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Top Five Secrets of Resilient People

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Top Five Secrets of Resilient People


Have you ever wondered why some people seem to bounce back easily after something bad, or uncomfortable happens to them? It can seem like these people have some sort of special powers, or know something the masses don’t, and it is definitely true! Most people who bounce back quickly after disappointments, loss, or grief share some, if not all five of these secrets! If you struggle to be positive or bounce back after a set back, it is important to remember this quote, “Every set back is a preparation for a come back” and carefully consider implementing these five secrets in your life.

The Top Five Secrets of Resilient People

Number 1:¬† Journal Keeping – Successful/Resilient people keep journals. Why? Because when you keep a journal¬† you can go through your history and you can spot trends that you may want to address (“I’m always sad around 6PM) and you will feel proud and accomplished when you look back at past struggles and see how you overcame them.




Number 2: Know Your Strengths – Resilient people know their strengths, consider your greatest character strengths, and when faced with challenges or adversity, brainstorm ways you can solve your problem drawing on those strengths.




Number 3: Involve a Spouse or Partner – Resilient people have a support person who can help them succeed. If you have a spouse/partner do not shield this person from your struggles, involve them! This will strengthen your relationship and will help you find a solution together. If you don’t have a spouse/partner, a good friend can also fill this role.




Number 4: Have a Hobby – Sometimes in life we get so busy being busy that we lose who we are, as a mother I find this is one that I struggle with, and if you are reading this and you’re a mother you may feel the same! Once I had kids I found that my “me time” flew out the window, and maintaining a hobby or activity that I enjoy has been much more difficult! However, it is vital as a human being that we maintain our sense of self, and find/make the time to enjoy our favorite pastimes. If you currently do not have a hobby or something you are passionate about that lifts your spirits I would highly encourage you to find one… the great part is you can test drive all kinds of hobbies and past times to find one you like. Have fun with it and get to know you!



Number 5: No Self Pity! – Stop asking yourself, “Why me”, and start asking yourself, “Why Not me?” How are you going to handle this? How can you help other people handle this? Self Pity is destructive and does not move you toward anything but misery, so if you find yourself having a pity party, think back to step number 4, find your hobby, or favorite activity and make time to do that! Snap yourself out of the pity party and move on, you will be better for it, and the situation will improve, or at the very least you will be better equipped to emotionally deal with it.


Bonus Tip: Surround yourself with positive people! No-one likes to hang around a downer person. Be the happy person, who does not complain or pity themselves, but looks for solutions, and results. Embody the phrase, “Every set back is a preparation for a comeback” and I promise you will see big changes in yourself, and the way people react to you around you. Relationships will improve, your business quests will be better, and your financial success will grow! You can do anything you set out to do, you just have to empower yourself, and realize the game of life is mental. This means your thinking will control your destiny!


To your Success,


Amanda Evans





>>> This blog post was inspired by an article I read in Success Magazine – April 2012 – Bouncing Back, by Melissa Balmain