Travel Luggage Scale with Carry Pouch!

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Travel Luggage Scale

Luggage travel scale

Travel Luggage Scale

Do you love to Travel? This Travel Luggage Scale with Carry Pouch is on sale at Amazon for a very good price – Click Here to get your Travel Luggage Scale for this amazing offer!

Never Guess the weight of your luggage again!

Have you ever gotten to the airline checkout counter only to be told your luggage is 1-2lb overweight… and you have 2 choices… unload some items (which is totally embarrassing)  or you can pay the over weight fee (which is more money out of your pocket)!

This Travel Luggage Scale will solve this problem, and make it easy to stroll up to the airline counter with complete confidence your luggage is NOT overweight!

I speak from experience, using my trusty arm to test the weight of my luggage has left me embarrassed and overweight on a few occasions!

I knew there had to be a simple solution, so I was delighted to find this easy to use luggage scale, at an affordable price.

I hope you love it too!


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