WOW Live Stream of No Excuses III – This Weekend!

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WOW Live Stream of No Excuses III – This Weekend!

Wondering what I am up to this weekend? I am attending No Excuses III!! I am fortunate enough to attend in person, and ticket sales have closed for this home business weekend of PURE content! I will be among leaders in Network Marketing, and Online Marketing! I am so excited to learn from these leaders, I will be getting pictures, and posting them on this blog in the weeks to come!

So yes Ticket sales are over for the live event, but they have just released an irresistible offer for you!

While this offer won’t be quite AS good as actually being there in Vegas where you can not just hear what’s going on on stage but you can also go checkout the breakout rooms, mingle with other entrepreneurs, network with the speakers, and in general have a splendid time, this is still pretty good.

What is it? Live streaming at the fraction of the cost of the NESIII tickets: Click Here

ALL speakers and their talks will be broadcasted live so you can sit in from your computer with your notepad open and join in on the fun LIVE. Access pure content from leaders such as Tim Erway, Jonathan Budd, Mark Hoverson, Tim Sales, Ray Higdon, Michelle Pescosolido, Brian Fanale, Ann Sieg, Russel Brunson, and the list goes on!! This is an amazing opportunity for you to access leaders for dirt cheap!

And at the cost of <$33 a day for the 3 day event, how can you say no? You’re looking at ~16 hours of PURE content from some of the TOP leaders for $97, that’s like paying the speakers only ~$6 an hour (which isn’t even minimum wage!)

But act quickly as the event starts in only a few days (Friday at 5 PM PST)! Here is the link one more time.

Added bonus maybe you will see me in the audience!! 🙂

Yours in Success,

Amanda Evans


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