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The Website Traffic System – aka Snowballing…

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The Website Traffic System – aka Snowballing!

While its true spring is sprung in many parts of the world, I am here in Alberta Canada thinking about Snowballing! It is something you should be thinking of too, if you are wanting to learn the secret to The Website Traffic System!

Recently I was reading an incredible article by Allan Gardyne. He talked about the traffic snowball for websites, and it got me thinking…

There really is no magic to website traffic, but their absolutely is the Website Traffic System – which I have dubbed Snowballing! If you have ever built a snowman you know that to create the body we first start with a small snowball, and gradually add more and more snow, until eventually you have to put it on the ground and push it around because it is getting so big!



The secret to the Website Traffic System is just like a snowball…

when you start a blog, or a new website, you are akin to that small snowball, you don’t have a lot of followers, and you are perhaps not even sure how to get them! They key is simple! Start your website traffic System  snowballing, by implementing the following strategies:


  •  Create content that people value
  • Get links to your content
  • Which will rank your site well in the search engines
  • People find your valuable content via search, and love it so they link to you
  • You then rank even better in the search engines
  • You keep creating valuable content on your site
  • People find your new content and link to you
  • This improves your organic search engine and direct linking traffic more
  • You create more valuable content
  • and the snowball gets bigger and bigger… and now you are Snowballing!!
  • Rinse and repeat!!

The Website Traffic System is so often over complicated!

So often when people are new to blogging, or online website creation they compare themselves, and or their website to giant sites that have been around for years! It is vital to remember that anything worth doing takes time! If you are building your site with hopes of being an overnight sensation, you are in the wrong business, and my recommendation would be to find something else. There is no get rich quick!

Success takes time?

If you apply the strategies of the Website Traffic System and get your snowball rolling you will absolutely see success, however, you must remember to consistency wins the race! In the last several months I have had this drilled into my head by many successful mentors of mine, such as Darren Hardy, Jim Rohn, Ray Higdon, Michelle Pescosolido and many others. Success takes time! There are lots of people out there that take advantage of desperate, or uneducated people and promise overnight riches, take your money and never deliver! Even though a very select few may of had some overnight success, the simple fact is consistency is what wins races, and it is what will help you create a legacy that you can pass on!

A Dream is just a Fantasy until daily Action is taken!

To move yourself in the direction of success and increase your website traffic, it is vital that you take action! Implement the value and constantly strive to find valuable, relevant topics to review and present to your readers! Your readers will get to know you, and love you for who you are, and who you aren’t! Surround yourself with people more successful than you are, as they will help you reach onward and upward.  Take action today by starting your own Website Traffic System and get your site Snowballing!

Leading with Value,

Amanda Evans