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Why I Joined Empower Network… and Why I Cancelled my Membership!

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Why I Joined Empower Network… and Why I Cancelled My Membership!

Empower Network - Why I joined, and why I cancelled my membership

If you are on the internet at all chances are you may of come across a business/affiliate program, titled “Empower Network” this group is spearheaded by two Genius Online Marketers, and they lured me in with their “easy to do” philosophies! While I know several people are making money with this blogging platform, I just realized very quickly this was not the online vehicle for me.

As I mentioned I joined Empower Network (prior to starting this blog). Why did I join Empower Network? Well the simple answer was I wanted to be lazy so I saw it as a “done for me option” to create a blog, I already had a great fan base going on Facebook, and I knew I wanted a blogging platform to provide more value and content to my fans than I was able to provide via the Facebook platform. I liked that the blog was made for me and I was able to start blogging that afternoon! I also really liked that I could refer others and make 100% commissions by referring others to their affiliate program, so after creating a few posts, and looking closer at their platform, I realized I did not really get what I thought I did… so let me explain.

Why I cancelled my Empower Network Membership?

My decision to join Empower Network, was based on so many flashy, shiny objects and the ease of getting into blogging, but its pluses were also its minuses. What I mean by this is, yes I had an instant blog, which ranked high in the search engines overall, with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools at my finger tips, and I did not have to learn anything! The problem with this however is all my content and unique articles were adding to the Empower Network brand, and not to my brand! I was essentially building a better network for Empower Network but nothing for myself… and yes when I cancelled my membership, my upline leader got to keep all my content that I wrote for my blog and I had to start from scratch! So really Empower Network has done a fantastic job of selling the dream to people, but in the end they keep the dream, and you have worked for free!

Why would I recommend someone do their own blog instead?

If you are wanting to create an online presence, and brand yourself as a leader it is vital that you have value, and content to differentiate yourself from the crowd of noise on the internet. I realize there are many self proclaimed guru’s on every topic under the sun. I am not a guru,  I am simply a mom, learning a lot of great information, and as I learn I am sharing with my fans about my experience. My hope is simply that someone will find value in my experience and their life will be better as a result of meeting me. After all isn’t that how life should be!

So you are thinking Blogging may be for you? If I don’t recommend Empower Network where can a New person get help?

If I have started your creative juices flowing and you are thinking that a blog would be good for you and your goals, there are lots of free resources on the internet, however, as you may of found, most free resources point you to something that will cost money. Honestly any blog worth making, will cost you a bit of money, so if you don’t have a lot of resources I recommend that you align yourself with the best possible resources so you are getting bang for your hard earned dollar! I joined a group of highly knowledgeable, experienced marketers, and the price it has cost me has been of NO issue! Why? Because the value this site and team of wonderful people has provided to me, has been unimaginable, and their is not a single price I could put on the value I have received. I have learned most of what I know from successful online marketers who know what they are doing, and make well over 6, and 7 figures a year practicing what they preach!

So Who is this Team of Awesome Marketers and how can You Test Drive Their System for only $2.00?

This team is called MLSP (My Lead System Pro) As I mentioned, I took the test Drive for $2.00 and I was thrown into a world of incredible value! Honestly there are so many people and so much to learn that I was overwhelmed a little bit!  Click Here to check out their website, if you are in a Network Marketing company and you are looking for help, this is THE group to join! The support is incredible, and this team knows their stuff!

I am honored to have you here I encourage you to check out MLSP, and see if they are the real deal! The $2 is completely refundable if you do not feel we offered you any value! You have nothing to lose and world of information to gain.

I look forward to working with you!

Yours in Success,


Amanda Evans