We are One or Two Habits Away From a Major Transformation!

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We are One or Two Habits Away From a Major Transformation!

In life it is absolutely true that we are a result of our habits both for us and against us. Unfortunately for all humanity it is usually easier to create bad habits than good habits. Every person I meet seems to have the same struggles and problem… that is they want to make a change of some sort, yet they get frustrated, bored, or tired of trying and they give up! In reality we are always just a few good habits away from making a major shift, and getting ourselves closer to our goal and complete transformation!

Here is the Blueprint for creating Good Habits, and Creating Lasting Change.

Pick a new habit/discipline you want to have and commit to making this a reality for you by committing to focus on this one thing for 21 days. Why 21 days? Because studies show it takes 21 days for us to make something a habit and stick to it! So commit to yourself that you will do this for 21 days! This means that in one year (365 days) you have the ability and the power to change or create 17 new habits… imagine the power this would have in your life!

The magic of 21 days!

There is magic in 21 days, I say 21 days because it is short enough for you to stay focused and long enough for you to manifest a new habit. The secret to creating a new habit is found in two simple things that everyone has in their home, so simple that many have forgotten the power of these items. They are simply a pen and paper! Yes for each of the 21 days it is VITAL that you keep notes of your progress in creating this habit. If it is a large habit you are wanting to create maybe you may choose to use a computer in a more blog type fashion, or maybe a Facebook Fan Page. Depending what your habit or discipline you are wishing to create it may be appropriate to invite others to follow you, and encourage you to succeed. For instance, lets say you would like to show gratitude to your spouse. Create a Facebook fan page, or a simple blog, and outline in diary form what you did each day to show gratitude for your spouse. At the end of 21 days several magical things will have happened. You will appreciate your spouse more, and whether your spouse knows about your habit goals or not, your spouse will appreciate you more! People will see your efforts and perhaps you will inspire others to follow in your footsteps and they too will create a habit of showing gratitude for their spouse. This may seem like a simple habit, but remember not all habits that are life-changing have to be earth-shattering and lofty! I promise you if you are looking for a new habit , and are not sure where to start, if you start here(showing gratitude to your spouse daily), you will see exactly what I mean about the saying, “you are one or two habits away from a Major Transformation”. This one small seemingly insignificant habit will change several things about your life and quite possibly be the Major Transformation in your marriage that turns a dull, boring, ho hum marriage, into something of fire, passion, and reignites the love all over again!

What do I do after 21 days?

You celebrate! Celebrate your success, go out to supper, enjoy a massage, do whatever you like to do to celebrate, but make sure you celebrate, as their is more work and habits to be learned. Celebration is important as it helps us look forward to reaching our goals, and in this case happy to reach our goals.

Let me know about your habit creation, your successes and challenges. I look forward to connecting with you, and celebrating your new habits with you!


Amanda Evans


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