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Celebrate Affiliate Commissions with me…

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Celebrate Affiliate Commissions with me….

A few months ago, I was exposed to a new idea ~ Affiliate Programs!  I had heard of it before, but I had no idea how to take this and run with it! This week alone I have received 4 different checks for affiliate commissions!! They total over $800USD!! Now to some of you this may seem like a pidly amount, to others this would be life-changing… to me its definitely a start in the right direction. I can definitely see I am on the cusp of greatness!


Today my website is ranking under 2 million… this means of all the websites in all the world, I am ranking in the top 1.8 million. In my home country of Canada I am in the top 44,000… I am celebrating my success, but more importantly I want to help others learn what I have done, and discover how they can generate some additional income for their family! I am not lucky, special, or doing something that you can’t!


I have put in the effort, the time, and learned the information on how to effectively show people the products they need that bring value… you see I don’t just market any products, I market tools, and products I personally use, love, and know that others in similar network marketing, online marketing, and offline business would love to know how to use, and where to get them.


Affiliate marketing is simply creating a connection between the knowledge or product, and the student, or purchaser. Simple. Nothing fancy about it.


I created a quick video to celebrate with you, I would love to have your feedback… shoot me a comment, whats your favorite part?




If you are interested in getting started with Affiliate Programs, I recommend you market products that you  like, would use yourself, and you find easy to recommend. I also recommend having several low priced offers that enhance your prospects life, or solves a need, and have at least one premium priced affiliate offering, as the commissions from a good premium offering can be in the thousands for just one sale!


As always I am here to help you, and I look forward to connecting with you. Leave your questions and or comments below.


To Your Success,


Amanda Evans