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What is Magnetic Sponsoring? Who Needs this?

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What is Magnetic Sponsoring? Who Needs This?

  Recently I received 7 free videos promising me help in effortless recruiting. I watched those 7 videos and then I bought the course!

So first let me tell you what Magnetic Sponsoring is… it is a great book that offers invaluable information from Mike Dillard, a guy that is ordinary, just like you and me, but he has found a way to explain in simple terms to a mom like me, how to market!

You see marketing online, or offline, is not about chasing family, friends, Facebook friends, etc. I was so tired of posting my products, and chasing family and friends that I nearly gave up my home business! This was not because I had lost hope, or because I felt that the company was not good, but I felt that maybe I was just not cut out for this business! Maybe you have felt like that too? If you have found yourself in that boat my first advice is understand that it is not your fault and it is also not necessarily your uplines fault, you see most people are not aware of the way to “attract” people to them, rather than “find” people to talk to!

How many times have you watched a leader in your company go on stage, or a webinar, or training call and tell you about their success and how they just talked to a few people and Boom they found success, and built a big team! Well I promise that person had one of three things: 1: A Big List, 2: A Big List, or 3: A Big List!  You see people don’t just become overnight success sensations at anything without first having a Big List!

So you may be thinking like I did, I know how to get a big list, I will buy it! In the industry we call this buying leads. I am here to tell you that no  matter how good you think your leads are, leads is a hard way to build a business. Why? Well those people may absolutely be interested in making money, but few want to do it with network marketing, most are pie in the sky dreamers who think working from home is typing, or stuffing envelopes. They are not entrepreneurial, and most have no desire to invest in anything!

So back to Magnetic Sponsoring, this is a simple, duplicatable system that you can implement today, and start attracting people to you, rather than chasing them. Imagine the power when you become the hunted instead of the hunter! Wouldn’t your business be a lot more fun? Afterall you started this business to have fun, and make some money right?

Here is a snipit of the things you will learn in Magnetic Sponsoring.

This book is so full of information, but here is just a few of the strategies you will learn about.

You will Learn:

  • The Secret to Becoming a Professional
  • How to Find Your Best Prospects
  • How to Get Paid to Prospect, Even When People Don’t Join Your Team  (this one is one of my favorite strategies)

I highly recommend you get the FREE 7 Video Series Here, and then if you found value in those videos consider purchasing Magnetic Sponsoring, I know I have found it an invaluable resource for me, and I know you will too.



Yours in Success,

Amanda Evans