: Cut, core and peel (if desired) apples, and arrange in pan

Step 3: Sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar

Step 4: Combine cake mix, quick oats, and melted butter, stirring

Step 5: Sprinkle over apples

Butter Pecan Apple Crisp Recipe

Step 6: Bake for 60 minutes or until apples are bubbling, and topping is browned.

Step 7: Remove from oven, cool slightly and Enjoy!


Baked Apple Crisp Recipe

Serving suggestions:

I personally love it as it is… if you are someone who likes ice cream with pie you will love that… a decadent addition is Smuckers Caramel drizzled on top!! Delicious!! However you eat it I am sure you will love it!


If you like this Butter Pecan Apple Crisp Recipe please share 🙂 You can Pin it at the top to your Pinterest page to reference again.


To Your Success,


Amanda Evans

Amanda Evans







How to Use Coupons Without Being Cheap!

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How To Use Coupons Without Being Cheap!

Couponers are not cheap


I have been an active couponer for just about 2 years, and I have met all kinds of people during this process. Sometimes people try to make you feel horrible for saving money and helping with your family finances. Today I was thinking about this, and I have several friends that use coupons as well every time they shop! In fact as I have learned the art of using Coupons (yes I do believe it is an art) I have discovered that most people who want to make you feel bad are people who either don’t understand it so they think you are just wasting time to save a few cents, or they are people who are purely jealous because they have no idea how to do what you are doing.


Just because you have Coupons does not mean you need to buy 30, 40, or 100 of something!

Most people get very annoyed with couponers when they are buying an excessive amount! Now the word excessive will be different for everyone and no-one in the grocery line, nor the teller have any idea how many people you have in your home that you are feeding or taking care of, so some would argue they have no right to judge, however, they will still will! People will be people, and unfortunately a character flaw of the human race is to pass judgement on everyone. So here is the deal, if you NEED 30, 40 or 100 of whatever it is, get is hold your head high, and don’t let someone elses opinion of you determine your reality! Do it but be respectful of others as much as possible, try to make your purchase when the store is less busy, (this also means less people to have their nose in my business) some stores actually ask that you call to make an appointment if you wish to do this, or pre-order your stock. I rarely make large purchases of this magnitude but its not uncommon for me to buy 8-10 boxes of crackers, or blocks of cheese, etc. Why? Because my family consumes this, it is not something that I am going to put on my shelf as a trophy prize of all the great deals I have gotten!  I enjoy getting great deals, and the high that comes from saving all the money, however, it can be hard sometimes to pass up a good deal when we know how good it is, but remember there will always be another great deal! After doing this now for 2 years there is definitely a cycle to every brands product, and it is always on sale sometime in the year. So consider what you need for  a year for your family, and stock up… anything more than that is exactly that, more than a year supply, and a personal decision.


If you have Coupons for it, use them with your head held High!


Coupon deals are everywhere! So when you have your coupons take them with you every time you go shopping, I cannot tell you how sad I have been the few times I have left my coupons at home! It seems that is when I find the best deal!! So smile at the cashier, smile at the other customers, and offer them tips if they seem interested in your coupon purchases. I will often share with the person behind me in the line how today I am spending $100 before coupons, but after coupons I will spend $70 or whatever the number is. Often the person is intrigued and has no idea how to get coupons let alone use them! I promise if you are friendly, smile, and share some tips with them they will not even notice that your transaction took a few extra moments to process while the cashier input your coupons. If they are interested offer to share with them how you get coupons, collect their name, phone number, and perhaps email or Facebook, and offer to share with them some resources so they can coupon too! If you have a business (such as direct sales business, network marketing business, or something similar) this is a great way to make a friend, and create a new relationship with someone on common ground, and then you can later introduce them to your business (after you have made the friend).


Don’t be the Crazy Coupon Lady!!

Crazy Coupon Lady

I am sure you have been there before, making a purchase while the cashier complains about x customer who comes in every week and is rude, uses all her coupons and holds up the line. Couponers are happy people! So please try to keep the cashier, and staff at the stores happy. Yes sometimes its important for you to make your point, show them how the coupon is to be used, but as hard as it can be try to remain calm, cool, and collected. As when you are a couponer your impact can be felt for months to come on other couponers. I have had run ins with staff, and had to ask for a manager, however, I also try to remain calm (which has been a test of my patience for sure) and remember that these staff are just trying to do their job. If I have a bad experience with a cashier, I note the name, and what that cashier looks like then I avoid their till like the plague in the future.  Try to create positive interactions while you are couponing as this will benefit yourself, and all fellow couponers.

Couponing is Not Being Cheap! It affords me to splurge on other things!

Couoon to save money to splurge on starbucks!

I coupon so I can save money on items my family, needs, uses, runs out of, eats, and will always and forever need to live and survive. I also coupon so that I can splurge on things that I cannot find coupons for! Starbucks is one of those things! I love Starbucks, however, I find it overpriced, and a luxury in life… so for me I choose to coupon so that I can choose to spend money on things that I otherwise would not. I do not coupon because I am poor, (although if I were financially challenged this would be a great idea!) many people out there seem to have the impression that couponers are poor! I recently read a stat that the average couponer has a household income over $100,000 a year!


Why do you coupon? Share with me your reasons for couponing below. Looking forward to your comments.What is your guilty little couponing pleasure?




To Your Success,


Amanda Evans

Amanda Evans








Nucerity – Eye Effects 3 Product Review

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Nucerity Pure – Eye Effects 3 Product Review!


Nucerity Eye Effects 3 Serum




Did you know that Nucerity Pure – Eye Effects 3 contains Argireline? Maybe you have never heard of this product, but it is being touted as Nature’s Botox, and this patented product by Nucerity has it as one of its active ingredients! Nucerity Eye Effects 3 is patented and targets the eye zone’s 3 critical signs of aging: crow’s feet, puffy bags, and dark circles.


What is Argireline?

This product is getting a lot of attention from the medical community including such influential medical personnel as Dr. Oz, dermatologists recommend. Argireline was first developed by Lipotec Co. in Barcelona, Spain as one of several Botox alternatives, specifically to be added to cosmetic bases such as gels, emulsions, and sera. Argireline works by limiting the amount of muscle contractions in the applied area by interfering in the “SNAP receptor complex”, an electrochemical reaction that controls muscle behavior. This reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles because the skin does not crease more than necessary.

How Does Nucerity Eye Effects 3 Work?

Eye Effects 3′s breakthrough science releases the super antioxidant lycopene to harmonize communication between skin cells to even out fine lines, puffiness, and dark circles. Combined with Argireline, “Nature’s Botox”, chamomile, hyaluronic acid, and witch hazel, Eye Effects 3 leaves the thin, fragile skin around the eyes hydrated and refreshed with radiant results.


Can I Get a Sample of Eye Effects 3 serum?

Eye Effects 3 Serum Samples

Nucerity does not offer sample sizes, with a product such as this, a person needs to use for several weeks to properly evaluate if there is a noticeable change, some will notice a visible difference in just a few hours, but since every one is different Nucerity does one better than just sending out samples! They offer you 30 days to try this product and see how it works for you! If you are not happy with how it works for you, get a refund of the purchase price. Nucerity stands behind its product. Buy it now – Shipping Nucerity products to all of these countries. Canada, United States, Mexico, Philippines, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, Puerto Rico, Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia.


Try this product and let me know what you think. Always looking for your feedback.






To Your Success,


Amanda Evans

Amanda Evans







Video #1 – Love it or hate it? Laundry Practical Tips to Make it Easier!

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 Video #1 – Love it or Hate it? Laundry Practical Tips to Make it Easier!



Doing Laundry the Easy Way

I Love Laundry!! Yes it’s true and there I have said it! Phew! Now that I have that off my chest, and you know where I stand on the Laundry, let me have a quick chat with you and then we will get into my practical tips on how to make this somewhat mundane task easier, and dare I say even FUN!



Video # 1 – Lets start off with this great little video I made for you!


Laundry – Practical Tips To Make It Easier!

Now that I had a chance to share my video with you, I want to jump right into “laundry practical tips to make it easier”.

In our house we have a soft rule, if you live here and contribute to the mess (aka living) then you also need to help contribute to the cleaning. So from the time my children have been very small I have had them help me do laundry. Each child’s ability will vary based on their age, however, many are surprised at how young children can actually start helping out with this chore. It is one of the easiest ways to introduce your children to helping out keeping the home clean.


Tip # 1 – Buried in Laundry debt? Its time to get out!

Everyone needs a place for laundry. In our home every single person has a laundry basket in their bedroom, a place to throw their laundry, a home for their dirty clothes that is just as convenient as the floor! We don’t have anything fancy, however if you feel like you would also implement sorting at the same time, I would recommend you buy a basket that separates into 3. (one for darks, one for whites, and one for colors)  So task number one is make sure everyone has a place for laundry in their bedroom! So many times I have seen moms try to have all the dirty laundry in the laundry room, but this does not work, unless you are keeping all the dirty and clean clothes in there! My experience has shown me that people need convenience, and people need the laundry basket where they are changing, and in most families I would say that is the bedroom. So no matter where you have dirty laundry piles currently in your home, your task is to get every person in the families laundry into a basket, and in there room. Do not even start to wash yet… just go collect it from the floor, bathroom, any room in the house it is currently and have it put in its NEW home the laundry basket. Hint: the kids love to go on these kinds of scavenger hunts, maybe even make a family game of it. See who has the MOST dirty laundry strewn around the house, and who has the least! Even a toddler can be helpful on this task.


Tip # 2 – Only 1 Towel per week!

Ok so I know many a family, in which each person in their home uses more than one towel!! What the heck?? Is it not true that when you shower you are CLEAN, and you are merely drying the water from your clean body? If this is the case then why are some people using a new towel every day?? This is not only bad for the environment it is completely unnecessary, even hotels are asking you to reuse a towel these days! So in our home in order to cut down on loads of laundry everyone in the home is provided a towel of their own, in their own color! No one else uses the same color towel, this way there is no mix up, and everyone has something all their own to be responsible for. You also save on linen closet space, because you really only need a few spare towels for guests, and that is IT!


Tip # 3 –  Have a system!

Bathroom towel organization

While fostering children for over 6 years I know whats its like to have a LOT of laundry to do. At the most we have had 5 children in our home, and 2 adults all generating a lot of dirty clothes, bedding and towels. The secret to keeping on top of the laundry is having a system! Every single person had a designated laundry day, if there were items that needed washing that were too delicate, or only a few white items we would hold those back for a family load. So here is the system, everyone washed their own clothes, I showed the teenagers how to do laundry and assigned a day in which they needed to complete the task. I know you know I love doing the laundry but I also believe that as a parent our job is to rear our children up so that they know how to do this task as well! (kind of like teaching a person to fish). Anyway each of my children had a laundry day and they were expected to unbunch pants, socks, clean out pockets, and wash their towel each week, getting their laundry into the washer before they leave for school, while they are at school I would move their laundry to the dryer, and have it dry and ready for them to fold and put away by the time they return home. Every second week they needed to strip their bedding, and wash the sheets with their clothes (if it fit – if not then I would wash other laundry with it to make a full load) For my younger children (yes even my youngest at 16 months now, has participated in her laundry since she was a year old) they help me move the laundry from the basket to the washer, and that is really all they can do, but it gets them into a habit of helping, which is more important in my opinion than the task. When my older daughter was 2 I would fold her laundry, and then I would show her which drawers to put it in. The smile on her face for helping mommy with chores was fantastic! As she has gotten older, she is now 5, she can fold all her own clothes and put them away, if I am really feeling the need to do laundry I will fold for her, and then she needs to put it away. Remember kids are never too young to start learning to help out (to their abilities of course).


 Tip # 4 – Everything has a place!

Pick a room to start in and do every room the same way. Since you have already read Tip # 1 – which is to gather all dirty clothes and put in the basket in each persons room (therefore sorting who’s laundry is who’s) its now time to WASH the clothes. So whatever room you start with is up to you. I would pick the room with the LEAST laundry! Why? because once you are done this laundry you will have a clean room, and a sense of accomplishment. I would also add this person to the list first for laundry next week. So if today is Monday. get all the laundry in the house done in no more than 2 days. Then start making a list of days of the week and assigning everyone a day (TIp #3). Once all the laundry in the first room is done (this may only be one load – or if there is not even enough to make a load combine this stuff with whoever had the second least amount of laundry)  Just as everyone has a basket in their room to put their dirty laundry, when ALL the clothing belonging to this person is clean they need to have a place to put it!  If there is not ample storage for the newly clean and folded laundry you have two choices… one is too many clothes, and the second is lack of storage. Ascertain which is your predicament and then decide, if you have too many clothes you may consider sorting out seasons, and storing the off season clothes in Rubber bins (out of the bedroom) to allow for cleanliness. If you need more storage buy it ASAP.  Continue doing each room until you are done. If you are truly buried in laundry this could be 7, 9, 10, or 15 loads of laundry, but you have to get them done ASAP, folded and put away or you will never win the war on laundry!


Tip # 5 – Get Started and don’t stop till its DONE!

The fastest way to get onto a system is to get started, and quickly see results (which is why I recommend room by room).  The faster you attack the laundry pile, and enlist those who can help you in your home the faster you will get it done, and the quicker you will enjoy the sense of pride in your clean laundry and your home…


Tip # 6 – If No-One in your home has Allergies to Scents…. then let it SMELL GOOD!!

As I mentioned on the video, I LOVE the smell of FRESH CLEAN Laundry!! YUMMY! Smells so good. Some would argue that clean does not have a smell, and while that may be true, I still love the smell of laundry! I am one of those people that walks down the laundry isle at the grocery store just to smell the soaps!! Yeah crazy I know, and I am sure there is an element of ‘not good for me chemicals or something’, but the smell is sooo good to me.  There are these new scent beads by Downy, called Unstoppables they are expensive even if you are a couponer (like me) but they do make the laundry smell incredible! So if you are looking for something to help your laundry smell fresh and wonderful consider them on your next shopping trip.


There you have it… my best laundry organization, and sorting tips!


I hope you enjoy them, let me know if you try them, and how you like them. If you don’t like them I’d also love to hear what you do that works as well. 🙂 Looking forward to hearing from you below.


To Your Success,


Amanda Evans

Amanda Evans














Making a Princess Theme Room on a Budget!

Jaycee's Bedroom for a Princess Follow Me on PinterestPin It

Making a Princess Theme Room on a Budget!

How to Re-purpose items in your home to make a great room for a girl.


Jaycee's Bedroom for a Princess


Over the last few weeks I have re-purposed several pieces of furniture, and items in our home to put together this great princess theme room, and this post is all about how I did it, including a full financial breakdown.

My Daughter is 5, she is being moved out of her twin bed, into a new room with a full bedroom set. We were given an awesome Princess bedroom set, that had gold trim, it was in great shape, so I repainted the bed with antique white paint. Then I added pink (small mistint from Home Depot for $3) hand painted lines where the gold once was. It took me several nights to complete, but I believe the result is great. Its not perfect but that is ok. The cost of the paint was $21.00


I made the pink satin Canopy for Jaycee when she was a baby. It went the full length of her crib and her baby room looked like this:

Jaycee's Baby Room with Canopy


I loved having this for her as a baby, and I used it most recently for Emzee (who is now 1) and she is such a stinker that she was pulling on the fabric from her crib, and I feared she would pull it down into her crib and injure herself, so I took it down. Then when I was given this bed set with a double bed (the same width as a crib is long) I thought this canopy would be perfect for my Jaycee’s bedroom!!


The lamps are shades from Ikea, that I bought Ribbon with hanging beads on it from Micheal’s for a RIDICULOUS price of $9.99 per lamp! However I love how they turned out so I don’t mind… the lamp shade was on clearout at Ikea for $.99. The black lamp base was $5.99 Each, and the light bulbs were $7.99 for 2. I will breakdown all costs at the end. I also added a row of white sequins to the top of the lamp shades ($6.99 for the roll of them)

Budget Princess Room


 Bedding Fit for a Princess!

This bedding set was on clearance at Bed Bath and Beyond for $89.99 and I used a 20% off coupon (that I printed from their website) so I paid $71.99, this set included sheets, comforter, pillow shams, bed skirt, and a valance.


Using a Valance as a Dresser Runner

How to use a Valance as a Dresser Runner


Since Jaycee’s bedding set came with a set of valances, and I am not a big fan of how valances look, we decided it would be perfect to use as a dresser runner to protect her dresser from unwanted scratches. Jaycee cannot wait till she has makeup to put on the dresser, and put on her face, she has many years to wait for that! She is only 5!


Lets talk about the walls!

I wanted to make this room as girly as I could. I was so leary about using a blue/green color, but when I found this bedding set I knew I wanted to pull out the robins egg blue, so that I could use pink for accent colors. I walked into my local Home Depot and there on the mistint shelf was this wonderful Behr Satin paint mistint for $9!!! Yes I pulled out the pillow sham (which I had been carrying in my purse to color match for paint) to see how the color looked, and it could not of been better!! Estatic with my purchase I hurried to paint her room. We were getting new carpet anyway, so I decided to wait till the carpets were in to put her room together.


We already had a double bed so I did not have to buy a new mattress or boxspring.


So how much did this budget Princess room cost me:


  • Paint and Supplies: $45.50
  • Furniture: $0.00 (it was given to us)
  • Lamps: $48.92
  • Bedding Set: $71.99

TOTAL Cost: $166.41


I had a great time working on this project for my daughter. If you are planning on taking on a project for your child, or are looking for ideas, I found several on Pinterest. I would love your feedback, and please send me pictures of any changes you make in your home.


To Your Success,


Amanda Evans

Amanda Evans







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