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Checking out Sheraton Desert Oasis – Scottsdale, Arizona

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Checking Out Sheraton Desert Oasis – Phoenix, Arizona


I am so excited to be going to Phoenix, AZ for the first time! We have decided to check out the Sheraton Desert Oasis. We are staying in a one bedroom villa! We will be taking video and lots of photos to share with you!


We have found that we can stay in this hotel for $799 or LESS for an entire week per ROOM, not per person!! Click here to find out how you can too!


The secret to saving 80-90% off Expedia’s best rate has been a huge benefit for us! I love to vacation probably more than anything else in the world. I love to save money on my vacations. Being in Canada I really like to escape winter! Our winters are cold, and long!


I have never been to Phoenix, I am looking forward to exploring all that Phoenix and the area, and all it has to offer. The Sheraton Desert Oasis offers a lush tropical location, a gorgeous looking pool, and awesome villas!

This pool looks so nice and inviting! I hope it is heated, and not cold!


I will post a picture of us hanging out in this pool.

UPDATE: We went and LOVED the Sheraton Desert Oasis! The room was fantastic! The pool was heated (however the outside temperature was about 115F the week we were there!)


The resort is exactly that, a resort! Tons of free parking on site, and lots of sun chairs to be had. We had a really great time, and we will definitely go back! $799 for a week is a steal!! Click here to see how you can take many vacations like this with your family!

Here are some of our picture from the beautiful grounds and our room!


Until next time, have fun and enjoy your vacations!


Amanda Evans