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How Can You Give Yourself A Raise Everyday?

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How Can You Give Yourself A Raise Everyday?


If you are in your own business, whether its a Network Marketing business, conventional business, or Affiliate Marketing, you should be asking yourself, “How Can You Give Yourself A Raise Everyday?”.

Imagine if you could add just $50 to your business everyday, by the end of the year, the compounding effect of this effort would be huge. So I am going to share with you some tips to help you do this.

When you are a marketer, by its very definition you have something to sell, whether that be a product, or service.



Super Tip # 1 – Know the WHO!

The simple law of marketing says that if you are marketing you make money by getting your product in front of your “target market”. Some people are very focused, and know exactly who their perfect customer is, others believe “everyone is a customer”. I believe it is best to figure out WHO exactly is your target and focus your efforts on that demographic. For example lets look at a weight loss product with shakes. One could argue that your target market is any man or woman that is overweight, or wants to be healthier, or works out, or anyone that breathes right? WRONG! You need to decide who you want to target, so if I was in this business (which I am not) I would target women (because I am one) who have had children, and don’t plan on having more babies, who want to get into shape, and ‘get their pre-baby body back’. This will keep me laser focused on who my customer is… this does not mean that I would not sell my product to my dads retired buddies, but it simply means they are not the person I am focusing my advertising or time marketing to.


Super Tip # 2 – Why market to such a specific Market?

When you are marketing any product or service you want to become the go to guy, or girl in your area, for that target market. So lets continue with the 30-45 year old mom scenario. These ladies are perfect for this type of product, why? Well lets brainstorm some reasons why… they have had their babies, and want to get back some feeling of self! (I know this cause I fit in here too), they have some money to spend – or are willing to find/make the money to spend on themselves – therefore making them good candidates to join your team as well. They also have planned to be finished having babies, so the changes they are making are seen by them as a more long term plan, therefore making them longer clients for you!  So regardless what product or service you sell it is vital that you spend some time brainstorming WHO your ideal target is, and concentrate all your marketing in that area.


Super Tip # 3 – Don’t Be The Jack of All Customers and Master of None!

I am sure you have heard it said before, there are many people on this earth that are jacks of all trades, and masters of none! When it comes to business, you will be much more successful if you carefully select your niche, and master it. So now that we have talked about who your target customer is, how will you master this area. To keep this post continuing on I am going to continue with the weight loss shake product. So we know our target person is female 35-45, where do these ladies hang out, what do they do for fun? Is there a meet-up group in your area for moms who are looking for “me time” this element would be critical. In my case I would not necessarily be looking for moms who want to hang out on a play date… as remember I want to target moms who are yearning to get themselves back! I want to find the mom who wants to put herself first so she can be a better mom to her kids, and figure out what influences this lady… if you can get ‘inside the head of your target customer’ you will have scored the big one! These ladies will be open to ideas of how to get their bodies back, they are the kind of moms who spend money on spa weekends with the girls, nannies or babysitters for their kids, they probably go to the nail salon and get gel nails, maybe the tan at the local tanning salon. These are the women that probably have and USE a gym membership, the kind of moms that attend kickboxing classes, and spin classes. These are the kind of ladies that DO things that cost MONEY for themselves, they are buyers!


Super Tip # 4 – Go to At Least 2-3 Meet Up Groups Per Month

If you have not heard of Meet-up.com I recommend you get on it asap! This is a great resource for all networkers, and business people. It is a great way for you to identify and meet your target prospect! Now some words of advise when you start with Meet-up is NOT to pitch people upon first meeting them! Get to know them, build your relationships, and bring them into your funnel, but NOT your business pitch! I promise you will turn off most potential customers by pitching your business on the first meeting. You could give your elevator pitch, but even that I would do with caution.Fill your funnel with targeted prospects and you will find you will be able to give yourself a raise frequently, maybe you start out with a new customer a month, then every couple weeks, then weekly, and before you know it, you can create new customers daily.


Super Tip # 5 – Find the Buyers!!

Honestly being a mom, I like to save money, but I also know that marketing to women who are so budget conscious that even buying toilet paper that has to be on sale, these are probably not the women you are going to get to buy a $100 /month autoship for the shake program. So when identifying your target you want to make sure that you are identifying people who are buyers! Chances are your product is NOT the cheapest product, which is fine, but you never want to get into a spitting contest on price, its about value! It’s also about the customer actually having the money to BUY your product. There are several moms in this scenario that we could market to, but they simply are not buyers. They may want the product, but you spin your wheels and waste your time with people who simply cannot afford to buy. So make sure that you are finding people who have some money to buy your product.

In closing the biggest secret to giving yourself a raise daily, is to know your target market, focus on that market, and provide value, through building relationships. While you are building your relationship you will be able to ascertain if this person is a buyer or a wisher! If you found value in this post please like and share on Social Media.

To Your Success,


Amanda Evans

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