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5 Part Pinterest Ninja Series! – Yes you can learn to use Pinterest for your Business!

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5 Part Pinterest Ninja Series -Yes you can learn to use Pinterest for your Business!

In this simple to watch series I am going to take you thru step by step all the information you need to get started with Pinterest.

I will explain what Pinterest is, who uses it, why they use it, and how you can jump on the pinwagon and get pinning down some online marketing success! It’s very Pinteresting how many people are actually using Pinterest considering it is still FREE, and strictly by invite only! You see at this time you cannot join Pinterest without an invite, you can request an invite from the website itself, but this can take days to get an invite… so the only other alternative is find a friend (like me) who will invite you! So if you want an invite to Pinterest, friend me on Facebook here, and send me a PM requesting a “pinvitation”. (pun intended)


I don’t want to spoil all the secrets, and exclusive training in this blog post, so lets get right down to it. I am going to give you a Video #1 Right now!


Part 2 – Pinterest – Pinology!

Part 3 – Live Video of Adding a Pin – How to do this for Self Promotion – Use this Technique sparingly.

Part 4 – Coming Soon

Part 5 – Coming Soon


Looking forward to connecting with you!!

Amanda Evans