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Duplication – The Old School Network Marketing Magic Word

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Duplication – The Old School Network Marketing Magic Word!

Duplication is Old School Marketing


Anyone in Network Marketing or direct sales has surely heard about Duplicate yourself and find success! My question for you is… How’s that working for you? The answer you are probably thinking right now is, its not! You see every human on this planet is unique, and our approach, and business acumen to some degree will also be unique… so duplicating yourself by coming along side a new team member, holding their hand, trying to teach them YOUR way of doing things, and hoping they somehow become a fantastic clone of you, and start doing what you do can be an exercise in frustration!

If you MULTIPLY yourself you FEED the Duplication Tunnel!

To Multiply yourself simply means that rather than trying to “get everyone to do what you do” – you take your message and who you are, and you show up in multiple platforms at the same time! This means you don’t simply rely on your companies replicated website and chase people in shopping malls, to add them to your “list”. Spend time where people are likely to hear your message and want to connect with you! The more you listen and engage the better your results will be, and you will feel the Duplication Magic happening in your business!


Multiplication Platforms

We live in a world where everywhere you go people have smart phones, wifi, computers, tablets, even older cell phones… we are formed by constant connection, yet these days people seem more disconnected then ever (that however is a topic for another day). Today you need to get your message (product, service, business) in front of as many people as possible across as many platforms as you can. This will cause your business to explode, and duplication (the old school network marketing magic word) will happen organically! You see Multiplication is bigger than Duplication, and if you are going to be successful in this new world of business, you will need to learn multiple platforms to engage with people.


Where are the people who want the same things you do?

I am sure you have heard it before “go find people, everyone needs our product, service or gadget”, lets add to our “list” but where are the people? I promise you that very few of the people you are looking for that have drive, determination and a desire to better their lives are hanging out shopping… they are probably just like you, on their computer, or tablet at home, looking for some help! So if we agree these people are ONLINE, we have to take our message to multiple online platforms. What platforms am I talking about? Well today there are several social media platforms, but there are 5 things I believe every network marketer needs in time to be successful in this business in an online world.


What are the top 5 Multiplication Platforms?

Top 5 Multiplication Platforms


  1. Facebook – With over 700 MILLION people on Facebook, I am certain their are people there from every corner of the globe that needs, want, and would love your product, services, or business! They are looking for engagement, and want to connect with you, all you have to do is open up, be yourself, and people will love you. (some will probably hate you too, and that is ok… can’t appeal to everyone)
  2. Twitter – Think of Twitter as quick informative text messages… this is NOT a place to throw up all over your followers flogging this juice, that vitamin, or that cosmetic, or whatever you have… its a place to make quick messages about your life… talk you to your twitter audience the way you would your best friend. Allow your personality to shine through. After all remember people join people! They do not join companies.
  3. A Blog – You need to figure out WordPress, and you need to have a blog! WordPress needs to be the self hosted version, as this will help you rank better in the search engines, and you need to invest in yourself and pay for hosting (about $5-10/month) I recommend Host Gator. Remember you have a business so its vital to invest in yourself. Hint – you are reading mine 🙂 Do not waste your time building your business on a “Free Platform” its against WordPress rules and will not serve you in any way.
  4. Email – You need to get an email list progam(sometimes referred to as an auto-responder), where you keep all your online contacts in one place! I recommend Aweber, but other services are also good. This is a must so that you can email your followers promotions, keep in contact, send tips, and other vital information to your online friends.
  5. Google + – If you don’t have this great resource you need to get on it ASAP. Add me as a contact.  When you start blogging having a good contact base via Google+ will also help you increase your website ranking, and help people find you easier on Google!


If you are serious about your network marketing business, or even a traditional brick and mortar business it is vital that you multiply yourself online, or you will eventually be swallowed up by those that took action, and learned how to succeed and multiply in an online world.


To Your Success,


Amanda Evans

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Strategy: Throw Enough Mud and maybe some will stick?

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Strategy: Throw Enough Mud And Maybe Some will Stick?

Have you ever heard the saying if you throw enough mud, maybe some will stick… I have heard this a lot in the Direct Sales industry… and I am convinced this strategy does not work as well as most would hope.


You spend a lot of time focused on activities that don’t yield result, because you are so focused on throwing ideas or yourself in all directions. I have found myself caught up in this type of throwing mud and hoping some will stick strategy, and I can tell you the results were less than desirable!  You end up with 20 different avenues, and no results. I have found a group on Entrepreneurs just like me, called MLSP, and this is a group of people many self proclaimed “newbies”, who lacked focus, and had no idea where to find the one idea or strategy that would stick!


The answer:

Partnering with a group of like minded Entrepreneurs who support each other, and offer FREE training! This group has saved me from being a has been, to someone who is learning to grow an online empire. I have learned so much, and have accomplished so much. I have learned how to create a website (hint you are on it right now) and I have an awesome Facebook Fanpage, with over 1400 fans!! I have a Twitter account, and I am learning to grow my Direct Sales business online, with dedicated fans, and people that I have created relationships with.

It is interesting being online you can form friendships with people miles away, and have partnerships with those that don’t even live in my home country of Canada.


If you have a business and you are looking for the way to grow your business, I encourage you to check out MLSP, on my Facebook Fan Page I offer FREE Weekly training, for everyone, whether you are a member of MLSP or not.


My advise is simply stop throwing mud and hoping some will stick, and find a team of entrepreneurs who are creating the success you are looking for, and get started on the path of success!


To your Success,


Amanda Evans




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Is Network Marketing, or Direct Sales Hard?

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Is Network Marketing, or Direct Sales Hard?
By: Work At Home Facts
Today I was thinking about all the people who complain about Network Marketing and Direct Sales being hard… during my life I have had to do many things that I would consider HARD! Network Marketing and Direct Sales would not be one of them. I decided rather than typing out my whole thoughts I would make a quick video. Watch the video now.

The following article is an excerpt from a speech given by a direct seller at a local meeting. We are told she was asked to speak on how direct sales compares to working a “regular” job. It was submitted to us, and although the original author is unknown, we wish to thank her for her thoughts and insights.

Lately, I have heard so many people say how difficult direct sales is. “Its hard.” “I can’t get bookings.” “This just isn’t for me.” “I didn’t know how difficult it would be.”

Well, I am a single mom of three who, before joining the direct sales family, held down two jobs. I would get up at 4:00 in the morning and not get to bed until midnight most nights, after returning from my part-time retail job, packing lunches, checking homework and relieving my mother, who helped out with the kids.

That, my friends, is difficult. It is difficult always having to lower your dreams to meet your means. It is difficult to miss your son’s football game because you have to work. It is difficult knowing the rust bucket you call a car is eating you alive in maintenance, but you can’t afford a new one. It is difficult to realize that someone else is going to watch your daughter take her first step or have your son say mama to the preschool teacher. It is difficult knowing that you have spent 40 years of your life working for someone else, only to realize that you will be retiring on one-third of what you can live on today. Or, worse yet, it is difficult knowing that you have diligently worked all your life, only to be given an early retirement and replaced by someone younger, more capable.

I will tell you what is difficult. It is difficult waking up one morning and realizing that your children, the most precious things imaginable, no longer need bottles, diapers, have tea parties, or are shorter than the baseball bat they are trying to swing. It is difficult realizing it is too late and that the time frittered away can never be retrieved. It slips through our fingers one second at a time. It is also difficult watching the spark in your partner’s eyes fade because both of you realize the house you have been wanting is just a dream because someone else is controlling your finances.

We have nasty habits about rationalizing, procrastination and skirting important things, rather than facing the issues. Too often we allow others who do not pay our bills, who do not share our dreams, to direct our futures. As children we have absolutely no freedom; we rebel in our teens and scream for freedom. We reach adulthood and are finally free, only to relinquish that freedom because we think it is too difficult. We do not want to take responsibility. We do not want to make a wrong decision, so we obligingly give that awesome power to someone else. We wake up too late. We hear ourselves uttering phrases like: “I wish I had only . .” and “If I could do it over again.” You have no one but yourself to blame. You had the chance. Perhaps the opportunity was presented many times and each time you elevated the trivial to a higher priority than yourself. Let me ask you: Is direct sales really difficult?

Is it so traumatic to show someone an exciting product or idea? Is it so difficult to understand that if you work this marketing idea for three to five years, you just might finally be able to send your children to a college chosen by excellence, rather than one chosen by price? That you could finally put your family in the home of their dreams?

Would you work really hard for eight to ten years, so you could mold a lifestyle of your choosing, so your family could live a lifestyle of their dreams, rather than trying to live how someone else thinks you should live? How difficult is it to pick up the phone and call your hostess? How difficult is it to pack up your kit and meet some new friends?

How difficult is it, really, to share what you love with others? Think about it. Realize the awesome power you have in your hands with direct sales. There are people out there working three jobs. There are people drowning in debt; or agonizing through bankruptcy, realizing they only needed a couple hundred more dollars per month. That is difficult!

This business you have chosen has the ability to change lives. Direct sales cannot do anything. But YOU can change lives with it. You are the one with the life-changing ability. What are you waiting for?

There is difficulty and pain in success, and there is difficulty and pain in failure. Difficulty and pain in success will last a short period of time; but pain in failure lasts a lifetime. Which one is really more difficult? You will pay a price for your actions, and your choices. Which choice will you make?

Now that is a thought provoking article! I would love your feedback.


To Your Success,


Amanda Evans