Crockpot Bread – aka Slow Cooker Bread

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Crockpot Bread – aka Slow Cooker Bread

This is a picture of crockpot bread or slow cooker bread! Who knew that you not only can make wonderful soups, stews, pastas, etc, but you can even bake bread in a crock pot, (slow cooker).

I love that you can do this and keep the heat down in the house, during the summer months it can be so hot that sometimes the thought of turning the oven on, is enough to get me stop the idea of making fresh bread.

However, nothing tastes nearly as satisfying as a fresh loaf of homemade bread!

My family devours it in one evening easily! I love that my kids will eat non processed healthier whole grain homemade breads, and now I can make crockpot bread and save on heating the house costs.


Learn to make Crockpot Bread – Aka Slow Cooker Bread

Talk about a perfect summer heat saver, while still offering good food for my family! You can find recipes,and how to located here:  5 minute a day bread


Please try this, and let me know what you thought…. also feel free to ask any questions about Crockpot bread!


To your Success,


Amanda Evans








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