How To Become a Great Executionist!

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How to Become a Great Executionist!

In searching for the results I would like to achieve in life, I have had more than enough knowledge that I have learned, however, its not the great idea that wins the race. Have you ever known someone, perhaps even yourself, who has great ideas, and maybe even makes a plan, but for whatever reason the plan never comes to fruition. Well the secret to success is NOT in the great idea, its in great execution! Another way to think of this is implementation!

Everyone has great ideas…. few seem to act!

I recently had the opportunity to attend an incredible seminar (No Excuses III), and it got me thinking about human nature… it seems everyone has great ideas, however very few actually take action! It is so easy to attend seminars for your network marketing business, and hope that you will have some success, you leave full of great ideas, but most leave it at that. They take a bunch of notes, and then put them in a corner and never look at them again. If you really want success do not be one of these people. Attend your company functions, learn, and become the great executionist!

Why you NEED to become a Great Executionist?

Whatever your goals, and your reason for doing network marketing, you owe it to your why (remember the why is what drives you!) to become the great executionist! Without great execution you make it infinitely harder to reach your goals and become the success you dream of becoming.

The simple formula to become a Great Executionist!

Lucky for you, and me, it is simple to become a great executionist. The reason everyone does not achieve this title is simple: failure to take action! You see everyone has challenges, everyone can make up a limiting story to why they cannot achieve their dreams, but anyone, can take action, change their limiting story, and change their results. It takes work, and most would rather learn, and not implement because by its very nature the learning is much easier than the implementation to become the great executionist! Becoming a Great Executionist will not happen overnight, it will take work, but it will be worth it!

4 Daily Action Steps to Execute immediately

Starting today if you implement these 4 daily action steps you will see a major shift in your business, and you will see the results you are looking for in time!

Action 1:  Talk to 5 people per day – Do not simply ask them if they would like to learn about X company, instead ask them this: “If it did not interfere with what you are currently doing, would you be open to a side project for income?” now this is not necessarily a new idea, however if they say YES, you are not to verbally puke all over them by trying to sell them on your opportunity, instead you are simply going to say  “Why would you be open?” (just act curious) – this is the clincher, and will give you their WHY!! Genius hey! (I learned this one from Ray Higdon’s Master Sponsoring Series)

Action 2:  Set up a Facebook Fan page that brand YOU! – This should be seperate of your primary network marketing business.  Why? Because you have something to offer others, not just those that may be your customers, and it is important that you create your brand! (if you want more info on this my friend Michelle has a great course on Social Media Mastery) Post relevant good content to your Facebook Fan Page everyday! This is where you will create a following rather than utelizing your personal Facebook page.

Action 3: Consider Video Marketing, or creating a blog, and add content at least 4 times a week, whichever you choose!

Action 4:  Present your opportunity at least 1 time per day. It is the action that makes the difference. You can find people anywhere! Remember Action 1 though, first find out if they are open! In these times of economic uncertainty you should be able to find at least one of the 5 people you are talking to that is open to at least meeting with you further.


Finally the biggest secret to becoming a Great Executionist.… get started! Make a daily checklist and do not go to bed until you have finished your tasks! Remember you can only be responsible to you!! There is no one that will hold your hand in this business, you need to step up, be the leader to your team, and reach your goals! Few will take the necessary action to become successful, which is one reason I love this business! Yes it takes work, and most will not do the work necessary to succeed, but I am on the FOCUS method, which is Firmly On Course Until Successful! I would love to see you on this train with me!

To your success!


Amanda Evans



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