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Truth about Network Marketing Lead Generation

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Truth about Network Marketing Lead GenerationThe Truth About Network Marketing Lead Generation!

In the Network Marketing Business or MLM business space, we all know its about Networks, but what happens when you have exhausted your current network, and your friends are not interested? Is there are Network Marketing Lead Generation technique that works?

I recently heard someone say, “it’s not about who you know, but its who they know that you don’t, your goal is to get into their network!” I don’t agree!

Network Marketing Lead Generation on Auto Pilot!

Today there are much easier ways to create network marketing leads, without chasing your friends, family or random strangers to add to your list!

The secret to Network Marketing Lead Generation, is to build leads by giving people what they want! Very few people are out shopping at the mall wondering who will introduce themselves today, and offer to change their life with their incredible business. In fact I bet NO-ONE is! So if this has been your go to strategy, and you are looking for some better ways, I am here to help you.

Is Buying Network Marketing Leads Effective?

In a word: NO. Let me explain why? 10-15 years ago, this strategy was effective because people in general were not as internet savvy as they are today! Back 10-15 years ago, very few people realized their “information” was being collected. Now people are more Leary of who they give their information to. So in order to still bring in leads, Network Marketing Lead Generation companies end up incentivizing your prospects, by giving them something to fill in the form! So they may have ZERO interest in your XYZ Company but had great interest in the free Ebook they received.

So What is the Best way to get Network Marketing Leads in Today’s World?

The solution lies in the question! Provide people with value, give them tips to market their business, help them learn how to do online marketing strategies, such as You Tube, or Facebook. When you provide Value you show your worth. When you show your worth, people are drawn to you, and will want to work with you!

network marketing lead generationHow Can I Provide Value When I Have No Idea How to Market?

In Network Marketing you are your own best asset! You owe it to yourself, and your downline, sideline, and even upline to show you are a valuable asset!

To do that you need to be investing in your education, and learning the most cutting edge technologies out there to help other marketers succeed, as well as to help your own team members.

You need to get a Marketing System to teach you the ins and outs of marketing.

The second word in Network Marketing is Marketing, so when you’ve exhausted your Network you need to learn Marketing!

If you are not willing, or able to invest in yourself to further your Network Marketing Business, its probably not the right industry for you, and you should consider keeping a regular job.

Network Marketing is an incredible industry to create wealth, however, anyone who ever became successful will tell you, its about being a leader!

This Marketing System will teach you how to create leads on autopilot, and be the leader for your team, even if right now your team is a team of 1! (meaning you only). This Marketing System will change your results, and help you reach the success you are wanting to achieve!

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Help! I Need Network Marketing Tips

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Help! I Need Network Marketing Tips!

network marketing tips

In the world today so many people are looking for options. They are looking for more. One of the best ways to get out of the corporate rat race and into a lifestyle that offers more freedom, and flexibility is to start a network marketing business. In fact today, more people are starting network marketing businesses than ever before. Which in itself is fantastic! However, very few people are able to mentor their team to success, which may be the exact reason you are here today!

What Your Enroller Didn’t Tell You.

As Network Marketing is exploding, very few Network Marketing companies are keeping up with technology, in fact most are still recommending that you make a list of all the people you know, and then call them to see if they may want whatever opportunity or product you have set up with. Which is not all bad, there are just better ways to find people to talk to that are actually interested in your business, or your product, or service. The reason most Enrollers are not sharing with their teams how to get online, and find masses of people interested in what you have is, they don’t know either!

I Knew There Had To Be a Better Way

I was one of those people who made the list, burned through all the people I knew and tried to maintain my dignity and relationship with my friends, as I hoped to embark on a business adventure. The fact is many of my friends were happy working for someone else. They were not interested in any changes to their current situation, and honestly many of them just didn’t have the desire to make more of themselves than they already had.

I knew there had to be a better way, a way to tap into the perfect person for my business. Which got me thinking, who is the perfect person for my business? So many people in any Network Marketing company will say, well everyone needs my product or service, and while anyone may be able to utilize it you will do much better if you find a focus. Find a group that needs, wants and purchases your type of products already!

The Network Marketers Home Run!

You have hit a home run when you narrow down your niche, and find our where your ideal prospect hangs out. For example, if you are marketing an anti-aging product your ideal candidate is going to most likely be people in the 40-60 age range, and those that are looking to head into retirement, and therefore may also be interested in your Network Marketing company as more than just a customer.

The secret to success in Network Marketing is to have an endless supply of your ideal prospect coming to you, and you are offering them value! Something that they want for FREE! It may have nothing to do with your network marketing company, but you need to offer them something of value, a way for them to connect with you, and to get to know you. As even when you are online network marketing is about Relationship Marketing!

Finding your Network Marketing Niche on Facebook!

You have to find the way to offer value to your niche, give them value, and let them get to know you. Facebook is the perfect platform for this because it is free for you, and your niche. I don’t recommend that you set up a company specific fan page. So many people out there these days seem to be making X Network Marketing Company by “insert your name here”.

There are several reasons why I don’t have my Facebook Page set up this way, and I would not recommend you do either. Here are just a few. Maybe you start with one company and then find out about something else that you think would be better suited to your personality, or your interests. If you have spent the last 6 months building up a Facebook Fanpage for Blank Network Marketing by “your name” you can’t just change your company focus you have to start OVER!

That is not a fun position to be in. The other reason maybe even bigger than the first is that people see your network marketing name right from the start, and it may deter people from even trying to connect with you at all. Its pretty much the same as if you ran up to everyone you saw anywhere and said, “hi, my name is blank network marketing company by ‘your name’. It’s certainly not how you would talk and its not how you should present yourself on Facebook. You want to let people come to your page, and get to know you the person before they need to know about your company.

The other reason you don’t want to brand yourself after your company name is that many rookie Facebook marketers are already doing this, and they follow other reps of their same company to see what they are doing, they may try and ‘scoop’ your prospects… wheras if they don’t know what your primary company is by your fan page, most of your fellow reps for your company will never find you on Facebook, which is just fine, because your target market is not ‘other reps’ in your same business anyway!

Take a Moment to Consider Your Ideal Prospect?

If you could work with anyone that would love your network marketing companies products, would be someone looking for a change in their life, and looking for the great opportunity that network marketing provides, who would your ideal market be? Maybe it would be people from your profession, if you are a doctor, other doctors maybe interesting your Network Marketing company, but you will also have enough knowledge and skill from being a doctor, that you can provide value to other doctors so that they want to engage with you on Facebook, and be part of your page. Maybe you are a teacher, and you have all kinds of stories about school, or life of a teacher, that other teachers would love to interact with you on your Facebook page, and they would also be the ideal person to join you in your network marketing business.

I have learned that Success in Network Marketing is Learned!

Very few Network Marketers roll out of bed an instant success. Most will tell you that their experience, and training just one day clicked and all the tools and training that they had invested in, had finally paid off, and it just clicked and they were able to attract the right prospect, and the right person, and behold the results came in.

As a fellow Network Marketer it is vital that you invest in yourself! No-one can take away your education. The more you know, the more tools you have to increase your success the better you will be in your primary company and your results will flourish.

I have been mentored by several 7, and even a few 8 figure earners. Some of the best and brightest online Network Marketers of our time, and I want to give you the chance to get a glimpse into the powerful training that I have been able to learn from, that has dramatically changed my business, and my results.

Invest $2 Today and Discover MLSP!

I was introduced to MLSP by my friend Michelle Pescosolido in December of  2011 (it was 6 days before Christmas). I was so excited to learn all these techniques that were completely foreign to me! With no prior knowledge of Facebook Fan Pages, or website design, in my first year, I have created this very site you are on, which ranks in the 450,000 range for all websites in the entire world! I have a great Facebook Fanpage with nearly 1800 fans, who I love to interact with and share life lessons.  My primary business is growing, and I am seeing incredible results all because I took the trial with MLSP and discovered all the tools my enroller had no idea existed!

Take the trial today, and then show your enroller what he/she is missing in their own network marketing business. You will be glad you did. But if for some reason you are not happy with MLSP in your first 3 days you can cancel and get your $2 BACK!! How great is that. Nothing to lose and everything to gain. Network Marketing is about marketing you, so I believe you owe it to youself to arm yourself with the tools that 6 and 7 figure earners are using to reach the success you too would like to achieve.

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I will see you on the inside!


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