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How To Be The Leader, You Would Want To Follow.

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How To Be The Leader, You Would Want To Follow!


Everyone seems to be looking for the leader, in life everyone seems to follow a leader whether good or bad, so I want to help you with some tips to help you be the leader that others will want to follow, and help you be effective.


The Top 5 Ways to Become a Leader that others will want to follow:


Tip #1 – Know your stuff!

When you enrolled with your company there is no doubt you were excited… the world of network marketing is very exciting. You also took on the responsibility to learn! Why? Any great leader knows their stuff!  Think about great leaders in your life what is the number one reason others are attracted to them? They are knowledgeable!  So even from the very moment you begin your business you owe it to yourself, and your future team, to learn, learn, learn.If you have been in Network marketing for a while, and you have not opted to step up and learn, now is the time. Stop whatever you are doing, and educate yourself… if you have no up-line support reach out to someone else in your business, or consider joining a non-company specific training that will train you in network marketing, mastering the invite, conquering the close, and more.



Tip # 2 – Share You Stuff

As you learn even just one simple idea, you need to implement it, and share with others. Why? Because sharing helps you learn that much more, and it reinforces what you already know. Recently in a Facebook group I am an active member of, I took initiative to help others, and sometimes I only knew part of the answer, but working through the problem with another person, helped them to learn what I knew, and I researched what I didn’t already know so we could solve the problem together, this accomplished two things. First, it showed my colleague that I am a leader, and second, I learned and grew by offering the help.  As you share what you have learned you will attract the attention of your upline, sideline, future downline, and others in your sphere of influence. This will attract people to you, and they will want to work with you because you helped them, or provided them value. It is vital as a leader you get out of the WIIFM – Whats In It For Me, and get into the WIIFY – Whats In It For YOU! (meaning the person you are helping or sharing information with).



Tip # 3 – Develop Leaders

Recently while reading Success Magazine I came across an exerpt by John C. Maxwell that talked about how to do better in your business. He said, “One of the best things you can do …is to make yourself dispensable. Most Leaders don’t do that. They like the feeling of being needed.”  Have you ever heard the bible story about teaching a man to fish? The same applies to your business. If you teach others to be leaders, your organization will grow, and you will have an entire team of leaders to work with rather than simply followers. Imagine how much more your business would flourish if you had leaders working in the field with you, rather than followers alone.  As soon as you have a new team member join with you, it is your responsibility to point them in the direction of learning. Help them learn the presentation, have them sit in on 4-5 webinars without a guest, so that they can learn the content of your company presentation, then have them present to you. If you do hotel meetings, have them start to show their skills by doing the introduction, or by giving a testimonial, and then have them help you with a portion of the presentation. This will build their confidence, and show others they are coach able, and a leader.  Ask people to start to do training presentations on tidbits they have learned, this will do two things, it will reinforce the learning for the new team mate, but also show the rest of the team that X person is becoming a leader, and it will encourage others to step up!


Tip #4 – Plug In To Your Meetings

You have probably heard this from your upline, but it is important for you to be seen within your company.  I am sure you know the number one income earner in your company, their name, at least some stats about them, and a bit about their story. It is vital that you stay plugged in to meetings as a leader, so your local community or online team, sees you as the leader, and want to emulate what you are teaching. Plugging in can mean attending hotel meetings, online webinars, teleconference, or three way calls. Whatever form of meetings your company offers it is vital to plug in. There is nothing more embarrassing than having a new recruit ask you about xyz call, or meeting, and having to say, “gee, I don’t know what happened cause I wasn’t there”.


Tip #5 – Rinse and Repeat

What on earth does Rinse and Repeat have to do with leadership?  The answer…. a lot! Let me explain. When you have mastered one area of your business I am sure you will agree there is a new and exciting adventure waiting for you to master. Maybe you are  a master and leading at the invite, but thus far, you are not ready to do the public speaking, and presenting… so you sit at the sidelines, showing your prospect someone else leading… and not stepping up to be the leader. So now its time to move to step 2, 3, 4, or 5… I promise that no matter how good of a leader you become, there will always be a new step to take, process to master, or skill to learn, so therefore I call that rinse and repeat!


When you truly want to become the leader that you would want to follow it is vital that you honestly think about the leader that you would be attracted to…. what would that person do to help you? what would that person show you? How would that person act? once you identify the answers to those questions your goal is to implement tips 1-5 and work on becoming the answer to your own questions. Then you will truly be a leader, that you would want to follow, and I promise others will want to follow you too.


As always I would love your feedback… did this post make sense to you? What changes will you make in your leadership as a result of reading this? Share this with your team today, (hint – that would fall under Tip #3).


To Your Success,


Amanda Evans